To The Awakening Ones – 7/27 – Does the pineal gland work or not? And if yes – then how do we kick start it?


Sunday, 27 July 2014


Does the pineal gland work or not? And if yes – then how do we kick start it?

When it comes to the understanding of the pineal gland it has long strings attached to it going way back in history. It is best known from the Hindu teachings or more correctly to the ideas on Kundalini Yoga which are based upon specific techniques to get the energy from the root chakra to lift itself (being the lifeforce or the Shakti energy), like a snake, up and into the crown chakra of which the connected gland is the pineal gland. From the surplus of energy the gland would produce a specific sort of substance called soma, or the life vitalizing drink from which also the gods drank keeping them immortal according to the myths. The soma would transform the yogi into the holder of the Shiva principle or what we call spirit today uniting the body and the highest principle of mind in a sacred union of Shiva and Shakti.

This union was never sexual as in the later dark versions of the tantric sex rites, using the energy of the PNS (taking the energy of the orgasm or ecstasy leading it inwardly) to create a “false lift” in the chakras. The true union of Shiva and Shakti is the fusion of the lifeforce and the spirit. It could never have been via tantric sex due to the fact that most of the original yogis never had sex like all holy men and women never do. When you have sex you let the lifeforce turn downward and outward via the hara, and since the goal is to accumulate the lifeforce in the root chakra to awaken the snake, you need to turn the energies of the hara inwardly. You – as a holy person seeking the enlightening – would never waste it on sex.

A lot of magical and dark magical secret teachings follow this line of thought and whatever we encounter today is a downsized version of the original teachings. Most of it being disinformation. A logical conclusion since the original teachings secured strong results (siddhis) and the teachings today in the West only gives what is known as physical or partial kundalini awakening, i.e. the PNS being elevated with energy opening up into the subconscious but never into the higher levels of information and true spirituality. The latter always leading to a more enlightened and balanced state of being as we see it in the wise gurus of the East having had the true awakenings. It takes years to accomplish, days and days of meditation and a lifeform away from the “real world”. It is never spontaneous, that is the true awakening. What I am claiming rather harshly is that many of the West who tell us they have had an awakening and still walk around being aggressive, greedy etc, having the need to become a guru and “lead others” to the same “enlightened state” and yet oversensitive have only had a physical awakening activating their PNS and the subconscious layer of the psyche. I could be wrong but it is my opinion.

In the later teaching, e.g. the Bailey series around 1930`ies aka the white brotherhood or the magical wing of the Illuminati, the substance of the pineal gland, once awakened by lifting the energies of the hara to the throat and the solar plexus to the heart, would link to the pituitary and the two glands would create the “center in the head” creating the substance needed to build the antahkarana. This bridge would connect the monad and the soul together in the body and start the process of transfiguration – roughly speaking and by omitting a lot of interdisciplinary steps. All in all a part of the magical teachings of the brotherhood.

In my teachings the pineal gland and the chakras are seen as a part of the energetic anatomy we have to cleanse and transform into their cleaner original counterpart being all bright white golden light – all of the chakras. When they are like this, they detach themselves from the collective consciousness field and we are able to start freeing ourselves and evolve our true stellar consciousness (the old notion of fusion of the body and soul). In my opinion the uncleansed chakras and their energetic settings make the glands produce the electrochemical transmitters within a certain frequency range, creating specific receptors to accept only a certain energetic level of molecules etc. as well as setting the electric potential in the membrane of the cell, and this is the link that connects us to the frequency levels of the hijacked program which controls humanity. We are not living in a hologram, but are being frequency blocked to only perceive a narrowed level of this reality field. The outer chakras in their uncleansed state is the tool to keep us in the loop and only when the chakras are cleansed, is the PNS and the heart (the psychical heart with its purkinje fibers) able to run on a much higher energetic levels of energy (the partial kundalini awakening) and then the CNS and brain will start the same process creating the mind-field. Only then can we talk about activating the pineal gland to its real meaning, that is in the MD4 mind-field or the stellar chakra system.

But why don’t we ask the ones having a bit of more clear look on the pineal gland and see what they are able to or will tell us?

I have asked into the ether: “Who will teach me on this subject?” and one from the white brotherhood, hovering in the ether being ready to answer this appears. It is a male and he is wearing a white robe to denote his purity, meaning that he belongs to the priesthood of the order. The golden one, I am told – not Crowley but a branch from here.

“Crowley did magical things our wing does not perform,” he informs me.

