The Polarian Network – 2/20 – Part 1 The Stellar-Galactic level of Human Evolution

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Part 1 The Stellar-Galactic level of Human Evolution


True Earth Associations

I truly woke up in 2004 starting with months and months of high pulse and elevated heartbeat; my doctor thought I had obtained a heart condition. Today I know this happens when my auric field is being put on to much work, cleansing energy; then my blood pressure rises and my heart races. After this followed becoming more and more sensitive.
My transition had been long, since childhood actually, but mostly from the age of 20, when I returned from Israel. I think that sometimes we have to go to the area, where we had the core incarnation that shut off the inner light, and this was the area for me. When I came out of the airplane, I felt an instant: “I am home!” I have never felt this in Denmark.
Before this incarnation I had been training in the ways of being an earth human. The first incarnation was really not an incarnation, but being here fully as a light being. The next was the moment where I entered the hominids and felt very disgusted about it. Being here as a light being was full of joy, swimming with dolphins and learning their song and work here, but the hard in-carnation part was less happy.
The next was an aboriginal, a young girl in Australia, then there is a long pause, where I do not remember my incarnations or they have not been important to my work in this lifetime. After the turning away from my inner light, I had a series of very angry incarnations, blaming either god or humanity for my downfall.
First as a French monk leaving the church because of their misuse of power, then as male mystic or occult scientist in the middle ages, living as a hermit whilst forgetting everything and everybody exploring the Kabbalah. After this one I had the unfortunate female incarnation doing the dark arts, and after this, to level the practice I had done, as a female Native American, losing everything – a very heartbreaking incarnation that has had its toll on me in this life; so much suffering to undo the dark patterns. Then as a female writer in the 1800 – lots of pain there too – and finally this one; which all in all has been the one where I have worked most hard, having “suffered” on all three levels.
Suffering arises of the negative karma (etheric energy patterns) adjusting to light; as in when the darkness and crystalline structures in the core of the atoms are being scattered and healed; letting in the light from the network of light and the soul; turning the etheric lunar angel into an etheric solar deva. This always arise pain in the body, mind and personality. Thus the path of “Christ” – the inclusive solar interplanetary path – always brings a lot of pain because this is the path where you cleanse out in full, in depth and all the way back into becoming the light you originally are. If you resist it, the pain becomes even worse, so the best thing to do is to accept it, trust in your progress and learn to love the transition.
To help me in my progress I have functioned as a healer, travelled in my mind, learned and relearned, walked down the wrong paths, lost my accretion level and rebuilt it over and over in this life. Struggled and learned to fit in. Being attacked and being helped. Being different, but knowing. Dreamt over and over again that I was attending preschool and thinking: “I have already done my time in preschool, why am I here again?”
I remember being born, I dreamt this as a child. I had visitations in my dreams as a child, good and bad. Some were guiding me, others tried to lure me into deception. In Israel I had some very strange experiences and met my first dark angel in human form. I worked my way through the astral plane in my twenties, learned to be in the world in my thirties and in my forties I started to connect to my inner group, helpers and teachers, learning or relearning to master the three planes of existence; not in full but into what was needed to do what I came here to do.
Later on I experienced more of me being integrated, this happened in 2010, and in 2011 a deva entered my body and heart directly, making me wake up even more, and I were thrown into my deepest darkness and deepest corners of my mind. I was exploring my incarnations before being here on Earth.
Today I found some of the writings I telepathically received in 2009, when I started to work with the cosmic level in me and it is very clear to me that what I have experienced in the last five years, as a healer, writer and explorer of teachings, glamour and illusions, have taught me some very important lessons, and now it is time to reenter this level of bliss and consciousness. This series of Tablets will be level two.
Just to sum up: Level one explored the lunar or angelic evolution; the first Earth called Tiamat and her connection to Tara, Gaia and Aramatena; the first evolution. The destruction of Tiamat and the moon chain changed Tiamat into “Earth”, but she is still Tiamat; the heavenly Queen of beauty and light and we are still connected to Tara, Gaia and Aramatena but in a reborn version as the earth chain where we continue what was meant to be and the destiny of Tiamat/Earth. Tiamat was connected to the cosmic planes and Earth will be that as well.
I will not go into the technology through the KS version of it, but work my way around it and pull forth what I get instead. I looked at the KS material today and really I did not feel like it at the present time being, so perhaps later on or not at all.
Instead I will go to the stellar-galactic levels in the template and to do this I will bring forth the information I got from the Pleiadians (this is my intuition about it; it is definitely feminine in energy) and their part in seeding the seven root races on Earth and what we have to do to get out. It is from 2009 and today I might have used other words, albeit most of the transmission is direct telepathy and really not mine. As always the true information is given as energy, and having been down to Earth on the planetary level, both in this humanity and the previous, which is so dense in comparison, it is a pure joy to get to the higher levels of consciousness.
In ancient times all knowledge was stored in different inner sacred Libraries. You could call it the Libraries containing all Earths wisdom and knowledge. Such Libraries exists in Egypt, Andes, Africa and other places. The “Secret Mountains” are a parable of this knowledge hidden in the memory of Mankind (earth humans).
Each Library contains certain epochs in the history of Earth and the Kalachakra Shambhala Library contains vital information about humans, Earth (her two names and forms) and foreign visitors, their contributions, interferences, intervention and all the knowledge they have passed on to one specific race of Mankind.
The Hyperborean epoch was an extremely important time in history of Earth and man. During this epoch Earth became crusted and the tranquillity of Earth vaporised into a hardened place with fights and combats. Not at once, but over time. In this epoch, man was haunted mostly by foreign visitors, due to his vulnerable state in transforming into what we call Humankind (cosmic humanities). Ever since has these deliberate attempts been made to delay the progress on Earth. They have been an everlasting tile in the plot against Earth and her evolution.
It is time to acknowledge this, and to restore the original idea and plan for Earth. It is time to clean out all the madness and hardened matter, and replace Mankind into the heritance of Humankind. No man will ever see upon him or herself in the same way again, if only he or she knew what they truly are and where they came from.
In this process, man has to ask sincerely and earnestly:
  • What is spirituality? Is it a state of mind or an actual state of being?
  • What is expected of Mankind in his or her progres toward their real potential?
  • Where should they look for further knowledge about themselves?
A part of the path is to restore the knowledge lost in the process of alien attacks. Alien is here meant in the broadest sense. We are talking about anything and everything from the smallest germ to the distortion of mind. We (The Overseers) knew this, and we have stored the knowledge of Mankind in different Libraries for the purpose of giving man an opportunity to reread and rewrite his own ancestry, whenever he or her, was ready. When man has become that being, this knowledge will surface and he (she) will find all the answers to all of his questions, like a child talking to an Elder. Man has always known what special creation and origin he had, but never how special!
True spirituality is to gain knowledge of one’s own ancestry and legacy, meaning regaining that certain state of mind, which provides access to Earths Libraries. Each initial race has its own Library.
These initial races have been called root races. Each root race is a collected expression of bands of energy; in which Earth elaborate her evolution. The collected sum of knowledge concerning that specific root race, its victories, loses and other contribution to evolution, in short sum of all of its knowledge gained by each member of that root race, is placed in the Library of each race.
Everything there is to know about each race are gathered and combined in these Libraries, and each race has its own tablets of wisdom to discover. Any spiritual journey is the path towards the Library in question. The Path to Enlightenment is the path to ones Library. The human “race” has a twofold meaning hidden within; race as in a lineage of energy and wisdom, and race as in the sense of evolution and speed. It is the human race in seeking knowledge; knowledge that will transform Earth and Mankind itself.
Each seeker are searching for the truth about his or hers ancestry and legacy. This is what spirituality is really about. He or she wishes to obtain Enlightenment as a mean of gaining access to these Libraries, and all the knowledge contained there. This truth has been forgotten. When you have obtained this, your time on Earth with her Merry go Round, or Carousel, your participation in the Wheel of Time is over and furthermore; not only do you release all of your Karma, you have the opportunity to release the Karma of your initial race as well, if you succeed in the tasks that follows carrying the burden of this knowledge.
When access is granted, by the Overseers, you enter your races collected and recorded tablets, disks or crystal plates of information. These crystal tablets are not of this Earth and bear witness of foreign technology and higher life forms than normally understand by Mankind.
When one seeker, one of the forerunners, has been granted access to her specific Library, the total sum of knowledge is integrated in her, which means that all of her races memory is incorporated in her energy body or body of light. This body is the result of her long journey, in which she has transformed al of her energies into the purest form of light and sound. From this day on, she is a grail keeper, and torchbearer. She contains the sum of knowledge to that specific band of Earths Evolution. She will become a light house, emitting the light that shines in the dark for all of her fellow seekers, and she will share this knowledge in the best way she can, which often create the end result known as religion.
Each religion has its own torchbearer, and each of them visited a mountain, upon which she or he gained access to the races secret tablets. History reveals Moses on the Ararat and his tablets containing his races ancestry and legacy, hidden in the Arch, and his quest of building a New Jerusalem, Yerushaláyim, the city of Peace, harmony and completeness. History also reveals his lack of success. Each religion has its own City of Gold (Maya), Kingdom of Heaven (Christian), an Avalon (Celtic), a New Jerusalem (Judea), a Kingdom of God, any name will do, but all in all we are talking about cities of peace, harmony and completeness. The ultimate city man is able to create.
When the forerunner has integrated the sum of knowledge, she has integrated all of the knowledge of her ancestors, and from this day on, she will shine the light out in the outer world. She now becomes the key to the Library of her races and the true path to which they are able to build a New City of Gold is hidden within her. She bears the torch until the next forerunner enters the Library of Hidden Knowledge, because each forerunner only carries one dimensional band into and from the Library, and only the races Karma related to this band will be released.
But one day, a forerunner, with all the other bands incorporated in her, enters the Library and finally all Karma belonging to that race will be released. After this the whole initial race will be liberated of its duties on Earth.
Each race seeks to build their City of Gold. The Atlantean races seek to build a New Atlantis; the Lemurians seeks to build a New Mu and so forth, and each race has to get one of their own into the specific Library to be able to do so. A forerunner is not born, but grows out of the collected sum of energy each race is able to provide to their collective consciousness.
Therefore this is only possible if the race combine their effort as one total being, because each race are aligned to and grows out of one of Earths energy vortices. These vortices have been called many names, but all in all we can compare them with the chakras of the human body. The seven root races, the seven we know of, are connected to each chakra in Earths energy body, and every time one initial race manages to build a New City of Gold, every time that specific chakra is evolved and lifted to its fullest potentials. In other words: The City of Gold is the fully transformed energy vortex in Earths connected energy system, and can only be build on sacred locations.
When all seven initial races reach this goal, and all of the energy vortices on Earth are aligned with the Galactic Core (the Crown of Earth), she will ascend.
The Kalachakra Shambhala Library contains information regarding the first root race, The Uranians. Therefore the goal of our Golden City is the first and the last of Mankind and its root races. When the first become the last, the beginning will meet the end, and all in between are summarized into a new order of things. This building brick, released now, is the 7th dimension of the 5th layers of this initial race. It summons the practice of light, and how to integrate the original structures of the Uranians within a solid form. When this is obtained for all collectively in this race, they will transcend to other dimensions, lifting all other with them.
It is the total transformation of the light body in Mankind which originates back to the Uranians. Other light bodies have been given, and other means apply to those. Building Shambhala will govern this races last task on Earth, in which their lineages and ancestries are released of all Karma. Reintegration of the hidden knowledge of the City of Shambhala in the collective Mind of Mankind, will steam forth the light in an immense way, and therefore lift all the other ancestries and lineages in Mankind. This is before scheduled time, and the initial races have still two lines to evolve, but those lines are merely the product of the former five root races and their summarized energies. Earth cannot wait for this, and the time has come to reset the past and to build a new level, a new chapter, in which Earths history can take place.
The original initial races, as predicted, will not come to existence, due to the Intervention of the Overseers, and therefore old knowledge about their capacities are to be acknowledged as of what they are – old knowledge.
The last two races will be the creation of higher dimensions, and not the earthly initial ones, forecasted in the past. They replace Earths Ajna and higher centers – still using an analogy – and consist of other human races including those of Mankind, who has reached certain levels of energy.
We cannot compare each initial race to a certain center in the earthly energy body, this is not correct. To transcend the first chakra, four initial races have to have transformed all of their lower energy systems. If the Anahata chakra has to transform, three initial races have to collide their effort, and together lift the center as a whole. It should be clear by now, that lifting a center in Earths energy system is a collected, collaborate and summarized effort each initial race has to make.
The spiritual journey for the individual in that initial race is not a piece of work to satisfy “me, myself and I”, but to aim at restoring each initial race and their chance of entering the Promised Land, Avalon, the Kingdom of Heaven. The individual that reaches this goal and enter the Library is the true meaning of a Savior, a Messiah or an anointed one. The initial races further progress depends on its capability to foster a Messiah. It is the peoples own responsibility, the crown of its combined work each initial race has mastered. There will be no Messiah sent from Heaven or God – there are only the followers and their daily work according to that religion the latest Messiah has brought forth from the Library. If there is no new Messiah stepping forth, it is due to the initial races own wrongdoing because they have not created a collective higher consciousness from which the Messiah can form a celestial body.
Several of the initial races have not reached this goal and therefore Earth had to have some help in her ascension. We, the Overseers, have offered this help and we send fort different groups of teachers who will enter their races Library, in different chambers, and from these teachers you will gain the knowledge needed for your initial race to ascend. Building a New Shambhala is only one of these ways to transcend to the needed level, the beginning of the full transformation; the full enlightenment or ascension of each root race.
Find the path that leads you in the right direction. The initial races are at their final “race” toward gathering in their groups, where knowledge will come forth amongst them. As each of you has to integrate and withdraw your veal (or veil) of deception; your auras made by the energy fields of your chakra system, Earth must do the same.
Selecting the initial races in their destined centers on Earth is a part of our work, and we beg of you to start your true spiritual journey towards your inner Library and find that knowledge, which will lead you in the right direction.
Gather in your spiritual groups and find the path each of these groups provides, whether they are located in the psychical world or in the inner worlds. You will know this when you set off, by choosing to start the real spiritual journey. This is what we ask of you for now.
Read all the Tablets:
Read more about the 5 elements of the body in What the Buddha Taught

