Awaken within this lifetime

Awaken within this lifetime
What does it mean to be awaken?
Awaken within this lifetime
To Awaken is to experience true freedom
Awaken within this lifetime
To awaken is to identify oneself as the source
from its all things coming to be
In Oneness. And in the knowning of the interconnected nature of life and all
Move from the world of duality and separation.
Into the world of consciousness and creation. In the name of love
How do I make this move?
The answer is this.
You have no move to make.
For you have never moved. Other than in the direction of your awareness.
Towards your thoughts, beliefs and experiences.
It is the this give you the sense of individuality, for know to human being
identical their expression.
The expression of individuality is imperative for life as a physical being.
However, parallel to this sense of individuality has come a
conditioning which teaches you that this is who you are.
As opposed to being an expression of what you are.
This is the illusion.
Awaken to this.
Awaken to the fact that what you are is pure consciousness.
Experiencing itself subjectively from a single point.
The body
As you begin to shift the whole your awareness in this place of pure
So shall your awareness expand.
The truth is there is nothing that exists apart from this awareness.
And in the realm of cocreation, reality is formed based upon the consciousness
all its creators.
The planet Earth is the realm of cocreation.
The thoughts and the vibrational frequency of human beings creates
the collective reality you experience.
State of life up on your mother earth is direct reflection of human
consciousness. Collectively.
This moment the vast majority of human beings is living separation.
They believe in they are mortal bodies and
at the purpose of the existence it’s survive in a world full of other mortal
We always attempt and insure that survival of above all those.
This belief let to be lead to the immense manipulation
of human beings, corrupt government, lies, wars, poverty and famine,
name of few manifestation which affects the level of consciousness up on your
The experience of scarcity on lack up on planet which is abundant
after provide for all inhabitants and heats, indicates there is
great deed for change.
How this change comes about?
As more individuals resonate within the vibration of love and
in the expression of oneness,
It will become apparent in the way
you experience being human and life itself.
The purpose of this message is to direct your awareness
to that place of pure consciousness.
Breathe, deep breathe.
Take a moment to forget your name, your age, your eye, your judgement
You existed without these before you began to identity with your experience.
Breathe, fill yourself with no attachment to identity.
because in this place we are all one.
Awaken within this lifetime.
For the benefit of all the sentient beings
By olinstarwalker