“The pineal gland is a weapon in the battle against evil,” he starts to tell me, which I find interesting. “A weapon?” I ask. “Yes, a weapon. It is connected to the pure of heart and the ones being ready to receive its powers.”[1] Ok I am really into an old version of the teachings and I ask if he is alive or dead. “Dead,” is the short answer. “Why have you not moved on?” I want to know. “Where to?“ he answers just as shortly.

Hmm a good question. I have to make him answer without using my terminology and without using my energy which is the common thing from deceased checking in. I put up my safety symbol (mine from a long time ago) and he accepts that. No energy signature of the dark brothers so he is alone and belongs to the magical wing apparently. And no, I will not receive teachings belonging to this wing no matter how exciting it might appear. Just see how it went with Crowley. He started within the magical wing and ended within the witch section and the dark ones, calling himself a sorcerer or dark priest.

“The pineal gland,” I asked once more “and please the more technical details. I´m not so interested in the metaphors and the sacred language full of glamour to hide the truth from the ones outside the order, but the real information,” was my request.

“The details?” he asked, and then he suddenly stopped being in the white rope and appeared in front of me like a normal old man. “Yes the details, and not the false order stuff,” was my response. It kind of took the air out of him. I guess he had longed for his heydays when he was in the order and wearing the rope as in playing the role of superior and here I ask him to become the normal human just like me, and he is. Being in his normal human form, I can see he is not higher in energy than I am and I am about to dismiss him. My safety symbol sort of pulled the glamour away and all what is left is an old man sitting in his living room telling a good story to use an analogy.

“If you want the details, you have to go a level higher than me,” is his next answer and I thank him for his time and help, and he disappears.

Well, it is very clear to me that the information about the pineal gland is Illuminati knowledge and as such this means that it could be a hoax or something that was put as a goal to achieve for the proselytes. But what about within the guru lineages, or the Hindu Kundalini teachings? Anybody here to answer that question?

“Anakme mara” I am greeted. “Be in peace,” well I am really traversing the realms of the dead today. Apparently the wrong day to ask such a question: Either I have to low a vibration or the program is blocking me to get higher, OR the question is related to the human realms and holds no real potentials or energy from the Originals. The Originals being the true Atlantean.

Well, what do you know. This is not a deceased. “What are you then?” I ask. Again a very strong energy but peaceful and calm. He is not from our time but a more ancient realm. I put it this way because he is not from our planetary system. Interesting, but as usual no name or origin. I cannot hold this multidimensional information anyway. I sense him and his intentions which are of peace and help.

“What can you tell me about the pineal gland? Please to tell,” and he nods. “The pineal gland is a very old remnant of energy situated in the brain of the primate body you are a part of today. The Atlantean did not hold this type of body and therefore they did not have a pineal gland or a chakra system. The pineal gland was of the prototypes of the first primates to be engineered into the type of body you hold today. It was linked to the telepathic abilities and the time travel coordinate setting. So, if you ask, is the pineal gland a mean to time travel, the answer is yes, but not as in meditation or whatever you might think. Back then, when the prototypes were split in between the ones, you call humans, and the “gods”[2] and their “sons” the sons got the pineal gland as a mean to set the coordinates to their masters.”

Ok, now I am all ears “the masters?”

“Yes, their gods, if you will, of them. Their creators. The sons were the direct offspring of the off-planetary souls taking on the primate prototype body and linked to them as a direct descendent or their sons. The adams as they were called since they came from this reality field and their souls as well. The prototypes with the off-planetary souls were full conscious beings and their sons functioned as their servants, being the intermediaries to the restricted areas, as in the first levels of the hijacked program. Back then it only took up a minor part of this reality field[3]. The sons functioned as the helpers between the gods (the prototype with the off-planetary souls) and the “humans”. The humans were the lesser evolved prototypes, holding engineered souls and thus were half as conscious and the sons became a sort of intermediaries between the gods and the restricted areas where the humans were kept. The sons came to be known as the messengers, the angels, or the Hermes. The sons functioned as the bringer of good news for a very long time as the gods chose to stay in higher dimensions, as you understand as sacred mountains, i.e. the Olympus, the Mountain of Sinai or the place where Moshe (being a son himself, albeit from another lineage of the gods) received the messages from the gods on how the lesser conscious humans should behave in the restricted areas. You see the gods had divided the restricted area amongst them and therefore each culture had their own gods and sons, or messengers, the bringers of news from the gods.”

“This makes perfect sense to me,” I added and wanted to hear more.