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The Polarian Network – 2/19 – Reflection on Human Evolution – so far

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Reflection on Human Evolution – so far

For now I have focused entirely on the angelic (lunar) and devic (solar) evolution. I have done this by using the material from Alice A. Bailey, cf. the Planetary Hierarchy and the Keylontic Sciences, cf. the Voyagers books by A. Deane. If you feel like it, you can add the first information from the Hierarchy that is the Secret Doctrine by Mdm. Blavatsky albeit I find this very premature and to obscure to really take into account. But it is the basis of the second turn around, the Bailey material. Link to the secret vol. V of Blavatsky here.
What are we dealing with, when we read such accounts from either faction? What is being hidden from us and why?
This article is my reflections on this theme as well as the different material. Those of you who have followed my progress and back falls in understanding this, know that I at times am pro and at other times am against, but all in all, as you will understand by the end of this article I am only calling for caution and clarity of thought when reading both materials. The solar or Planetary Hierarchy (PH) is not full in account and a lot is hidden within the text, where as the Voyagers seemingly hand us the whole truth and nothing but the truth – nah, not! Both have an agenda and a reason to twist or omit certain truths of our history.

But let us start with the Planetary Hierarchy; who and what are they?

To be frank: They are and have been our planetary prison keepers or teachers; you decide what term you feel like. If you have a lot of the angelic DNA in your template you will view them as the first and if you hold more solar material, you see them as the beneficial teachers from Venus; the planetary system we are connected to and as such are the providers of the aid we need to evolve into this solar system. They were the first to transform the lunar material into the solar, so they know what they are doing, and the best way to progress slowly for the monads of the previous system.
Here is another hint, which the teachers of the PH willingly give to us. They talk about the previous system and this present solar system and what does that mean?
Well. This has to be taken literally. You know from the Keylontic and the PH material, if you are able to read between the lines, that systems, planet etc. change when the accretion levels change. This literally means that when the energetic collective level of either consciousness or energy reach a certain level the whole system change or wobble into another form. It is not “god” that creates worlds, it kind of happens automatically according the level of energy and consciousness of the system. Very technical information is behind to really understanding this and fortunately – or unfortunately – we have the material from the Voyagers. I say this because it is and will be material from the survivors of the angelic or moon chain, the masters of the previous solar system, which in more correct terms should be called the moon system, because back then the dead moon we see on the sky, where the light bearer as the sun is for us now.
The moon of the moon system was then a sun and connected to the worlds of Tara, Gaia and Aramatena. Our sun connects there as well, but not into the old versions of those three systems – they are long gone – and the remaining masters of the previous system are divided into two major groups; the pro this solar system and the against this solar system. The ones against this system left a long time ago and colonized other parts of the created worlds or the Multiverse, when the old system fell or were destroyed, where they joined other evolutions just like the humanity on Earth bears the angelic template. Some of them returned and became the dark brothers or the regressive factions in company with the foreign races they had integrated themselves into.
The beneficial brothers (and sisters; there really is no gender as we know it) started up from scratch and created this solar system and along the way they called for assistance from the Venusian brothers to help Earth and the planetary logos.
The flamelords or the Venusian living flames with Sanat Kumara as their leader came around 18 million years ago and they originate from outside our solar system. They had succeed in turning the planetary chain of Venus into a full flowering part of this solar system and the type of consciousness the old angelic brothers wished to evolve here, due to the experiences and understanding the first moon system gave to all of us. Just read the Voyagers and you will see that the moon system was a violent system, full of service to self, separatism, greed etc. In spite of the highly evolved minds and the high technology the moon chain digressed and ended in the lowest state of mind, along with all what follows.
My accounts of the events in the Panergeia Series match this and if you supply with the Voyagers, you should get a fairly correct picture of how we behaved the last time around. Yes there were invasions, and wars from other places in the created worlds, and yes the humanities of both Tara and Gaia experienced the unfortunate destinies as accounted for, but this was in the previous system – not this solar system and this is where the agenda of the lunar masters shine forth: They wish to awaken the past as if it belongs to this system, because if they had succeeded then the accretion level of the earth chain would wobble back into the previous system. The parallel system. They kind of turn things up side down and all the so-called attacks from the grim intruders or aliens where a sort of attempt to bring the past into the present, based upon the collective memory hidden within our DNA. Fortunately they did not succeed and then the second agenda arose; the transhuman agenda with the crystallization. This will still play out, because they are granted this type of world with the ones that has transformed into this type of lunar frozen consciousness. In time all crystallized material will scatter and the monads, or consciousness units, captured there – by free will or the opposite – will return to the pool of the highest source of consciousness; the most high powers of all beyond both the created and true worlds.
The PH material state that humanity on Earth, when the Venusian masters came, belonged to the animal kingdom. What does that mean?
Well, if you read the Voyagers you will see that the angelic lineages consist of feline, birds etc type of beings. Not as in primitive, but as in taking all sorts of animal forms. The Tibetan of the PH material is a crossbreed from the previous system and in the period when working with both Blavatsky and Bailey he used the astral plane to create a human version, as well as all the masters of the Hierarchy appear in folklore and the collective consciousness as Jesus like figures. Some of them are human of origin, but the elders are not. They come from the previous system, and when you tap into the network of the dark brothers, they portrait them as the over runners, the elopers and the traitors. Thus when you try to tap into the history of humanity, being positioned in the dark network, you get one side of the story – the Voyagers angle – and when you stand in the Venusian network of light, you get the other version. None of them are fully correct or true – only your own version is the true one.
It like reading the accounts of the 2WW from either the Americans or the Germans. The 2WW were actually one of the times when the dark network succeeded in placing one of their brothers in charge, but the point being; if you were a citizen of the US or Germany, or of e.g. Denmark, France etc. your account will differ according to what position you had, what you experienced and what level of awareness you had at the time. Thus the true story will always be the one you experienced and when in touch with the memories, you can add the information from either the PH or the Voyagers to obtain the greater or general picture. Not the other way around.
None of the accounts are fully correct, e.g. the PH-Bailey material is written less than 100 years ago (and in serious need of being upgraded, but they kind of know that when you get to the point where this information becomes important, you will access it by yourself and then we all will add to our history of humanity and what needs to be done to progress further) and the Voyagers are manipulated into the dark network and their agenda, but this does not make either false or not to use at this point of progress. Both hold parts of the truth and both hold vital information on how we can obtain our true consciousness and real humanity and yes the Indigos are real, but some of them stem from the parts of the moon chain that positioned themselves in other evolutions – of which some are very benevolent – and some of them belong to the dark brotherhoods, so they are a mixed bunch.
Thus when the Venusians came 18 million years ago and integrated their spark of consciousness, some as walk ins others as just parts of the consciousness of this solar system, they did so as an experiment and the original planetary logos, Jahve-Elohim, was “degraded” into what the PH teachings call the planetary spirit, holding and working with the three lower levels of matter; cf. what is contained in the personal matrix. The Keylontic and the PH versions of the matter forms and energies in the personal matrix are pretty consistent and can be used as you please. The split appears in the middle triangle or on the 4-6 density because here the information from the Keylontic focus on the previous system, their terminology and purpose of the humanities of the old Tara, whereas the humanities on Tara as they are now, are a bit different; since the fall and the wobble of the previous system both the true and created worlds, in this part of the Multiverse, changed.
The planetary logos then became Sanat Kumara and his solar brothers from Venus and they situated the Planetary Hierarchy as the sum of lunar and solar masters, so they are not our enemies as such, but many see them in this light. Just like when you are a brat in preschool and do not want to fit in, the teachers become the bad guys. And true; the PH are the planetary guardians and they do keep the monads from the previous system, that does not want to evolve into the new system, contained in the dark network until the participants of this get tired of using the old forces and lunar substances. Then the path into the network of light opens and the cleansing process is able to start.
We cannot force the monads in “detention” so to speak to accept the new system, but we can hope that they at some point will turn away from the despair and harm which controls the dark network as well as all the connections to old portals and dead-end planetary systems of the moon chain. Remember the parallel system I found myself in, in one of the Panergeia books? This was from the dying moon chain, the lunar system, and not of this system.
What to do with this knowledge then?
Well. As when we work with our present personal matrix and remember things from our childhood, we have to get the memories into their correct context. When we do so, and transform them into holding the light of this system, the DNA will heal in us and as the PH teachings state all along, when you have evolved through the Halls of Knowledge, you will get in touch with your inner teacher. The Halls of Knowledge is; simply put: Learning to behave and act according to the primary goal of the inclusive solar-interplanetary consciousness and when you have achieved this, you are free to take what you can use from the previous system. But then you have evolved into the true understanding of the purpose of this system, the goal of the present and the masters of the past, the lunar monads that carried their knowledge from the last system and into this one, determined to do better and in a more prosperous way. No more wars and despair, no more ego and greed, so they decided to create a solar system that was build on inclusiveness, the gathering principle of being one and all working in the same direction into the higher worlds of the created worlds.
You know the creation myth in the Bible and to put this into context we have to understand what the Hebrew text actually says. It says: In the beginning of the creation of the gods (the Elohim means the highest powers) of the heavens and the earth, the world was chaotic and bare. Darkness (the residual from the last system) was over the surface of Tehom and the spirit of the Elohim swept over the waters. Then the Elohim said: “Let there be light and light came to be.”
And I could continue
And the solar system was in play and into this solar system the monads of the previous system were taken in, on different planets all according to level of high vibrant consciousness and energy, cf. the higher dimensional planets such as Neptune, Uranus etc, and the fragments of Tara became the principle of consciousness on Earth in the three lower kingdoms of minerals, plants and the animals, all expressing the state of distortion they were in. The mineral kingdom became the densest, with the least portion of light and no free will as the elementals, the plant as the less dense with the notion of being able to sense and the animals came to hold the scattered monads of Tara. And the monads holding the least dense matter or infection of Tara came to take on human forms; cf. the etheric forms or the first earth angelic races only consisting of highest form of lunar matter, but without the infection. Into this first creation Jahve-Elohim came and the rest is history, cf. the second myth of creation in the Bible. The etheric moon humanity and the reptile consciousness as well as the Pleiadian-Andromedian humanity arose; cf. the Lemurians and into this primitive hominid the Venusians integrated themselves and the Human Evolution in this solar system began.
The PH teachings state that the animal kingdom holds great karma and thus the reason for us to eat them. In some part they state that the animals ate the earliest humanities, and this is a part of it, but I actually think that the greater picture is that those fragments are the most infected remnants holding free will and thus has to live in forms that holds no potentials to evolve by own means, but is dependent on other higher lifeforms, as humans are dependent on the PH. This does not mean we have to add to their suffering, and when you are positioned in the middle triangle, the mere thought of meat becomes disgusting. As also stated in the PH material, at some point, when you enter the network of light, you are bound to become a vegetarian.
When you hold the account in mind of the previous system ending in a huge bang and all of the previous earth or Tiamat, the tehom or abyss of the remnant matter from the blast (the big bang of our part of the universe), you understand that nothing ends or begins from scratch, but progress into new forms and new systems and the monads, as being the expression of the highest living consciousness of all, are eternal and as I have stated all along, the prime beings are part of this highest level of being and so are we. The life principle in us are connected to the prime being or Elohim/Elohei that started the network of light, in the midst of all the debris and darkness of the previous system:
Elohei-Elohim (Also called the Anuhazi)
One of the first 3  “Founder Races” (created by the Breneau Collectives of Density-5, dimensions 13,14 and 15 ) manifested in the Pre-matter “Cristos Light Field” of dimension 12, the entry point into densification of matter. Long before creation of the Human genetic line in our Time Matrix.
The Emerald Order  Elohei-elohim (sometimes referred as the Emerald Order Mu’a) Maji DNA Template embodies the full spectrum of the Eckatic Codes, the electrotonal-patterns, of DNA Fire Letters, corresponding to the first level of individualization from Source, the Eckatic Level of the Energy Matrix.
They are legitimately considered Level-1 Ascended Masters.
Eckatic DNA Coding allows an embodied being to run the Full Blue-gold-violet “Flame-tones” of the Khundaray Primal Sound Currents and all Primal Creation Currents below, through the physical body, when the Eckatic DNA Codes are activated.
(Voyagers II – Page 272)
Please note that I have removed the words: Hydroplasmic and liquid from the quote from the Voyagers, the plasma light is the crystalline version of the living inclusive light. The inclusive light is not plasma or liquid, but pure vibration.
Thus at some point it is time to re-read the Voyagers material, but with the critical state of mind, figuring out what we can use to evolve further into this solar system, being guided by all the cosmic help, such as the Sirian races, which are the overseers of this solar system, and the PH as in listening to the pre-school masters and then when we have learned the fundamentals of this system, we can start to connect to the previous and the memories positioned there all in all to be able to progress into the galactic and stellar worlds.
Thus the path goes through the transformation of the angelic part of us, into integrating the basic consciousness of the network of light; the inclusive solar interplanetary consciousness (the Cristos Light Field or the inclusive solar-interplanetary consciousness) that ignited the Tehom. “Let there be light”. Only when we ignite this light within ourselves are we free to evolve pass the prison keepers, the PH and the Guardians.

