Planetary Updates For The 5th Dimensionals – 1/17

Planetary Updates For The 5th Dimensionals

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Oki. Things are narrowing down; at least they are for me.

When I look out into the world I see tensions. For a long time we have speculated whether or not there is going to be a 3WW, and I have refused this for several reasons, but now I am not so sure.

As you know from my material, the world is divided into two large brotherhoods (the ancient stellar races from before the catastrophe, i.e. the Controllers of the network of the RWBs and the LWBs conducting the polarity games on this planet) controlling the “magical realms” or the Matrix energetically on the 4th and 5th dimension.

On top of this there are three major stellar divisions (galactic humanities) controlling the 3rddimension of this planet. The first division is the Western Block: States, Canada and down to the most southern tip of that continent. The second division is the Middle Block: Europe incl. Africa and the rest is the Eastern Block from Finland to Indonesia, India and Japan.

Australia is sort of a solitary island being upheld by old spirits from the ancient days. These spirits belong to far away stellar systems and they do not take part in the weirdness of the rest of the world.

The Western Block is controlled by the Greys, certain stellar factions (mammal-reptoid Pleiadians, Andromedans, Arcturians etc. co-working with the Greys and the Reptilians), and the Reptilian races from the benevolent ones to the warrior castes.

The Eastern Block is controlled by the ones we understand to be from Nibiru, i.e. the old ones that took part in the wars on the 3rd and 4th dimension of our planet around 8000 BCE (e.g. the Sumerian gods, the Hindu gods etc) These old races are the founders of the two brotherhoods and in the old days, before the “take over” of the Western Block from new stellar races, they controlled the whole world together as being either the LWBs or the RWBs. Back then the world was controlled by magic (mastering of energy) and not by foreign stellar technology.

The two brotherhoods of the old races divided around 2WW and this opened up to new incoming stellar races, hence the new division of the world. The western brotherhood is not strongly represented in the States anymore and functions mostly in Europe. The eastern brothers are still working with the old stellar races. The two brotherhoods divided because some factions within the brotherhoods, in the States, wanted to co-operate with the new stellar races, trading in their technologies for genetic material, and tension between the western and the eastern brothers was the result; actually it was this division of the brotherhoods that initiated the cold war.

But the tensions between the new incoming stellar races and the separated brothers in the Western Block, or the brothers in the Middle Block and the old ones of the East Block are not going to cause any 3WW. They are settled via agreements and contracts which we all honor and follow to the dot. No; the real problem is the later incoming stellar races holding Europe as their habitat, which is controlled primarily by the Lizards and rouge avian members of the priesthoods of the brotherhoods. They have deviated from the contracts and the agreements and are now working on their own to gain what can be gained on the 3rd, 4th and 5thdimensional level. Many of them collaborate with the Anu-network or the dark brothers (the extreme wing of the LWBs).

As you also know from my material, the new stellar races incl. the Greys are well into finishing off their regenesis programs, hybrids programs and Mars-Lunar colonization. They are in a secure place, having got what they needed and are now entering the final stages of their programs. All is running according to plan and what they need to do to adjust to the resetting, or the dimensional blend between our solar system and the three original ones it actually grew out of, is already taken care off.

So the problem rests in Europe and Africa and the many different rouge factions controlling these areas of the world. They are unpredictable and even though they have agreed to follow the two large nations, i.e. the Western and Eastern Block, they are as always taking short cuts to get what they want. The resent crashes in Europe and Africa between religious groups, one pretending to “preserve” the liberty of speech and the other demanding respect for their religious beliefs, are rooted in generated problems from the 4th dimension and the Lizzies having fun. Besides they expect the riots to generate a foundation for more intense conflicts of which they can divide the Europeans on issues as religion, monetary systems (the fall of the Euro which has caused e.g. Sweitzerland to freeing themselves from the monetary collaboration) and political issues on how to govern the collaborations such as NATO, UN and EU. All three councils are founded by the western brotherhoods, so whatever is going on in within the Matrix version of the councils are a replay of what is going on in the 4th dimensional councils behind these organizations.

My Instructions are for now

I have got more direct instructions to focus on the ones that REALLY want to work. We are in dire need of people doing the full transition to a 5th dimensional consciousness, controlling their 3rd and 4th dimensional bodies in full so they can act as outer light towers of the RWBs and the network of light all over the world, across divisions, factions and brotherhoods.

We are not all born to be RWBs, but we can evolve into becoming one. It is a matter of choice, will and 5th dimensional genetics. Whatever we were born to be, having the genetics to unfold the higher levels of this planetary system, we can choose to become what we want. In the end all definitions are illusions made to connect us to timelines and programs within the Matrix, making us pull in energy from the thoughtforms connected hereto and unfold them within the Matrix through our chakra systems (hence the “permission slip” that Bashar always refer to). The Matrix is a 2.5-4th dimensional illusion – not a reality field. The real planet is situated in the 3rd dimension (and the other dimensions connected hereto, meaning that the 4th and 5th dimensions are both part of the Matrix and the real 4th and 5th dimensions) and this is where all the stellar races live and thrive – outside the Matrix. Re-incarnation means to be embedded into the Matrix, hence whenever other stellar races choose to “incarnate” on “Earth”, they volunteer to become embedded into the Matrix. The sooner we understand the illusive nature of our “Earth” (the Matrix) the faster we can evolve to control it.

