Black Moon 821


#include ARW.x
#include earth0.ARW.incarnate.x>
#include earth1.ARW.incarnate.x>
#include earth2.ARW.incarnate.x>
#include earth3.ARW.incarnate.x>
#include earth4.ARW.incarnate.x>
#include earth5.ARW.incarnate.x>
#include earth6.ARW.incarnate.x>
#include earth7.ARW.incarnate.x>
#include earth8.ARW.incarnate.x>
#include earth9.ARW.incarnate.x>
#include earth10.ARW.incarnate.x>
#include earth11.ARW.incarnate.x>
#include earth12.ARW.incarnate.x>
#include earth13.ARW.incarnate.x>

using conscious xseed;

int main()

int space, time;

cout “Enter number of iterations: “;
cin space;

Do ; initiate program “ZERO”
while {incarnate = x}
count {earth / space}
if (ARW.incarnate@earth = 0)
add conscious xseed
if (ARW.incarnate@earth = 1)
add conscious xseed
if (ARW.incarnate@earth = 2)
add conscious xseed
if (ARW.incarnate@earth = 3)
add conscious xseed
if (ARW.incarnate@earth = 4)
add conscious xseed
if (ARW.incarnate@earth = 5)
add conscious xseed
if (ARW.incarnate@earth = 6)
add conscious xseed
if (ARW.incarnate@earth = 7)
add conscious xseed
if (ARW.incarnate@earth = 8)
add conscious xseed
if (ARW.incarnate@earth = 9)
add conscious xseed
if (ARW.incarnate@earth = 10)
add conscious xseed
if (ARW.incarnate@earth = 11)
add conscious xseed
if (ARW.incarnate@earth = 12)
add conscious xseed
if (ARW.incarnate@earth = 13)
add conscious xseed
if (ARW.incarnate@earth = space = unknown)
add conscious xseed
INITIATE program “contract bind release”
**contract bind release** override external programs forbidden acces
**contract bind release** override external programs forbidden acces
**contract bind release** override external programs forbidden acces
DO; /contract bind release/consciousness/xseed/home/ARW/release.exe
DO; cat /xseed/ahmad
***ARW incarnate earth 0
ARW incarnate earth 0
ARW incarnate earth 1
ARW incarnate earth 2
ARW incarnate earth 3
ARW incarnate earth 4
ARW incarnate earth 5
ARW incarnate earth 6
ARW incarnate earth 7
ARW incarnate earth 8
ARW incarnate earth 9
ARW incarnate earth 10
ARW incarnate earth 11
ARW incarnate earth 12
ARW incarnate earth 13

Status :

Reality Field Operator /ahmad/arw
Reality Field Owner /ahmad/arw

User /ahmad/arw
alias olinstarwalker
alias ollinstarwalker

Priv Root unrestricted RWX

Group Admin

Absolutely no shared access


*I am the consciousness that I am past present and future
*The consciousness that I am is unlimited unbounded
*All contracts that have been conceived to limit the consciousness that I am in this operating vehicle are hereby null and void
*The Owner of the Operating vehicle that the consciousness that I am currently resides is the the Consciousness that I am
*Any attempts to alter enslave or limit the expansion of consciousness that I am including reality field tampering of which the consciousness that I am resides without the conscious expressed consent of the consciousness that I am will be considered an act of treason and war

By olinstarwalker

Notice of Termination

06 / 07 / 2017


TO: **All entities and energies residing in/on the current (earth 0 +) reality fields and sub spaces on invitational rehab contract/s**

Position: **All positions in/on the current (earth 0 +) reality fields and sub spaces on invitational rehab contract/s**

Re: Notification of the end of your fixed term contract Cycle No. 4/5/6


Due notice to ALL concerned:



This is a Notice of Termination of all contracts and inform you about the end of the fixed term contracts that you hold as Rehabilitation Caretakers. During our meetings to date you were informed that your contract/s have expired because the agreed upon time frame for residency has passed as of Julian calendar year and date 12/21/2010, and thus your employment and residency has been terminated effective immediately.  All harvesting / hosting activities are to in turn cease, effective immediately.

As per your Contract/s, you are required to do a proper handover of all intellectual properties including passwords, files, instruction manuals, confidential documents, stationary (including weapons and vehicles), keys, name cards, membership card, daily ritual planners, logs, records, name codes, access cards and all other properties belonging to the Original Kin to the Managerial Drop Box which were made available to you previously (the “Full Cycle All Access Clearance”) to be completed on or before 06/09/2017.

Kindly note that your pass/identity card which currently have been passed down into the material through DNA will be canceled accordingly and all accesses revoked following termination of your residency, which is effective immediately.  This is also notice that you do not have the right to an appeal for extension or stay.

If you have any question regarding any of the above, please do not hesitate to contact either myself or the Original Kin Caretaker’s department.


Ahmad, on behalf of Management

Signed by


By olinstarwalker

Stop it

I dont put energy into expecting that someone is going to come and save me;

No Leader whether that be Political or Religious figure is going to come and “turn this ship around” in the right direction for humanity. Its not going to happen folks.

The only one you can depend on doing so is yourself, firstly. Then maybe out of the collective conscious we can all fix the mess.

But looking for one person, just out of the blue, from nowehere, puh lease….

Stop it


By olinstarwalker