On the next level of the Human Evolution I will try to work with the Keylontic material, but only the parts I find useful according to intuition and what is shown to me by the Advisors.

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The Polarian Network – 2/18 – The Human Evolution Series Part 3

Part 3 of the Human Evolution: Working on the template ATuesday, 18 February 2014


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Before I move on into my attempt to try and create the ”theory of everything” on a spiritual level, to start with mixing the lunar (Keylontic) and solar (Esoteric Teachings) sciences, I have to make two important distinctions first:
1) We have to be very earnest with ourselves. This is so important and most people do not really take this into account when they work spiritually. What do I mean with this? Well. The Keylontic calls this implants and the solar sciences call it glamour. Actually it is a combination of both things. Most of you reading this blog, I guess, are familiar with the Keylontic Sciences, but to explain what an implant is, it is a sort of manasic symbol coding matter, in every sort, into vibrating a special frequency blocking or opening consciousness. It is a very mechanical approach and is not fully correct, because even though KS define matter, the solar approach of understanding matter as living beings is kind of missed in this highly technical way of viewing Earth and the matter the solar system is built of – at least it escaped my mind when reading the material. But I guess at some level this will reappear when we work our way through this series. It is there, but since the Keylontic came at a point in time, where we needed the hard facts and the scientific approach – to mach our present state of mind – they chose to focus on this.
So, the symbol is a living thing, and the matter is a living thing – both are versions of lunar or manasic elementals and have no free will, but can be coded by a higher existence having free will; cf. us or even higher. Using symbols or implants to code matter is a dangerous science, if used in the wrong hands.
Anyway back to being earnest with our selves: No one else but us can test what is going on in our energy system. Only we can detect whether or not we are under the spell of glamour. To really understand this concept, you have to read and understand the solar sciences of glamour and to do this, you must read Glamour- A World Problem and if you want to partake in my exploration in a serious manner, you read what I suggest, because as you will discover, aside my previous strong rejection of being a teacher, I am crossing the line and slowly starting up my own school – if the energy is provided and the means will surface – so these blog articles are my infantile attempts to evolve my kind of teaching and what I want to share with those who feel for it. So read the books I recommend and you will become just as wise as me. If so you will not need me to teach you, you will have it all from inside and my work has been done perfectly.
I am only showing you the way – but you have to do the work to progress; not clinging to me or expecting me to give you all the answers. And please do not think of me, but only think of what I am conveying and stand in your own light and core consciousness when you do so. I am only a messenger and you need to utilize the information and energy of the message – nothing else. Please forget me and remember the content.
Thus you have to be earnest with yourself and detect your own contribution, how prepared are you to go the way? How much effort do you place in studying and learning the higher sciences? How much of your daily time do you spend in meditation and contemplation over the things you read? How hard do you try to understand, and the most important thing of all: What is your motive to do so? Getting powers, longing for home or because it is exciting? None of these driving forces will bring you to anything but glamour.
Glamour is all around us. We create it all the time and the three planes of existence, into which the personal matrix, the personality, is situated is one big pool of glamour and illusion. And into these illusions, of which we create the most ourselves through our way of thinking and feeling, we get vulnerable, because the elementals we consists of can get “spammed” so to speak by implants.
Glamour is also when we dive into one line of spiritual expression and exploration. In my Panergeia Series there is glamour, in the Terra-Gaia Network you find illusions, in this series of articles I fight my own glamour and all the fog that prevent me from really getting continuity of consciousness. But we have to dive into the pools of glamour because only so are we able to cleanse it out of our system. Working with it, while observing what the line of thought does to us, make us become aware of our own glamour and illusions and where we need to work. This is part of the cleansing process; diving in and becoming wiser, and then to let go of what we have learned and seen. Nothing is revealed in full to us and we have to evolve and progress everything we learn into new frames of intuition and thought, and then we have to dissolve them to be able to move on to the next level of information. Dive in, explore, understand, integrate and dissolve. So you have to be earnest with yourself and detect your own illusions, glamour and maya; cf. the three levels of distortion or infection you have in the three lower planes of your existence or the lower triangle.
2) The other part of being earnest is to really understand where you are in your progress. Are you still exploring the Hall of Knowledge, cf. utilizing the elemental energy in the lower triangle or are you ready to enter the Hall of Wisdom, starting to utilize the solar energies, or the higher energies stemming from your core being, as well as the higher life principle (your original source or inner life-giver) trying to express this in the world in a wise and knowledgeable way? Most humans are still expressing the lunar elemental energies and in a very unfortunate way, but this is the result of glamour, implants and lack of self observance, cf. mindfulness and lack of use of the free will to learn, evolve and get rid of the glamour and implants.
I am not trying to teach the ones still learning to control and utilize the energy in the lower triangle, but I am trying to reach the ones starting to get ready to enter the Hall of Wisdom or has already thread the doorsteps into the great path of higher consciousness, combining what has been learned in the lower triangle with the powers of the life-principle in the heart system. Who has to some degree integrated the deepest feeling of not just being an I, but in reality being a we and thus starting to see Earth as a living system, humanity as a part of this and our emplacement in the higher evolutions of which Earth and its humanity is a part. Most of you are also pass the notion of one god and one true god, have left the need for human desires and the craving to become someone or somebody in the world. You are not seeking powers, but seeking to serve and help humanity; not out of misplaced compassion, but out of common sense and a deep-felt need to do so from your heart. This deep-felt understanding leads you to search for the best ways to help Earth and its humanity, because you see all things here as living principles expressing higher realities and types of consciousness.
Thus I will not explain all in detail, but work from the second triangle and all the new things we have to learn here and explore, understand, integrate and dissolve. It is a piece of illusion, but I need to create the thought form to get further in my progress. I might dissolve it later on. Into this thought form you are my passenger, but you are to discern what you recognize and what is not your path, because I am not only talking to the ones connecting to the solar path, but will eventually enter the stellar-galactic path; which is my goal. But for now I have to work with the second triangle, in order to wisely utilize the elemental energies in the lower triangle and transform them into the solar consciousness. My aim is not magic or becoming a wizard, but how to transform those poor elemental beings, letting them go so they can return as small solar beings or becoming a part of this solar system. Helping them to cross the threshold of old and into the new. This is why they are here. Some of you are here to take a certain quantum with you back to your own systems, but this is another teaching, you will get on your own.
So: Back to the etheric template, or the angelic template, in its original form. I know that the Keylontic works with other versions of it, but I will use this, because it is the most fundamental and will do for my exploration of the six lineages we hold in our basic structure. And here things get a bit complicated.
First I will work with this on a specific level and then lift it to a general one, because it all depends on which type of lineages you have integrated into your template. But the basic human template consists of lunar-reptile, Pleiadian-Andromedian (I consciously spell this differently to avoid existing thought forms on what and who the Andromedians are). Into this template of the four basic lineages other lineages are inserted, e.g. the Venusian soul lineages, cf. the solar lineages, or other lineages from this solar system, i.e. from Uranus, Neptune, Saturn, Maldak to name a few. Each of the planets denote a certain School of thought and purpose, so to speak, and each and one of them has a special path to evolve in this solar system. This is the solar teaching; so all in all it is so much more than just the deva-human way (devas are the true builders of this solar system); it is actually the deva-interplanetary lineages. Thus the solar lineages consist of all the planets in this solar system and each of the planets have their own type of humanity and templates filled with racial DNA and ancestral light DNA of different versions of that specific planetary humanity or races.
Having expanded the solar lineages, the pentagrams, into a more complex understanding, we might as well expand the four lineages. The Pleiadian lineage is naturally also composed of all of the different types of Pleiadian interstellar lineages this type of humanity stretches across. What type of Pleiadian lineage you have in your template naturally all comes down to what type of light DNA you have received or chosen to integrate. The same goes for the Andromedian lineages, the reptile and the angelic. Therefore when we start to work with the six main lineages of our template, the MerkaBah, we discover that following one branch of our family tree or first bit of that special timeline onto which the racial lineages are connected, we soon end up in a grid pattern of previous lifetimes in different galaxies, interstellar realities and planetary settings foreign to us.
This is where the tools of discernment and the understanding of glamour and the inserted implants becomes important, because all of the lineages are covered with distortion and most of what we experience has a personal angle to it. Nothing has to be taken for being the whole truth, because what we see is:
  1. from our present state of how evolved our brain is to read the timeline correctly,
  2. how much astral fog we put onto what we see and perceive as in the fact that we decode the information through our auric field and if this is clogged or holds implants, we only connect to certain or partial energies and frequencies of the timeline,
  3. how ready we truly are to see the whole truth no matter how hurtful, disgusting, or fearful it might be and
  4. the deeper levels of the science of reading timelines will first appear to us when we enter the Hall of Wisdom, because here we are more or less detached from the elemental forces of the lower triangle, cf. emotions and concepts of value that colors our beliefsystems. A beliefsystem is a mental distortion and when energy is read through a beliefsystem, only bits of the whole picture come through the filter of the beliefsystem. A beliefsystem is this a grid created to understand, but also to prevent us from getting all of the information we need. Intuition is not constructed on the matter of the brain – a set of beliefsystems – but is the full understanding, viewing and sensing at once; totally free of astral and mental energies.

