The Box

Fitting into this box is never easy
Getting out is damn near impossible
If I could just lift the lid off a bit
I could maybe peek at what lies outside
Is there a guard of some sorts
why is this thing so tightly shut
who says that i dont deserve to be out
how did i deserve to be in in the first place
If I am truly creating this box
why cant i think outside it with out incurring the wrath of the material that makes up this box
no one has ever checked up on me so i assume this is some type of solitary confinement
or maybe no one knows that i am here
when and how did i get here
how come i dont remember
and do I even want to
Im in here
squished on all sides
sometimes the box gives
most times it suffocates
I dont know what this is
unsafe feeling shifting from place to place
confined to some unknown space
in this here box

By olinstarwalker

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