Thus I have narrowed down my “group of interest” and I am now solely focusing on the ones that are ready to begin the process of transformation, whether it will be on a minor level or the full level. My material will reflect this.

I will as always assist the best way I can to all humans that pass by my world, no matter where they come from or are heading to, but I will only share information as an insider, talking to the ones that work and resonate with my material and have read it. I will work with my material as the foundation of this group because the material is generated to connect to the 2025 timeline and the galactic section of the RWBs under the 7th dimensional councils situated in the energy belt we see as Uranus.

You should also know that only 96 will make it as a full transformation in this context. Of these 96, 72 will become RWBs and the other 24 will be EIPs collaborating with the RWBs and the network of light. Only 16 will come from Denmark, i.e. my native country, the rest will come from all over the world.

This group of 96 will be the light towers and holders of the Plan according to the dimensional blend and what we are to expect in the future. We work under the Right Wing Brotherhoods, i.e. the old stellar races from before the catastrophe that either survived this or came here shortly after to assist our brothers and sisters that got stuck in the newly generated solar system. Our main councils are placed in the 7th dimension and were set up for the long term work here. We traveled here to do this work.

We have worked for the liberation of our families ever since and to reconnect the 5th dimensional field of this planetary system back to its original stellar system within the Free Worlds (or worlds of wisdom) under the Plan for this overall evolutionary system. This is a long term work and either we are all in or not.

We come from all over the galaxies and our main definition is energy and consciousness in progress following the Plan and being under constant transformation. We do not belong to one stellar system, but traverse the Multiverse to unfold the Plan and our soul group genetics. Our home is within our hearts, knowing that we are transformers of energy and consciousness working according to the Plan. The Plan is the Sources of all there is, the purposes and the guidelines of all evolutions.

The group of 96 is created because of the dimensional blend and the resetting process. As you also know many of the older races, councils, etc of the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensions are leaving and will leave in the years to come. Only a faction is left in the 6th and 7th dimensions because they connect directly to the other 6th and 7th dimensions outside our solar system. The other dimensions were generated to fit the energies of the solar system and will therefore be reset according to the plan of the dimensional resetting hence the host fields and connection to the parallel stellar reality fields etc. of the stellar programs to be ready to shift out, when the dimensional blend reaches the different levels.

We are few that have chosen to stay behind, and we are working in different groups and with different means. Our 2025 timeline group will work with the old ways in the 4th and 5thdimension, handling the energetic challenges we are to face here from the rouge groups of the priesthoods, the dark brothers and the LWBs that have chosen to stay behind as well. Our tasks will unfold as we go along.

I will not know who is to become one of the 96 before much later in the process. That is important to understand. This is also why I will work with whoever is interested in my material and I will view all humans that are willing to undergo the transformation into becoming a 5thdimensional traveler or join the reset planet, as one of my group to work with. I will also work with the EIPs wanting my help and assistance, due to the 24 that is going to originate from this group.

Therefore we are working blindfolded to avoid ego-related issues and traps put in front of us from the LWBs. The moment we begin to define ourselves as this or that, we become valuable to subprograms and gestalts from the LWBs sent our way to make us boost our ego in the wrong direction. We work for a cause, we do not know if we belong to or not, but we do it in service to others and this will be the foundation that in the end will lead us to the network of light.

How well we master energy and consciousness, how willing we are to sacrifice our safety, our lives, our personal belief systems and wishes of what we want in life and how well we defend ourselves in the battles against the dark brothers and their 4th dimensional dark magic, and how well we handle the 5th dimensional mental deceptions of the LWBs – playing the polarity games skillfully – will be the marker of whether or not we are able to become a RWB.

By olinstarwalker

The Box

Fitting into this box is never easy
Getting out is damn near impossible
If I could just lift the lid off a bit
I could maybe peek at what lies outside
Is there a guard of some sorts
why is this thing so tightly shut
who says that i dont deserve to be out
how did i deserve to be in in the first place
If I am truly creating this box
why cant i think outside it with out incurring the wrath of the material that makes up this box
no one has ever checked up on me so i assume this is some type of solitary confinement
or maybe no one knows that i am here
when and how did i get here
how come i dont remember
and do I even want to
Im in here
squished on all sides
sometimes the box gives
most times it suffocates
I dont know what this is
unsafe feeling shifting from place to place
confined to some unknown space
in this here box

By olinstarwalker

Energy & Consciousness – Cosmic Evolution – 1/4/15

Energy & Consciousness – Cosmic Evolution

Understanding the RP – the Chakra System

I use following illustrations:
The Domains and the Rays…

A fine image of the emotional chakras as they really look from a 4D level:…

The Alice A. Bailey Material about the 7 Rays – not that I use this directly but they are useful to know:…

The seven rays as a rough overview:…

Understanding the true meaning of the Greek word Christos:…

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Energy & Consciousness – Cosmic Evolution – 1/4/15

Energy & Consciousness – Cosmic Evolution

Understanding the RP Book, page 5-6

EARTH is an abbreviation of Energy and Ray Technology Holograms and was initiated as a master piece by the Ancient Ones albeit they did not create it all. The original program was a group effort between the indigenous planetary beings (the IPBs) or interplanetary beings, of this OD3 reality field, their accurate name is unknown to me, several planetary and stellar races and the Ancient Ones (p. 26).