Thus no fear, no lower emotional values or certain concepts of understanding is the first principle to work with timelines and racial lineages. This does not mean that the experience we encounter does not stir up emotions, but they do not make us turn away in fear or sorrow. Using wisdom, we enter the picture, observe, sense the energy (the true use of the astral or nervous system), discern the felt and sensed in our heart and from the heart system we pull out what we need to learn.
Let me give a resent example on this type of work.
Two things needs to be said to really understand this example, without going into full details: 1) I have always struggled with the imagery of Jesus and Christianity, the Bible and how things were understood and used in the human realms from this, because I have always known on a deep level that this was not true and 2) I have always struggled with my resentment towards humanity as a whole.
So when I got the offer to enter the Hall of Wisdom around the time where we could enter the new levels of progress on a planetary level, cf. the articles on the comet ISON etc., I said no because I did not feel ready and I could not enter such a place resenting humanity as a whole. Not much Christ energy there in my heart, so for a period of time I let the anger I felt in my heart run wild (do only do this when you are in full control over your lower triangle; being pass this triangle does not mean that it does not affect you anymore, but that you have control over it and can go in and out of the forces there. Igniting, transforming and utilizing for the purpose of altering, freeing and dissolving old distortions; cf. healing) and for one week I allowed myself to feel the strong force of separation and at the same time I observed where it led me. What did this energetic pattern of anger cover and separate me from?
Well as it turned out it separated me from the incarnation that I am here to work on or the work I initiated here. The most important one so to speak, that is the one where I let go of my inner light and turned away from the life-principle in my heart; my source (turning away from god so to speak, but the planetary logos of Earth is not the true higher life-principle or source in me, so this is why I detach myself from the concept of god). This incarnation took place in one of the most important timelines of Earth. I had been around before but more as a pupil, threading the Hall of Knowledge, and in this incarnation I was starting to really work.
Back then, before this incarnation, e.g. when the Buddha incarnated, there were a sort of respect around holy people, that is human beings in form and holding a higher life-principle which always make such humans sparkle in a certain way for everyone to see or feel. There is really no doubt when you are in the presence of such humans holding their light clear and strong (the life-principle shines forth and gives the whole human body a certain glow, because such people do not suffer from distortion; they are the direct expression of their life-principle) and they have always been honored as holy people, but this time around something totally unforeseen happened.
We had prepared a group of interplanetary representatives incarnating as a field of exactly the correct accretion level and combination of lineages to make the work of the collect nodal point as strong as possible. We had to integrate and activate, that is place the most important implant into the deep and very thick fog of the astral plane, to use this word, we called it something else, but I cannot get a grip of it – the Keylontic terminology is not mine either – and bridging new portals to each of our interplanetary origin to make this level of the earthly energy system penetrable. Reconnecting the portals (stargates) to this timeline would make the upcoming united solar-interplanetary society possible and lay the ground for what I call galactic Terra. One united solar system, holding the sun as its core and all the planets, not on the lower level as they appear now, but in the true appearance as the 5th kingdom of souls, or solar-interplanetary beings as well as an open system towards both stellar and galactic levels: The cosmic systems of higher consciousness.
Our entering the system of Earth focused especially on this level, had taken quite some preparation and we were all confident that the usual respect of such intervention would be granted by both leaders and population and that our work would be respected and honored.
To make a long story short: This was not the case and the shock of the death of the nodal point, the gathering solar-interplanetary principle – the field of interplanetary consciousness were connected to all of our heart systems, thus we could hold the accretion level and the quantum needed to make him the center and radiating principle (the rest of us were more or less in disguise; around 70 of us incarnated with him) – and we were always around him whenever he appeared in public or taught the followers, albeit we were not known to anybody, just being part of the crowds. We sort of had prepared an inner circle and then the outer circle of energy bearers, of which I was one, but my heart system were connected directly to him and standing there watching him teach; when I go into this memory, is amazing. The radiation from him and the love I feel in my heart exceeds any emotion I know from this lifetime. It is as if the magnetic inclusive pull from him lifted my soul out into the open and the largest love of all filled my body. He was in truth something special in that sense.
The Buddha had done the same on a higher level, but that felt different because most of us being there back then had more or less continuity of consciousness and thus connected to him on an intuitive level and the things we worked with were different or on a more cosmic angle. Those portals are still present in the system of Earth and in the next years to come they will reopen into the collective consciousness a long with all the individual connections to those levels and thought forms which will activate the portals into the earthly energysystem. As will the portals of the solar-interplanetary work we did back then.
You know the story. His shameful death came as a chock to all of us and when his energy was cut off, the strings to all of our hearts were cut off as well. My resentment started there. Being hurt energetically on a very high level; that is our life-principle had been distorted by the horrible death of one of our own, the gathering nodal point of magnetic and inclusive energy, the dark deed distorted all of the field making the dark energy run like fire through the whole group and our vertical connections were cut off in the more immature ones of us, such as myself. The elders or the inner circle stood strong, but the outer circle scattered like the wind. The strings of light snapped and we were all thrown into darkness of despair and chock and nobody did anything to prevent this deed. Humanity, as a whole, just accepted it, which in the old days would have been unthinkable. Humanity had lost their ways so deeply that they could not even understand what they had done.
Such feelings experienced in another timeline, as human, naturally arises when we integrate ourselves in previous timelines and whatever happened there will resurface in full and with all the emotions we had back then. Entering timelines and clearing out former lives are not for the weak and is not something you do for fun. Re-experiencing events from the past are always strong, full of violence, full of hurt and is really hard on the heart; the physical heart aches and the pressure of the energy is enormous, because when cleaning out timelines, the higher life-principle starts to re-enter your energysystem with both force and consciousness, so the time after such an entering and healing process you become more sensitive, more empathic and a whole lot wiser. You have to learn the true meaning of forgiveness and the full acceptances of what happened and work with it in a higher light of consciousness. I still resent humanity on some level, but now I understand why and I am starting the process of learning how to deal with the fact that humanity is working on different levels of consciousness and that I cannot help all or transform all into higher consciousness. If there is no will to go all the way, there is no incentive to work and to regain full consciousness and such humans are not ready to work and should be accepted as being part of the Hall of Knowledge, as I once were.
I am still hurting, and am still in the process of accepting this sorrowful event, but I am getting closer to my inner god, or life-principle.
Instead of clinging to the sixfold structure of Pleiadian, Andromedian or whatever level of racial/light DNA we hold, I will generalize and name the six major timelines or lineages stemming from the heart system – as seen on the drawing of the angelic template – as
  1. lunar (angelic humanities of the previous system and as you already know very highly evolved),
  2. reptile (all evolutions holding matter as their primary level of expression, can range from primitive to very technical races),
  3. stellar (all races from the stellar levels of the Multi-verse or created worlds),
  4. galactic (stemming from the cosmic levels of the created worlds),
  5. planetary (stemming from planetary systems from both inside or outside this solar system) and
  6. solar (having this solar system as its origin, that is being connected to the principle of inclusiveness, the Christ or Boddhisatva principle and primarily being a part of the deva evolution; the builders of this system).

And in our karmic work, that is working with our racial DNA (what has been put there from this planetary system as well as intruders), our light DNA (the coding from the higher worlds) and all of the other types of DNA we have evolved as being a part of different systems and races, each bit of DNA is a sort of chip of information and consciousness connected to specific timelines and patterns of energy, we have to zip up these bits, unfold them into our etheric brain and template, activate the correct lines of consciousness (continuity of consciousness) and reintegrate these bits as parts of our true being, our monadic level or consciousness units. The true us.


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The Polarian Network – 2/17 – The Human Evolution Series Part 2

