Energy & Consciousness – Cosmic Evolution – 1/4/15

Energy & Consciousness – Cosmic Evolution

Understanding the RP Book, page 5-6

EARTH is an abbreviation of Energy and Ray Technology Holograms and was initiated as a master piece by the Ancient Ones albeit they did not create it all. The original program was a group effort between the indigenous planetary beings (the IPBs) or interplanetary beings, of this OD3 reality field, their accurate name is unknown to me, several planetary and stellar races and the Ancient Ones (p. 26).

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When you are in the 3D (2.5D) matter body, all other dimensions will be understood and sensed as energy within yourself, as a sort of “mind thing” just like memories, which are 4D energy patterns in your aura.

Not virtual atoms, but virtual particles:…

Simon Parkes:

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