Get the Restoration Program Book:…

Read the Preview:…

The Progressive Path:…

The Domains:

Our Quadrant:…

When you are in the 3D (2.5D) matter body, all other dimensions will be understood and sensed as energy within yourself, as a sort of “mind thing” just like memories, which are 4D energy patterns in your aura.

Not virtual atoms, but virtual particles:…

Simon Parkes:

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Planetary Updates for the 5th Dimensionals – Global – 1/3/15

Planetary Updates for the 5th Dimensionals – Global

2025 Timeline Books


About our Soul Group

It has come to my attention that many EIPs and 5Ds tend to believe they are under the guidance of their soul groups, when in fact they are under the control of the left wing brothers.

How to discern the difference?

Well, first and foremost our 7D soul group does not interfere with our journeys in the middle and outer domains. They are positioned in the inner domains.

As you will read in the Log Books, they do not interfere with our travelling since we are sort of two different types of beings. We have chosen to travel out and thus we are the ones with the experience of how to handle this, what to do and how to activate ourselves in the new planetary settings – not them. Our soul group can provide us with healing of our genetics, i.e. to reset them, if too damaged but all things related to how to live in the other domains, they trust us to handle on our own; we are the ones gathering these experiences – not them. So they do not function as our helpers or guides.

When we do have helpers, they stem from a group of travelers, we have joined forces with. Some are from our original soul group, but most are ones we join up with during our travels in the different systems. We sort of create a backing group to assist us when we go into difficult terrain, such as Earth with its artificial energies etc. You have to read the EARTH History to really understand this.

I am not saying this to sell books. I have written the books to HELP you, to teach you about the games that are going one here, which some of you are here to experience on your own body for several reasons.

Most of you are not accustomed to the type of games that are played out here and this is why I have written the books – the history books and the timeline books – to provide you with the knowledge of the games and what is really going on here.

We need the background to handle this planetary system correctly and the rules of the brotherhoods in 5D. There are strict rules and when we learn them, we mature to become a free being. If we know the rules, the other side has to abide them. That is the whole point of keeping us in the dark loops of not knowing, because if we know, they have to abide the rules of the games and cut us loose.

Would we integrate ourselves into a system with no options to transform our energy bodies into connecting to our light bodies? NO. We did this, because we knew we were able to activate on our own, with a bit of help from our friends, and because we agreed on the contract that once we knew the rules, we were free of the stronghold of the left side and the controllers. The left wing has to abide this agreement; why do you think they do all they can do to prevent us from activating?

Most of you are under the left wing brothers – again read Cosmic Evolution to understand this in full; not just the previews – and you have to learn to negotiate and handle this wing. They are 5D´s and EIPs just like we are, but they co-work with the controllers and thus they know what we are here to do. Their job is to prevent us from activating. Realize this and size up to the job, you came here to do.

We have to stop responding to the inner conditioned children, the matrix has turned us into and start becoming our mature 5D self, knowing what it takes to make a difference, to explore and to truly learn by handling energy.

Many of the left wing brothers deceit us into believing they are our backing group or soul group when in fact they are merely impostors.

Try to say that you want to go your own way, leave the group and do things differently than the things they present to you. Start to work on a whole other teaching system based upon something entirely else; for some being under the deceit of love and light, try to say that you will work with political power plays and strategic games and how to play them.

For others being under the strong ideas of being warriors, scientists etc. all types of archetypical personality traits (they tell you that you are this or that, are able to do this or that and all other types of directions of what you are, and that they will assist you and guide you in doing it) try to become something entirely different; the warrior has to turn into the guru, the scientists into the wisdom path. Let go of all definitions of what you are and have to become. Try different personality traits.

If you are free to do whatever you want to do, being let to do it without any inner feelings of fear, resentment, doubt, remorse; just without any feelings at all and you are free to follow the things you set into your head, then you are in contact with your soul group. What you have to feel is the sensation of flow and how the matrix responds back with synchronicity. Then you are in contact with your soul group.

Our soul group is only able to provide us with energy to make us succeed in what we choose to do – even dark magic – because they do not judge what is right or wrong. Sometimes we go down the antagonist path to learn how it works; this is part of the polarity games as well, hence the total freedom to do whatever we wish to do and become.

If we meet any inner resistance at all, we are under the impostors.

Our soul groups do not interfere with our choices since they know we do what we do for a reason and to experience whatever things we choose to explore energetically .

By olinstarwalker