Part 2 of Human Evolution – the Etheric Template

Monday, 17 February 2014

True Earth Associations
As understood in part 1 of this series, we are all one on the highest levels of evolution and we all stem from the true worlds of Tara, Gaia and Aramatena, unfolding the consciousness units of the prime beings, which is connected to us in our heart centre through the consciousness units connecting to us through the chakras in the head. But as I also suggested, the human form has divided into two main evolutions, based upon the original human crossbreed form consisting of angelic-reptile (mostly previous system) and Pleiadian-Andromedian (this system, but from the stellar-galactic worlds) light DNA.
Into this form the devas of the solar evolution (this solar system or the Christ, Bodhisattva, compassion or inclusive consciousness) have integrated themselves, mostly from Venus (the 5th planet of the Venusian chain and thus housing the kingdom of souls, or the ones that have transformed the material from the previous system into this solar system or are built of pure solar material, cf. the goal of this solar system) but also from other planets evolving the same type of consciousness. The stellar-galactic races have followed later – again I will go into this later on. For now we have to start from basis and this with the etheric field or the angelic template.
Now, when I start to bridge the Keylontic and the esoteric teachings of the Hierarchy (under supervision of the Advisor) you have to make an important discernment: It is like working with classic and quantum physics; they both have the same level as their origin and then they move into two totally different directions. One is working on the atomic level and the other on the subatomic level.
In the esoteric teachings the etheric field is the basis, the light structure that entails all the other energies of the body, connecting the consciousness units to the planetary grid. The etheric body is connected to the etheric level of the planet, the solar system, the galaxy and cosmos. This grid of light unfolds all through the created worlds and is thus the level to encode and manipulate when we talk about what kind of energy we want to evolve when attaching the consciousness units from our prime being into some kind of form. In other words this is the template from which all living beings are created, but how the material unfolds into the different systems, planets and worlds of energy is all related to the consciousness units connected to this grid, the etheric field or template.
Thus the principle of life stems from the consciousness units and their attachment to the heart system. I will look deeper into this later on, but just to make a sharp discernment: The etheric substance of light is not the life principle; it is the grid upon which the life principle can express itself and the goal of this expression.
On Earth, due to the choice of Jahve-Elohim and the Sirian Council etc., the etheric field is based upon the angelic version of it and here is where the Keylontic and the esoteric teaching meet and divide.
The esoteric teachings
The etheric field consists of the chakra system, the basic chakras, and holds 12 chakras. The ones reading the esoteric teachings superficially only read about the 7 chakras. This is a misunderstanding of the etheric field, because there actually are five chakras connected to the body and 7 in the head; all in all 12 chakras.
Below is my interpretation of the information given in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire and for those of you who choose to go the human-deva way integrating the energies of this solar system, this is the book you have to read and understand on an intuitive level. Not with your human mind, but intuitively so you can relate to it on its correct level. If you do not want to evolve and progress through the solar evolution, but consider the stellar-galactic path instead, you have to add other teachings, but those are not really available yet, so I can only recommend reading this book until the next level of teaching arise. If you are stellar-galactic oriented then you can combine the book on Cosmic Fire with the book on Esoteric Astrology and you can start working on the new teachings yourself.
If you are more focused on the angelic-reptile level of your being (the actual first humanity), work with the Keylontic information, but not the levels after 2009; and especially not the information given after may 2012. Try to read the original material and combine it with the new versions available on the Internet, but be careful; we have a long way to go to weed out the regressive 5 dimensional teachings. The same goes if you choose to work with the Kabbalah and the angelic realities this very old system conveys. Both systems are oriented towards the moon chain and the previous system, but factions from this system is present in the councils and the remaining humanities from the moon chain are working their way back into the cosmic evolution of higher systems, where we all start to meet again.

In the end of this article is a picture from the Keylontic teachings for now, just to point in some direction to begin, but we have to do the weeding out ourselves. Some of us (such as myself) intend to evolve the full human sixfold template in all directions, thus this huge work I am performing in understanding (and my errors in the process) all the paths of human evolution.

Let us start with the 5 chakras of the body:
1) The root chakra where all physical matter is connected to the etheric field and this chakra contains the hidden fire of the physical matter; the Kundalini fire. Matter as we know it on Earth is from the previous system and this is what we are to transform, regardless of race or origin, but we cannot transform this level until we have transformed all the other parts of the chakra system. Matter holds the green-golden fire of the previous system (symbol the spinning swastika) and until we have integrated the other chakras of the etheric field, all the fire of the physical body lies dormant and hidden within the root chakra.
We utilize small amounts of this fire on a daily basis, through the lifeforce, the use of energy from the astral and mental planes, but as a whole the fire lies dormant. The esoteric teachings teach us that when we have transformed the other chakras (changed the lunar fire into solar consciousness; symbol the swastika with 9 concentric circles of blue fire) in the body and ignited the 7 solar chakras of the head, all levels of the fire of matter will rise up following the Sushumna and blend with the consciousness of the monad, through the Sutratma or the string of consciousness from the monad to the mind and the etheric brain (the true brain or generator of higher energies). When this happens; we are freed from the wheel of incarnation on this planet and stand in full conscious connection with our monad (the consciousness units from the prime beings, which we unfold and evolve).
Excurse: The spleen chakra.
This chakra is not as such a chakra, but it fuels the etheric body through the spleen on an etheric level. The energy or the light grid of the planet automatically runs through the spleen chakra and from here into all the other chakras and the rest of the etheric field and thus to the nervous system. It is on this level that we utilize the energy of the planet and when the magnetic field (the outer expression of the etheric grid) changes due to incoming CME or cosmic energy, we are able to connect to the elevated levels of energy in the planetary grid structure, fuelling our field and thus kicking off our chakras into utilizing higher levels of consciousness. Unless of course, our chakras are not too clogged and full of astral sludge (which most humans are). Thus a prerequisite to start to activate the deeper levels of the etheric body, the light DNA, is to cleanse the chakras so they can utilize the energies from the planet itself and the cosmic incoming levels of higher energy hitting the planetary grid.
The outer bodies of humans are thus very perceptible to the energy changes in the magnetic field and into this the pollution of the atmosphere has to be taken into consideration as well as the use of chemical compounds to alter the incoming energies from cosmos and the sun. The use of chemical technology, such as sun radiation management, to stop the incoming radiation from the sun and cosmos (the help from the cosmic planes to assist the human evolution on a broader scale) will prevent the common human body from being elevated. It is not to pollute or exterminate the human population, but to prevent the standard human being, belonging to the mass consciousness, from being awakened. When the lower chakra of the etheric field is kept in a polluted state of being, the chakra system will stay dormant and only utilize the lower frequencies of the planetary energy system – the forces of the previous system. The regressive forces are able to delay the human evolution, but they are not able to stop it, because if each and one of us start to work internally and change our use of astral and mental energies, into their higher version, then we will add another chakra and energy provider to our etheric body: The higher etheric chakra.
Between the shoulders is a higher version of the etheric chakra. This is connected to the spleen chakra but lies dormant in most humans. When the heart system is activated this sister-chakra awakens and the etheric body is fuelled with energy directly from the sun, but not just radiation, because this energy is threefold (the energy of the physical sun, the energy from the heart of the sun and the central sun, expressing the threefold structure of the consciousness behind our physical sun; the solar logos). The atomic radiation from the sun is fuelling the spleen and the planetary grid, but the energy from the heart of the sun will fuel the prana chakra between the shoulders when the heart system is activated. The heart system is thus a sort of higher energy triangle consisting of the higher version of the etheric field, fuelled by the prana from the heart of the sun (the buddhic energy of the solar system), the life principle (the incoming energy from the prime being) in the thymus chakra and the crown chakra, unto which the consciousness of our consciousness units are attached. When this inner higher triangle is activated we are able to connect to the soul, or the helping deva of this system, connected to our etheric field through the heart system and placed there to help us transit into the solar fields of consciousness. When you connect to this triangle, you connect to the network of light, therefore no matter what direction we take after this, this level is common for all of us. Only through the network of light are we able to meet the suitable teachers to direct us in the correct direction and evolutionary path from Earth.
As mentioned in the first article the nervous system is the outer expression of the etheric field, but what radiates from the nervous system (human kinetic energy are the outer expression of the use of astral or emotional field fused with the small segments of the internal fire which matter holds, e.g. heat) all depends on the type of energy that is utilized in the nadis or channels of etheric energy. The same goes for the planetary grid. The mass consciousness of humanity and the wrong use of force, see below, we are utilizing are infecting the planet and the etheric field is radiating with lower astral-mental energy; cf. the magnetic field. This field is the outer expression of the astral-mental planes and not until we have cleansed our chakras on a collective level, will the dense energies of the planet disappear. Each and one of us are responsible for the condition the planet is in and its constant use of lower energy forms.
2) The solar plexus chakra is the main provider and connector to the astral plane. As described in the first article the astral plane is actually not a “real” plane but it came to be back in the days of Atlantic when the use of sexual energy (the pull to connect with other energy systems on a horizontal level), mind (creational energy) and the etheric field started to distort. A long history, but the essence is that when the etheric field, the sexual energies and the mental field connect, using the sexual energies and directing the creational energy in a horizontal direction outwards, the centre of the sexual organs or the hara centre is created. The hara centre is not a “true chakra” but one attached to the solar plexus centre and arises through the misplaced use of creational force from the mental field.
The attentive reader is then able to discern that the solar plexus chakra and the attached hara centre, as well as the use of the generator of fire from the root chakra, are being fuelled by the planetary etheric (spleen) chakra creating the lower triangle of lunar energy. To really work with this triangle, you have to read A Treatise on White Magic. You can combine it with material from the Keylontic Sciences as well (density 1-3), but again you have to really be careful with the symbols and the energy work. The esoteric teachings are written in a sort of intuitive language directed towards the solar-deva consciousness, whereas the Keylontic is directed towards the lunar-angelic consciousness. This terminology has connection to the three general evolutions of the true worlds, and the lunar lineages of the true world are the prime beings behind the lunar-angelic evolution in the created worlds, as well as the solar lineages of the true worlds are the prime beings of the solar-deva evolution of the created worlds. The same goes for the stellar evolution. So for the very eager mind, such as my own seeking to understand the three major paths (six in our part of the created worlds) the combination of the Keylontic and the esoteric teachings will add quite a lot to the basic level of higher information.
3) The thymus chakra. As mentioned before this is not just one chakra but a part of the middle triangle, the soul or heart system. To really evolve this part of our anatomy we have to work with the esoteric teachings on a very deep level, if we want to go the solar-deva way, or the Keylontic, if we proceed into the lunar-angelic way of evolution. If you prefer the latter, you have to connect to the prime being behind the lunar evolution. This is not Jahve-Elohim or “God”, but for now expressed as “God-Source” and can only be truly known by the angelic evolution themselves. They know their prime being in their heart and how this source of love and consciousness feels. The solar-deva worlds know the highest beings as feminine, and the lunar evolution has their feminine counterpart on the higher levels as well, but on the first levels this God-Source, is my guess, appears as masculine because it still evolves the consciousness of the previous system. Perhaps the density 4-6 involves their version of Christ as the Kryst? This recommendation goes for the lunar races working with the present system.
Therefore the 3rd chakra (the 4th if you include the hara chakra, but in the true etheric field the 3rd) is the level, where the paths divide and go their separate way, including the stellar-galactic path. Whatever life principle that is fuelling our etheric grid on the higher levels, aside from the common planetary lower triangle of the personality (the human expression of the planetary logos) is the pull that takes us in our true direction and the evolution we are to follow. The life principle of our prime being is what makes our heart system tick and we are the outer expression of this life principle.
4) The throat chakra, the potal to the true manasic level in us, where the consciousness units connect to the etheric brain, and thus generate true manasic or creational energy, are ignited here. Until the heart system is working the throat chakra is not really working as it should. The creational forces are utilized in the lower triangle as mental energy – the rational mind and the earthly version of the reptile brain, cf. the lower parts of the brain or the 10 percent we are using today. The heart system cannot really work until the hara chakra and the lower triangle has been directed upwards and the energy of the hara is lifted into the throat chakra – back into its correct vertical pull – and the solar plexus chakra is reintegrated into the thymus chakra as buddhic, Christ, Kryst, Bodhisattva energy, cf. the correct tone of the prime being or life principle we express in this system.

You see human love and sex are expressions of the lower triangle and the misuse of the original creational energy and the inclusive energy of the solar system.