“The sons are the saviors of all cultures as they were portrayed later on, when the gods pulled even further back and out of the restricted areas having divided the OD3 reality field amongst themselves. The pineal gland was a devise only the sons of the gods had. It was a technical devise implanted in them and it functioned as a direct controlling mechanism and link to their creators, what later on became the bridge between the monad and the soul in later Illuminati teachings. The humans, after the sons disappeared, wanted to become like the sons and reconnect to the gods and besides some humans had found this devise.”

“Found?” something did not fit here.

“Yes, found. Some of the sons rebelled against their creators and they wanted to live amongst the humans in the restricted areas. They wanted to take “the human daughters to be their wives” as you have been taught. So the sons were the giants or the nephilim. Not the annunaki as they have been portrayed in modern interpretation of the ancient texts. Nephilim is based upon the Hebrew root npl which means to fall. So the fallen ones were the ones turning away from their creators, the gods, i.e. the off-planetary rulers not more gods than you are in your real and true form. All the fallen ones wanted was to live a life not being the slaves of their creators. So the first adams or ben-YHWH, were actually directly created of the off-planetary genetics, in vitro children, as you would put it today. They were not born or created by man and woman, but genetically engineered and in time, being amongst the humans they wanted more to themselves than just being messengers.”

“Well there goes the angel story and the archangels as divine beings of light,” I said.

“Ha ha ha. Yes these fairy tales are for children. There are no beings of light as you understand it, but there are beings of higher vibration looking like light, when you see them from below in dimension and lower levels of consciousness. Well, when these sons died, it was after the gods had left the restricted areas and OD3 as well, the bodies of the sons started to decompose and in the dust, so to speak, the implanted devise shined like gold and ordinary humans around the fallen ones, mostly being their kin, picked up the alien technology and due to the genetics in the sons of the sons it reinstalled itself into the children of the sons. These children, mostly males, became the priests of the tribes in the restricted areas. As the devise activated in the new bodies, holding the correct genetic combination, the gods understood that ordinary humans could, if they held the correct genetics, also become messengers of the gods and the priesthoods became the next generation of intermediaries, now holding the implant and being in telepathic contact with the ancient off-planetary overlords. These priests and their genetics are the direct descendents of the original genetic lineages you have within the lineages behind the Controllers etc.”

“Ok, but how did a metallic implant turn into a gland?” I wanted to know.

“Good question. All alien technology is biological based as in no implants from these levels are created out of metal or artificial electrochemical components[4]. They are all biologically based and when the implant integrated into the correct lineages, it became a part of the lower energetic body as these bodies were in the restricted areas. They were the second generation of the engineered primate and soul type of body with a genetic infusion of a created being, so to speak. This combination made the implants start to vibrate down and as the second generation created new children, making the priestly lineages being able to continue, the pineal gland became the energetic or biological version of the original alien technology. In the third generation of these lineages the implant had become fully biological and the original energies it was able to transmit were lost. The electrochemical compounds the gland produces today is of no use unless you hold the correct genetics, being of the priestly bloodlines, and only with off-planetary help, energetic surgery and a lot of cellular infusion of the original genetics are the pineal gland able to transform back into its original function as a telepathic devise, and being able to set the coordinates for time travel, as in being able to go from the restricted areas and into the realms of the gods, i.e. climb the mountain of the gods. All in all whatever you read today is ideas based upon the ancient thoughts where someone remembered the implant and how it worked within the priestly races. The true teachings behind the Kundalini sciences were created to the ones holding the correct bloodline and by the help of the off-planetary networks of consciousness linked to this genetics. The true Kundalini awakening elevate the original genetics into its correct settings, awakening the coding of the pineal gland, because in spite of its biological appearance it is still able to transform back into its original coding. All cells, organs etc in the body are encoded energy[5] and can be altered back to their original purposes, depending on lineages and genetics. The same goes for the other glands and their original purposes in the first prototypes of the primate body. That is for you to ponder on and figure out.”

“Thank you for your assistance. It has been very enlightening,” I said being full of the information he had given me, and he departed.

[1] The answer: “It is connected to the pure of heart and the ones being ready to receive its powers” makes perfect sense seen in the light of the information in this article. The pure of heart means the correct bloodline and the correct genetics to be able to receive its powers. This is how original teachings become metaphors in later versions. How is this a weapon? Well, a weapon in his terminology is alien technology to alter what we know to be true.

[2] The gods are the first prototypes holding an off-planetary soul and where thus fully conscious. Read the Restoration Program Handbook to understand this. The ones giving me information always use what I know and fit it into this to make me build further information into this layer of my consciousness.

[3] Today EARTH program extends into the full OD3 reality field or the planet itself.

[4] Meaning that what we find in humans today is manmade.

[5] Being alien biological technology.

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