Planetary Updates for the 5th Dimensionals – Global – 1/3/15

Planetary Updates for the 5th Dimensionals – Global

2025 Timeline Books


About our Soul Group

It has come to my attention that many EIPs and 5Ds tend to believe they are under the guidance of their soul groups, when in fact they are under the control of the left wing brothers.

How to discern the difference?

Well, first and foremost our 7D soul group does not interfere with our journeys in the middle and outer domains. They are positioned in the inner domains.

As you will read in the Log Books, they do not interfere with our travelling since we are sort of two different types of beings. We have chosen to travel out and thus we are the ones with the experience of how to handle this, what to do and how to activate ourselves in the new planetary settings – not them. Our soul group can provide us with healing of our genetics, i.e. to reset them, if too damaged but all things related to how to live in the other domains, they trust us to handle on our own; we are the ones gathering these experiences – not them. So they do not function as our helpers or guides.

When we do have helpers, they stem from a group of travelers, we have joined forces with. Some are from our original soul group, but most are ones we join up with during our travels in the different systems. We sort of create a backing group to assist us when we go into difficult terrain, such as Earth with its artificial energies etc. You have to read the EARTH History to really understand this.

I am not saying this to sell books. I have written the books to HELP you, to teach you about the games that are going one here, which some of you are here to experience on your own body for several reasons.

Most of you are not accustomed to the type of games that are played out here and this is why I have written the books – the history books and the timeline books – to provide you with the knowledge of the games and what is really going on here.

We need the background to handle this planetary system correctly and the rules of the brotherhoods in 5D. There are strict rules and when we learn them, we mature to become a free being. If we know the rules, the other side has to abide them. That is the whole point of keeping us in the dark loops of not knowing, because if we know, they have to abide the rules of the games and cut us loose.

Would we integrate ourselves into a system with no options to transform our energy bodies into connecting to our light bodies? NO. We did this, because we knew we were able to activate on our own, with a bit of help from our friends, and because we agreed on the contract that once we knew the rules, we were free of the stronghold of the left side and the controllers. The left wing has to abide this agreement; why do you think they do all they can do to prevent us from activating?

Most of you are under the left wing brothers – again read Cosmic Evolution to understand this in full; not just the previews – and you have to learn to negotiate and handle this wing. They are 5D´s and EIPs just like we are, but they co-work with the controllers and thus they know what we are here to do. Their job is to prevent us from activating. Realize this and size up to the job, you came here to do.

We have to stop responding to the inner conditioned children, the matrix has turned us into and start becoming our mature 5D self, knowing what it takes to make a difference, to explore and to truly learn by handling energy.

Many of the left wing brothers deceit us into believing they are our backing group or soul group when in fact they are merely impostors.

Try to say that you want to go your own way, leave the group and do things differently than the things they present to you. Start to work on a whole other teaching system based upon something entirely else; for some being under the deceit of love and light, try to say that you will work with political power plays and strategic games and how to play them.

For others being under the strong ideas of being warriors, scientists etc. all types of archetypical personality traits (they tell you that you are this or that, are able to do this or that and all other types of directions of what you are, and that they will assist you and guide you in doing it) try to become something entirely different; the warrior has to turn into the guru, the scientists into the wisdom path. Let go of all definitions of what you are and have to become. Try different personality traits.

If you are free to do whatever you want to do, being let to do it without any inner feelings of fear, resentment, doubt, remorse; just without any feelings at all and you are free to follow the things you set into your head, then you are in contact with your soul group. What you have to feel is the sensation of flow and how the matrix responds back with synchronicity. Then you are in contact with your soul group.

Our soul group is only able to provide us with energy to make us succeed in what we choose to do – even dark magic – because they do not judge what is right or wrong. Sometimes we go down the antagonist path to learn how it works; this is part of the polarity games as well, hence the total freedom to do whatever we wish to do and become.

If we meet any inner resistance at all, we are under the impostors.

Our soul groups do not interfere with our choices since they know we do what we do for a reason and to experience whatever things we choose to explore energetically .

By olinstarwalker

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