I know many of the stellar-galactic races do not take this part of their energy system to be a problem, but over time, if you continually and frequently use the lower triangle, your naturally pre-activated heart system will “fall” into the lower triangle in spite of the huge work being done on the planetary grid and magnetic field. In the old days this happened very quickly, today the “fall” happens more slowly, especially if you long for love and confuse this with human horizontal love.
Regarding sexuality for the ones who really want to connect and find their true evolution, I would suggest the return of the rhythmic use of the lower triangle; that is learning the cycles of when to use the lower triangle and when to use the upper triangles. E.g. when you wish to create children only have sex when the female body is ready to procreate, just like the animals. We have an animalistic body and as such the cycles of procreation are actually still present in us on an instinctual level. The common astral-mental misuse of sexual energy is to continue the old ways of the Atlantic consciousness which in the end put us in this mess we are today.
Creating life is a sacred act and should not be misused as desire, satisfaction, entertainment, or as a personal kick of energy (for some even to gain power). I am very strong-minded on this, but it all depends on the level of your progress and in the beginning you have to choose to silence the lower triangle, making sacrifices and let go of the old ways for a period of some time, if you want to reach the higher ways of life (all teachings no matter culture suggest a sort of sanctuary, spiritual journey, inner search and turning away from the outer noise of the world) and when you are firmly situated in the heart system, you naturally let go of the lower triangle and only use the energy here when needed to perform what you need to do on a planetary level and within the collective consciousness, or mass-consciousness of humanity.
The love we all long for is to our source; cf. the vertical pull, not other human beings as the other half of us  – to make us whole – we realize this when the heart is re-opened.
We are to love our next, and each other as one race and one people with many different expressions. “Love thy neighbor as you love yourself”, but this is not the personal lower triangle type of consciousness and force, but the activated heartsystem, where the heart burns with the inclusive love of thy prime being, because we are connected to our prime being and the lifeforce that flows into our heart system, as well as the buddhic energy from the heart of the sun, making us all inclusive and caring. And adding the knowledge from our consciousness units, attached to the etheric brain through the chakra in the head, the throat chakra will generate wisdom or creational energy. We will then create inclusive thought forms, fuel it with the love or inclusive buddhic energy of the heart system and express this in the world as grace, charity, Christ consciousness or the bodhisattva consciousness. From this point on we start to think in terms of the group, the next move to help the planet and humanity itself, and the approach of me and you becomes a we. It is from this level we must unite, not sexually.
5) The two major chakras of the head. The ajna chakra and crown chakra are considered to be one chakra, because they actually are a system as well and are being fuelled by the consciousness units. The crown-ajna system unfolds the knowledge of the specific path we have chosen, generating full continuity of consciousness, and thus is impossible to describe, but through this system the monad or consciousness units, working through the chakras, are expressing the full monadic consciousness in the world and can by will dissolve the body, or appear by will into form. The kundalini fire is then under the full control of the monad. When the ajna-crown system is fully activated the avatar level of the old schools is reached.
The major chakra of the head, the ajna and crown, will be extended, so to speak, as the integration of the monadic consciousness progresses and from here the 7 chakras (5 additional to the two major) of the head will appear, of which the alta major chakra is one. You can read further in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire to understand how this works.
In comparison to this more simple etheric structure, the angelic template is quite advanced, because the information revealed by the esoteric teachings only focus on what is needed to be transformed to be able to progress into the solar-human evolution, whereas the angelic template is deeply connected into the way the angelic realities work, or the moon chain and the sciences evolved there.
So you see the angels are quite a high tech bunch and we should be thankful for the quantum level of classic esoteric teaching, but again, only use this technology and adapt it to your path of evolution. When you work entirely with the angelic-etheric level – the original template – this technology can be very useful, but unless it holds the directions from the solar evolution, or your stellar-galactic evolutionary path, then this teaching can – I am not saying will – but can very easily take you to the crystalline worlds and for me this is not an option, because they are a step back in my opinion. But the techniques are available on the Azurite Press MCEO.

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The Polarian Network – 2/16 – The Human Evolution Series Part 1

One race, one planet, one expression of the greatest experiment of all. Sunday, 16 February 2014


True Earth Associations
Well. I simply have to return to the international sphere of energy after being working with the Danish realm of energy and trying to build a bridge into the ruling thought form of esoteric knowledge, cf. the material of the planetary Hierarchy. And now I must return to the greater sphere of thought, albeit I have enjoyed reading the material, using the language and understanding this point of view, the same way as I did with the Keylontic material and my opinion on the misuse of it, cf. the Terra-Gaia Network.
I crave to use the higher levels of thought and think in a more scientific way. I feel like the patient old dog, trying to convey thoughts and ideas to the litter, and I know this is not a full accurate description, but I am an old dog, when it comes to being here on Earth. This article is from the old dog’s point of view and not as being better or higher, just a bit wiser.
Again, we have to remember that the goal for Earth is not the transform the outer sphere of reality, but to transform the inner levels of lower and higher consciousness – this is the cross interplanetary goal for all consciousness units on Earth – no matter where we come from. When we change the inner levels of fivefold energy structure, no matter what terminology we use, then the outer will transform as well. Thus; all changes start with the individual human being and the inner struggle to transform the energy structure of the body. It is not something “the others do”; it is something we have to take on our own shoulders, bear our own cross of matter (note the cross as four arms), so to speak.
It does not matter what type of teaching we use; each and one of them belongs to the common goal of humanity in spite of their somewhat twisted history of reception, as it is called; i.e. the way the interpreters have tried to understand what the world teachers have given to us over time, from Zarathustra, to Buddha to Jesus etc. In time when you connect to your intuition, you will see the light within the teachings and you can easily understand what is correct and what is not. None of the teachings are all true and none of them are all distorted.
We also have to remember that in the awakening process the different factions – both benevolent, cf. progressive and malevolent, cf. regressive – are trying to build their own levels of continuity of consciousness connecting to their inner groups of helpers and their original systems. This is also something we have in common and the way back home – that is connecting to our original system of consciousness – is not to let go of the human way of living, but to learn to live here on Earth as a consciousness units “being in the world, but not a part of it”.
The more we indentify ourselves with the system, we have integrated our consciousness into, the more we become the type of lifeform that rules in that place, and the time has come to learn to be in this world, but not to hate it, despise it, reject it, fight it or get lost in it.
We are here to work and to become what we are, internally and in connection to the greater being we stem from. All planets and stars have a great consciousness, a sort of summative essence, which each and one of us stem from. The connection to our original summative essence (the “God” of our system, or logos to use a less tainted word) is in our hearts, and thus the heart system has to be awakened to really connect to home, no matter where we come from. Working our way through the timelines and the karma connected hereto is the way to cleanse the heart system, and the path to this is the path through the astral plane, the emotional or subconscious plane of our psyche and all the illusions here, ranging from archetypes to personal distorted perception of reality, previous lifetimes and all the negative energy we have built into our energy system, cf. the blueprint, the etheric level, the template or the light pattern of our being.
I use all the different terminology to build a bridge or cross the first barrier of common understanding – the language works as the connector or the separator of consciousness, and we are the ones to find the common ground; learn to translate the different terminology into energy signature and from here telepathically understanding that even though the consciousness unit in front of us has different, seemingly,  ancestral lineage, and a different type of light DNA, this does not mean that we are strangers; we simply have to learn to use our intuition instead of our brain when we talk to other people. When we do this, we see the light in their hearts and where they stem from, and we acknowledge with respect “what is in our brother’s heart and mind”, as being a part of the great collective system we all belong to.
If we can accept this, then we can see that the fight over which God is the true god is nonsense and we can see that in the end, the uppermost or highest summative essence entails all the minor gods of the planets, galaxies and stellar worlds and thus we are all one. On the highest level we are all brothers and sisters. Not in the sense of being part of the earthly logos (what most convey as “God” of the Bible; the Jahve-Elohim), but the Source of highest summative consciousness and in the end the collective systems of gods and their consciousness units.
We are the flames of light belonging to such large beings, and we spring from the mind of the logos we belong to as small consciousness units. In my infantile attempt to understand the builders of our present system, read the the Panergeia Project series, or see the video on the Saga of Galactic Humanities, I mentioned how those great beings, the highest level of us, projected their consciousness into the created worlds and that this created the consciousness units which is essence in us, cf. the consciousness in form or created substance. Thus the true worlds are the worlds of the higher prime beings and the world we are in now is the created world, where each and one of us is a combination of consciousness units unfolding the combination of the true and created worlds into individual consciousness, for now, and later on into functioning as a group of beings, all connected to our own original system, but still a part of created worlds, bridging the true and created worlds together.
To return to Earth, so to speak, my aim of this article is to build a new bridge between the different conceptions of human ancestry, which is important in our work with the karma of the ancestors or the ancestral karma and in activating our light DNA.
First I have to stress that humanity as a whole are in the process of awakening, i.e. creating continuity of consciousness, and in this process many human errors of interpretation occurs, due to the fact that the memories arise through the astral level, or the level of illusion, fog, veil of deception. This plane is similar to the holographic world, the Hindu conception of Maya, the world of archetypes, the shamanistic levels of the underworld, etc. To get a really fine understanding read the book on Glamour from the Planetary Hierarchy. I know some of you resent this material, I will return to this later in this article, but for now I will appeal to your common sense and understanding of, that if you wish to become a member of the cosmic UN, you have to read the statements from all the countries being a part of this gathering. The same goes for the Planetary Hierarchy; they are one of the major factions being here to help their own integrated “souls”.
Being biased, that is being against or pro something, is a clean cut expression of the dualistic astral plane and thus of holographic imprints or glamour.
Ok. Touching the Planetary Hierarchy I might as well continue here: The Hierarchy of white brothers, the Great White Brotherhood (and sisterhood), are one of the human-deva lineages from Venus present here on Earth, just like the angelic-reptilian faction under the Sirian Guardians are present here as well. We also have the minor tribes of Orion (most of Orion has fallen into the degressive or regressive powers, but a small faction are positioned here on Earth to continue their line of consciousness) and the contributing human seeders of the other half of the human light DNA, i.e. the Pleiadian-Andromedian factions.

The Andromedian scientific lineages are here as well, including the future humanities stemming from the next system which Earth eventually will partake in as galactic Terra; i.e. the division of individual planets in our solar system will be summarized into one main system of consciousness and become galactic Terra in which the solar logos (the consciousness of this system) of our solar system will become the main summative essence. The higher mind of the solar logos is the Sirian and Andromedian Councils, which again are a collective or portal into much higher energetic worlds of cosmic consciousness, as our galaxy are integrated into the Andromedian galaxy and this summative essence present here.

