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Insight of Astrology and Vastushastra Analysis

Vastu Purush Mandal In Vastu Purush Mandal, two sources of energies or cosmic forces are designated by symbolic nomenclature which refers to the positive or negative confluence of these forces leading to positive, conformable and lively results, or negative, retrograde and destructive results as symbolised by the names of deities ruling various directions in Vastu Purush Mandal. In ancient texts, the positive confluence is termed as (Hindi word) (Priti Sangam) indicating dynamic additive flow of both the forces in the direction of propogation, while the negative confluence is termed as ( Hindi word) (Visha Sanchar) meaning thereby that the forces are turbulent and flow in opposite directions to each other trying to annihilate the other force. The two sources of force and energy field are
(1) solar energy termed as (Pranic) energy or the cosmic energy, and

(2) electromagnetic flux termed as (Jaivic) energy or the organic energy.
Pranic or the solar force field can be represented as an everchanging dynamic vector referenced to solar position and moves through 360 degrees in relation to the earth’s position. On the other hand, Jaivic or organic force field is unidirectional with vectors directed from North to South poles. Friendship, reinforcement or union of these forces is ideal ‘heavenly’ condition. Oneness of Pran and Jeev is termed as life. Any inimical or contradictory association of these forces results in pain, hardship and sorrow. Jeev devoid of Pran is termed as death.


SBB coil

Coil is placed inside the orgonite so it can  direct the flow of energy in desired direction. This is very useful for pendants and recharging plates.  The coil also considerably increase the power and range of orgonite device.

SBB coil orgone cosmic energy

Source : http://www.whale.to/b/sbbcoil.html

[back] Saint Buster Button (SBB) coil
How to make an SBB coil by Ryan McGinty
http://www.ryanmcginty.com/orgone/sbbtutorial.htmWhat you will need, copper wire, and needle nose pliers. An SBB coil helps direct the flow of energy. Length of wire and size is up to you, no set standard.We start by dividing the wire in half like so.

Next we wrap the wire around the tip of the pliers 180 degrees each end.

We fold the wrap over so its flat now. Notice you can already see the SBB taking shape.

Gentley bend the ends over a little at a time. Set a width between the wire that you feel is right.

I use my fingers to bend over a small section then do it to the other side.

Keep working around slowly keeping it nice and even.

It’s almost complete.

Here is the finished SBB coil. Make sure you keep your bends as clean as possible. Kinks effect the flow of energy. A sloppy coil effects the performance of OR devices. If it’s to messy and its for a pendant you could harm yourself. Take your time and don’t rush it. Have fun increasing the flow of energy.


On the “Need” for Shavings and Crystals in Resin

SOURCE: http://loohan.com/otb41.htm


Miscellaneous points I’d like to drive home:

  • Programmed resin makes the best orgone. Other ingredients may be useful for some applications. Programmed stones and metal may have good energy, but to me they tend to feel a bit flat by themselves. Programmed resin, on the other hand, has that pleasant amplitude of orgone that sets resin-based devices in a class of their own.
  • In the absence of programming (which must be done as the resin cures) resin by itself is worthless for generating orgone.
    If you don’t want to use The Committee, there are other ways you can imbue your resin with positive energy and intents while it cures.
  • Programming is the single most important ingredient in resin-based devices. You can still make unprogrammed orgonite the Croft way, and it will work somewhat, but be wimpy in today’s world. Or you can make it with the programming, and it will be a lot better. Or you can just omit the shavings, etc. and end up with something equally good or better.
  • I am not trying to foist off watered-down tech on others. I make lots of simple, plain resin TBs and use them extensively still. I have loads of crystals and shavings laying around in boxes. If it improved the TBs, I would certainly be putting these things in them.
  • I sometimes still do use a lot of shavings, rocks, and other ingredients, but almost never in tossable devices. Such ingredients, judiciously used as guided, enable one to make far more complex and sophisticated devices, if one has the creative intuition and/or works with The Committee.
  • The programs I give away for free are awesome. I especially recommend the Nov2012A pgm right now. Also there are many other excellent programs listed here and here. Please read the first few paragraphs of OTB 37 before commencing.
    I strive to offer the most potent and effective tech, and to make it easy for others to duplicate, at least in simple things like TBs.

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