Thus the highest level of summative essence continuously contracts and expands into minor systems and summarizes into larger summative essences. This is the rule of both the true and created worlds.
When we work within the network of light, we are all brothers and sisters, no matter where we stem from, and one of the teachers I am in contact with right now, stems from the angelic-reptilian lineage. I will not try to discern whether or not he belongs to the seraphim, the oraphim or the nephilim etc. of the Keylontic Dictionary, because my own level of consciousness is not fully developed into this ancestry, thus I can only scratch the surface for now, but I can say he is very old and wise and only uses impression as the means of communication. That is; he ignites my own memory and DNA sequences connected to the timelines in question to make me understand what he wishes to convey to me. It is like an energy transfer that will stay with me and evolve me in a positive inclusive direction. He is definitely a “cosmic UN” representative or one of the Advisors.
It is time to try to correct some of the misunderstandings created from the first steps of the awakening cosmic consciousness and we have a long way to go. Much material on the Internet is information arisen from the very infantile connections of higher consciousness, and thus are biased through the dualistic astral glamour which in the world of human-deva terminology is described as glamour; a sort of elemental energy with its own consciousness stemming from the lower realms of the moon chain and thus basically from the previous system, of which the elementals stem (lower created radiating entities without no will or core of their own), and thus it is our responsibility to transform them into the goal of this present solar system.
Another way of understanding this type of energy is as the angelic-reptilian factions describe it, e.g. the material into which the Kathara grid is inserted on the three levels I refer to as the etheric, astral and mental as well as the connection to the higher levels (the deva-human terminology); the etheric pattern is the light grid of the body. On one level of understanding the etheric, astral and mental substance are lunar elemental energy and on another it is atomic, or quantum energy as we also know it from our scientific perception of the atom, subatomic and quantum sciences. The Keylontic teachers have their own dictionary to describe their terminology rooted into their light language and the way they work with the substances of the created worlds, as well as the present collective human consciousness has its science and terminology. When we understand things through the brain and its present state of coding all seems divided, but actually as you will see, it is all useful to us in our progression, on the right levels of course; it all depends on what lineage of ancestry you are working with.
The Keylontic Science (the co-working faction) is thus one step ahead of the human-deva understanding, because the angelic-reptilian races have evolved the human energy structure a step further and learned to manipulate the elemental energy in ways the deva-human factions are not interested in; their goal is somewhat different, but this is not the same as if one is better than the other. In the end it is a choice based upon the prime lineage of our consciousness, we have to make when we know the effects of the different teachings.
The Kathara grid is a sort of manasic science in which the elemental energy is directed through impulses formed by the Kathara implants. The implants can be both individual (coded by a singular consciousness) and collective, thus in the negative reptilian races this technology became the basis of the mass-consciousness and how they manipulated the chips, as we could call the implants of the Kathara grid, into warriors or the draco races with no mind of their own.
The science can also be used in a beneficial way as we will see in the future when we learn to take the best of the different sciences to evolve our light DNA, but for now the Keylontic Science is still very premature and one-sided, because the human mind is primitive and one-sided, and unfortunately much of it has been misunderstood and misused by the degressive factions to their advantage. I will look forward to the higher beneficial ways of using this science and not the main purpose this has been used into the crystalline worlds, where the laws of the previous system rules and are honored. The idea is not to “freeze” the lunar energies and crystallize them, but to transform them and the Keylontic manasic light language can do this very effectively as we will see in the years to come.
When you take a Keylontic symbol and place it in the core of the elemental bit (the level beyond the quantum layers) like an imprint, you can ignite the structure from within. The symbol has to sink into the elemental substance, create a sort of fusion and when used properly, reset the coding of the elemental energy into vibrating and return to its progressive state of being. The same symbol, if used in another way, will crystallize the elemental and isolate the digressed material in it. So the symbol can be used in both ways and only when you are connected to your core consciousness are you in position to know the difference. The Keylontic Science has been given as have the science of nuclear powers and both can be used and misused in the wrong and right hands.
Thus this technology can be utilized in a very constructive and beneficial ways too, as we see in the angelic-reptilian races present in the higher councils. The approach towards transforming the elementals or the residual from the lunar chain (where the infection started in the main crystals or grid of consciousness) has both advantages and pitfalls, all depending on who is using the technology.
The deva-human and the angelic-reptilian races, as two different ways of transforming digressive energy, started a long time ago here on Earth. We must remember that the two different lineages originally came from one main source; the original logos of Earth, cf. the Jahve-Elohim. Despite this rather primitive logos, or planetary ruler, Jahve-Elohim (God of the Old Testament) created the first true humans on Earth from the material of the previous system. Jahve-Elohim is a reptilian or an Annunaki and no; I will not go into all of this distorted information based upon astral perception. We have to see things in a grander perspective as we go deeper into the plan for Earth and its humanities.
The early versions of Earth and the first humanities, where not “human” as we understand them now, but more like the bodies of animals and we have found the bones from those creatures; science only interprets them as the first creatures to rise from the ocean. It all comes down to cranial nerves and the way the etheric body is constructed, cf. how much energy the light grid can infuse into the atomic structure, and from here how much both higher or lower energy the cells can utilize and transfer to the brain through the nervous system.

The nervous system and the brain (the outer utilizer of mental energy and later on of cosmic energy) create the bridge between the inner and outer realities and thus the area to work on when you want to transform the astral levels in you. The energies which are utilized in the nervous system and the brain becomes the astral energy and is thus an energetic residual of human thought and wrongful interpreted sensations. The wrong way of using the nervous system and the mind. When used correctly the nervous system becomes the transmitter of cosmic and solar energies; i.e. the link to creating higher consciousness and perception in the brain.

Jahve-Elohim stems from the blue lineage of the higher races of reptilians, and into his paradise (Earth was really beautiful) foreign races from Sirius and Orion came to visit his planet and the created carriers of his conscious units; his humanity. Jahve-Elohim is the creator of the male and female energy form; he kind of spliced the original Annunaki consciousness into two separate forms; which was to come at some point in the overall evolution, but were premature and thus very unfortunate because the result was the “sexual energy” or the energetic pull in all creatures on Earth to reconnect and become one again; cf. back into its original state of being on an etheric-manasic level. Before this the energetic pull had only been between the consciousness units and their prime being, i.e. vertical, but now the pull became horizontal and between same levels of energy.
Subatomic interference and the law of the least resistance arose, pulling the energy even further downwards and away from the prime source of consciousness (and adding the infection it later on became the total disaster of Earth). It is important to understand this, because the cross we bear is both the four lineages (see later on) but also the four directions our consciousness is pulled and we have to take control over this pull and utilize the four directions correctly to master “space and time”. The four arms have to turn into a wheel of fire, becoming one main field of integrated mind and perception.
Naturally they came as supervisors and mentors, because for some reason Jahve-Elohim had chosen this part of the created worlds under the supervision of the Sirian system and thus the main consciousness of our solar logos, to build his paradise.
Jahve-Elohim agreed to integrate lunar material from the moon chain (the “earth” system of the previous system), and from this crossbreeding the first angelic-reptilian lineage arose. Now the angelic races of the moon chain were not all fallen or “evil”. They were the humanities of the moon chain (each planet in a system is a planetary chain, thus Earth actually belongs to the earth chain, of which the present Earth is the fourth planet – as the planets change in energy structure and consciousness they change and reappears in new forms with new humanities on it. When the humanity of Earth – no matter where we come from – changes into the 5. dimensional version Earth will rise as the 5th planet in the earth chain on which different types of humanities and lineages will take their turn of evolution as a part of galactic Terra).
Anyway the angelic races are not humans with wings. Nor are they aliens. Energetically they belong to the logos of the lunar chain. This chain is still under progress but the planet that is left in our solar system, the Moon, is a residual. The lunar logos simply left his structure due to the high level of infection on it. The overall consciousness had become too distorted and inverted into itself to progress further.
The original angelic lineage from the moon chain are pale-white in it, have a sort of erect form, which we could interpret as “human” in form, but the first lineages were transparent and had no outer body as we understand it. They were as pale as the moonlight, but just as bright as the sun in their own way. The non-fallen lunar lineages interbred with the reptilian lineages on Earth and the first humanoids arose; the erect lizards; the blue races and golden ones of them. Some of the angelic beings, cf. the original lunar humanity, did not want to take on the earthly form and instead they became part of the planetary mind, the outpost of the logos. Some of those angels have later on fused with solar energies and moved on, and others have stayed behind helping the planetary logos as archangels; the first higher beings of Earth.
The “human daughters” in the Old Testament is the reptilian races, into which the “sons of god” (denoted this due to the fact that many of the highest forms of the lunar humanity stayed as part of the mind of planetary logos and is not really form anymore); the angelic races from the moon chain interbred with the earthly humanity. Now this is a turn of information. The usual way of interpreting this story is that the bad reptilians came and begot with the human daughters (here we normally see those as primitive humanoids), but it is not that simple. The narrative in the Old Testament is not “the historic truth”; it is how this time understood some very old myths and connected on some level with the intuitive information within them. When it comes down to our ancestral history we simply cannot take any story from the old days as literally truth or exact information of what happened.
From here on the experimentation continued and the Pleiadian-Andromedian races came to help in the construction of a form that could contain the crossing of angelic and reptilian light DNA. I call it light DNA, because the physical idea of genetic coding is correct, but the light DNA is not the bio-chemical DNA; the four letter sequence, albeit they are connected. The most correct way to interpret the light DNA, in my opinion, is to understand it as the coding bits of the etheric body, when we talk about the deva-human races or the coding imprints of the Kathara grid of the angelic-reptilian races.
The Pleiadian-Andromedian races (the faction that works under the Sirian Council) are the actual breeders of the human form as we know it. The first results were the hominoids, as we know them and they contained light DNA from the angelic-reptilian lineages and the Pleiadian-Andromedian races. This human form is the prototype of what we understand as humans today; a crossbreed between four races.
As the planets in our system in reality is the outer expression of a whole chain, so is the actual DNA sequence, the A, T, G, and C each the outer expression of the lineage this part of the human DNA stems from. Behind the A, on an etheric level, lays all the subatomic coding or consciousness structure of the Pleiadian, cf. the light language of creation. Behind the T lies the consciousness and light language of the Andromedian lineages. Behind the G lies the angelic and the C contains the reptilian light language. Thus the human etheric body consists of stellar-galactic light language as well as lunar-earth chain light language and it is from this crossbred human form, the light grid or etheric body, is constructed, which, btw. connects to the planetary logos and all the other systems involved in the solar system and thus is able to utilize consciousness from all the systems the light language connects to, when activated.
Into this crossbred etheric form the solar races, from this solar system and beyond, integrated themselves and a new lineage arose; the human (i.e. the four-species form) and deva (or the type of consciousness this solar system utilize) lineages, mostly from the Venus system, cf. the planetary Hierarchy, which were the first solar beings to start this experiment of integrating themselves into the four-species human form – others have followed later on because the idea is brilliant. The Venusians brought the light coding of the “soul” or the compassionate string of consciousness. As the first to start up this way of altering consciousness from within, cf. from a specific type of light language or light DNA and into a whole new form, they are the elder or the oldest councils present on Earth of the systemic “walk-ins” and they take good care of their own as well as willingly teach other solar races in how they work. They are the pentagrams in its upright position.
Thus there is a difference between the angelic and deva races; one is lunar in origin and the other is solar, but humans have both lineages; one as the basic structure and the other as the bridge into this present solar system of consciousness. If one wishes to utilize the angelic-reptilian lineages (primarily Earth consciousness) within they are more drawn to this teaching as well as the more deva-human oriented light bodies, etheric structure, are prone to go this way of transforming the body they have integrated themselves into. Thus an earthling is a four-species mix of stellar, planetary and galactic consciousness and a deva-human has in addition to this the consciousness units of this or other solar systems too.
As a little remark: In the dark network the same information is given but with other implications and intentions and all of the races involved, incl. the Venusians, have their dual dark counterpart; some of which is glamour or maya (creations of the human mind) and others are real beings opposing the experiment and working against the anticipated success of it.
The main point of this is; When we are biased and battle the factions as the consciousness is ignited in us, make other factions the bad guys, in truth we are battling our own inner energetic structure. We distort our own light language, by forming the abuse into words of hate and separation. We fragment the connecting dots of the sequences, when we hold beliefsystems of fear and anger in our minds and we disconnect to the deepest levels in us, when we speak the language of my god or my path. It is our path, our gods and our collective goal to prosper and evolve. We are a crossbred race of six lineages (Orion-Earth, Pleiadian-Andromedian, Lunar-Solar); cf. the star of Solomon, the star of wisdom. We are all of this, as are all the other races in the Universe, and when we fight each other, we literally are fragmenting our basic structure, because on a deep level all humans are connected and arise from the same genetic Tree of Life.
When we cut the branches of the tree, we clip our own light DNA into pieces. It is not the bad Annunaki or the bad greys, or the dark brotherhoods, that are the most hurtful and dangerous races to humanity and its evolution; it is humanity itself and the internal split we create within ourselves every day with our biased emotional expressions, our dualistic approach towards everything and our fearbased mental belief systems.
The races that led us astray are not many or use a lot of force; they simply administer the dark projections and negative thought forms we create and so many humans cling to and utilize on a daily basis. We are not prisoners of the aliens, but of our own hate and despair. It is so easy to project our own darkness into alien suppressors, but in reality we are the suppressors; we are the prison keepers and we are the prisoners; the dark forces and brotherhoods have very little control over us, if we cleanse our energy structure, awaken and start to integrate our heritage. No one is able to control us, if we take responsibility and start the path of harmlessness, mindfulness, the path of the boddhisatva or the path of Christ: All in all the solar path of compassionate inclusive mind transforming into higher consciousness, where we understand that we are all of this and so much more.
All of us are reptilian in our basic structure, but we are also stellar, galactic, planetary and cosmic consciousness and if we only activate one of the strands, and let the others wither, we become unbalanced and biased in structure of mind and perception, but the most important thing is that all of the four letters have to connect to the compassion of this system, the solar inclusive consciousness, the deva lineages, and when we do this, the human race will become a torch of this system, and a proof of how the old and the new can be combined into a great wholeness (holiness). We are thus also solar and lunar, deva and angelic, and we are the humans on Earth.
One race, one planet, one expression of the greatest experiment of all.

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Astro Bob – 2/8 – Supernova 2014J in M82: What’s left after the party’s over?

Supernova 2014J in M82: What’s left after the party’s over?


Supernova 2014J in M82, the Cigar Galaxy, appears to have peaked in late Jan.-early Feb. at around magnitude 10.5. It’s now slowly beginning to fade. This photo taken Jan. 31 near peak. Credit: Joseph Brimacombe

Even with the moon filling out and lighting up the sky this week, supernova 2014J remains an easy catch in 4-inch and larger telescopes. One advantage of all the bitter cold weather in the U.S. Midwest has been a succession of clear nights like we haven’t seen in months. Maybe years.

Like many, I’ve had lots of opportunities to get out and see the progress of the star since its discovery on Jan. 21. Last night it still glowed at magnitude 10.9, a slight decline in brightness since peaking early this month at about 10.5.

M82 is also called the Starburst Galaxy. Vigorous new star formation blasts fiery-looking plumes of glowing hydrogen out of its central regions. Click to enlarge. Credit: NASA, ESA, and The Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)

Color photos show the supernova tinted orange, reddened by dust clouds within the galaxy. This reddening is no surprise given how dusty the Cigar Galaxy is. M82 produces far more new stars than the Milky Way, the reason it’s also known as the Starburst Galaxy.

Powerful stellar winds from so many new stars sweeps dust and gas from the core and sends it flying across the galaxy. Later, even more dust is released when older generations of stars evolve, expand (or explode as supernova) and leave behind ice and silicate ash that filters and reddens the light of the supernova.

Curves showing how the supernova in M82 started out faint (left), and peaked at the beginning of this month. Notice how much fainter 2014J is in blue light compared to red. Visual observations are shown in green. Credit: AAVSO

You can see the dramatic effects of reddening in the light curves created by the American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO) based on observations compiled by amateur astronomers. In blue light (lower curve) 2014J peaked at magnitude 11.6, but in red light (top) it was nearly two magnitudes brighter.

Had the supernova erupted in a less dusty part of the galaxy, it’s estimated that it would have peaked closer to magnitude 9, putting it within reach of 50mm binoculars!

Dust is likely behind the difficulty in finding the pre-explosion progenitor star and its companion. Professional astronomers have dug through archival pictures and data from the Chandra X-ray and Hubble Space telescopes as far back as 1999 but nothing’s turned up yet.

The progenitor and evolution of a Type Ia supernova. Credit: NASA, ESA, and A. Field (STScI)

Unlike a Type II supernova explosion of a supergiant star, 2014J involved the cataclysmic destruction of a planet-sized white dwarf star in close orbit around a red giant star. Material siphoned off the companion built up on the dwarf’s surface until it reached critical mass and self-destructed in a supernova explosion. Astronomers call this a Type Ia blast.

Clouds of dust are silhouetted against the young star cluster IC 2944 in the Milky Way galaxy. Similar clusters and dust clouds litter M82. Credit: ESO

White dwarfs and their companions are small and faint compared to a supergiant progenitor, making the search that much more difficult. Based on deep (long-time exposure) archival images taken with the Hubble Space Telescope and the galaxy’s distance of about 12 million light years, a team of astronomers recently proposed that the dwarf’s companion is a subgiant, a star larger, brighter and further evolved than the sun but not yet in the red giant stage. Procyon in the constellation Canis Minor is a good example of a subgiant.

Subgiants can be more or less massive. If more massive, they evolve into helium stars with powerful winds and rapid mass loss, making them worthy competitors in an intergalactic version of TV’s “The Biggest Loser”.

Another view of the supernova in the dusty galaxy M82 taken on Jan. 29 near Trieste, Italy with an 8-inch telescope. Credit: Giorgio Rizzarelli

If less massive, the remnant would develop into a helium white dwarf. Astronomers will be studying the explosion site for a long time looking for clues of what’s been left behind. Like detectives in a murder case, they hope to reconstruct the scene of this catalclysmic crime.

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Ascension Whispers – 2/7 – Is The Earth Heating Up?

Is The Earth Heating Up?



Is The Planet Heating Up?

The flat answer is YES, the planet is heating up and I am told via guidance that it is a “natural” process that has not been able to occur on this planet for over 200,000 years. Of course no one from main stream science would believe anything I might share so everyone will have to decide for their self if it is something you want to sit around and worry about.


There has also been expressed through several types of media concern for what scientists have discovered in that the magnetic field of the planet is weakening.

I really don’t blame science for being concerned about these things because they have no history or memory to go on for what all of this means so they are pretty much in freak out mode and trying not to let the rest of the population know they are in freak out mode because they do not know what to do about it so they are taking the chance on making millions of people sick with chemicals in an effort to save more people from worries of what all of these changes might mean. Only by bringing Source back into their equations will they find some peace of mind because the changes are just getting underway.

Why is the planet heating up?

Within a “healed” planetary system there exists natural cycles of energy accretion which this planet has not seen in over 200,000 years. A natural cycle of accretion is suppose to occur every 24 years and that is how long a life time cycle is “suppose” to be to allow a life form to naturally exit the hologram (not dying the physical body to do so).

A natural cycle of accretion involves accretion of base magnetic energy for the first 12 years of the cycle and then the second 12 years of the cycle is spent via “base electrical” energy raising the accreted base magnetic energy to a higher level of energy.


In a natural 24 year cycle there occurs a “reversal” of the magnetic field of the planet just like recently occurred within the sun. We could think of this as something like a sand hour glass; the sand being the energy being accreted.

In such an analogy, the base magnetic energy flows from the top of the hour glass into the bottom of the hour glass, the top being base magnetic and the bottom being base electrical and when all of the magnetic energy has flowed the hour glass flips over and cycles through the 12 year base electrical cycle. (Oh by the way; this is the process that has brought forth into the hologram the concept of the “Infinity Symbol”).


This occurs within the “core” of the planet via the energy of Source that flows unto the planet via the vertical pillar non-polarized star gates but of course that sounds to absurd to even be considered via any scientists on this planet.

The process of raising energy to higher states of energy involves the energy that composes the matter body “heating up” GRADUALLY to become increasingly a hotter state of energy BUT the “exact same thing” occurs within the life forms on the planet that are able to accomplish such (Eternal Life Forms).

For finite life forms the process can be quite uncomfortable as the increasing higher energy becomes too much for their system and will create illness within the system that eventually allows them to drop the physical body form.

Hype Concerning Weakening Magnetic Field and Higher Cases of Cancer:

There has also been media hype over what could it mean that the Earth’s magnetic field is weakening as that could allow more radiation to reach the ground level of the planet and create more cases of cancer within the people of the planet.

Within a “healed system” such a thing is not a worry because cancer does not exist. blueshinesmile But it does indeed mean higher radiation from the sun could reach the surface of the planet and in fact it means that the planet is in the process of becoming the higher radiation that composes the sun as well as the Eternal Life Expressions on the planet.

But within our distorted planetary system it could be a concern IF there was not already a plan in place for this.

If you have followed the information presented on Ascension Whispers you will be aware of the “White Light Spheres of Source” exercises that was offered in 2012 for anyone who desired to consciously be a part of the process.

The White Light Spheres of Source have been set within the planetary system regardless if anyone knows about them or believes they are there. As you will discover if you read that information, the White Light Spheres of Source create a “buffer field” inside and surrounding all particles that compose the planetary system and the life forms on the planet.

This began the process of healing the Eternal Life Forms of the planet and the planet from the ancient cosmic virus that has created the imbalance within this system. The White Light Spheres of Source create a buffer field of energy that “protects” the eternal particles of the planet and its life forms from the higher types of radiation that will continue to increase within the planetary system as the energy of Source continues to be accreted unto the system.

We might indeed think of this process similar to the way we currently think of getting radiation treatments to kill the cancer virus within the physical body but what medical science is not able to do is protect the living cells held within the cancer cells; Source is able to do that and is doing so as the planet continues to heat up.

When Will the Earth’s Magnetic Field Flip?

Question-MarkI do not have an exact date for this at this time but I know it will do so sometime within the next 30 years and will continue to do so in cycles over the next 90 years. It might be as soon as 10 years but I am not certain of that at this time.


Is There Reason For Concern?

There is only reason for concern if YOU desire to believe there is reason for concern and that is why a personal relationship with Source can be so very helpful when we might not understand what is going on around us within the hologram.

What has main stream science recently proven? It is all a hologram and matter does not exist unless someone is looking. Please see the newest videos on the Ascension Whispers youtube channel to understand who is looking and from where they are looking to create the hologram.

When we can understand that WE are creating the hologram via our THOUGHTS then we can empower ourselves and “choose” what we desire to “think about”. We can choose to think about any dooming thoughts we like and in doing so we will manifest such things to experience or we can choose to at least trust that a higher power is in charge of things and it is all going to work out perfectly and enjoy the changes that shifting into higher consciousness will allow for.

It can be very challenging to control our thoughts if we desire to fill our moments with all of the hype that speak about possible dooming events simply because most of our thoughts are pre-programmed to think as such but becoming “thought aware” requires practice and constant focus as well as choosing what energy (thoughts) we desire to expose ourselves to.

What Will The Experience of Shifting into Higher Consciousness Be Like?


Like you, I too have no memory of this process on a planetary level. I can only relate per my personal experiences but I do believe, trust and know that Source heals in balance so I do not expect any major blow up events simply from the process. If there are major blow up events it will be because of people on the planet freaking out from not understanding what is going on and making “bad choices”.

All experiences can be as challenging or as gentle as we choose to allow them to be and shifting into higher conscious awareness should be filled with Joy and Excitement so we can choose that attitude or we can choose one of fear. Source allows all choices!

After the first in 200,000 years magnetic field flip we will have regained memory of what the experience is like and will know what to expect for the future ones and can teach our children so they do not go into freak out mode as the planet continues to heat up.

Personally I wonder if that means the climate patterns will change places from the northern hemisphere to the southern hemisphere but have yet to discover that with the rest of you. Just think how many things might be buried within the ice caps to rediscover and re-write history.

There will be many who continue to report worry about deluge surrounding the Earth changes that are inevitable but we can choose what we desire to believe so we can allow ourselves to go into freak out mode if we like. There is always a choice!

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