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Friday, April 26, 2013

Apr 26th: Control your bio-field 3

Source  :  The Gaian Community
The color purple (the frequency range that purple represent) has a strong hold on memories of past and future lives and it needs to be administered in the section of the middle layers of the brain.
These layers are of most importance when the talk comes to freeing the mind of its own boundaries. The middle layers are hidden behind the actual midbrain, cf. this section of the anatomic understanding of the brain, and are termed the ego-noetic fields or layers.
The ego-noetic fields are not a part of the bio-field, but placed in between the physical and the emotional realties. These layers are a sort of mechanic construction made of a material yet to be found in the human anatomy. The ego-noetic layers hold an energy pattern like a spiral going either downward or upwards. The downward spiral leads to the past (lower frequency memories) and the upward leads to the future (higher frequency memories).
Most memories are false energy imprints made to create certain vibrational patterns in the bio-field stemming from the ego-noetic layers. It is a sort of controlling mechanism of the frequencies of the bio-field and hence the body.
The ego-noetic field is neither the traditional etheric layer nor the morphogenetic fields. The ego-noetic layers are an artificial construction made out of manasic energy and yet it is entirely mechanical, cf. holding no living light what so ever. It functions like a clock and this layer determines the life span of the body.
When memories are released according to the BPR in the bio-field, the ego-noetic field empties itself and when a certain level is reached of either overload of memories or lack of them, the bio-field shuts down the automatic processing of energetic information.
Hence this layer needs to be administered and closed down from its automatic countdown and the color purple (the frequency the color represents) is the key to this work. When we imagine a color we are working on that specific frequency. Any thought, emotion or image represent a complex of frequencies and so does colors.
Combine the magenta triangle of the hindbrain, base center and heart with the color purple and direct this “crossbowed” magenta energy field with the purple frequency and aim it like an arrow to the imaginary dot behind the midbrain. Visualize resetting the ego-noetic spirals of memories while commanding to erase all memories of the past, the present and the future. None of them are yours anyway!
After this exercise relax and start the rebuilding of a self-perception without the memories of before and hereafter, centering your mind and bio-field in the now.
My comment:
Ego-noetic (sense of self or understanding of self) is imbedded into every single cell, creating what we see as cellular memory. Each cell holds the overall sense of self (or self-perception created by the narratives we have of ourselves according to memories and inner stories of who and what we are) and those stories stems from this field of inserted information holding conscious or subconscious knowledge of memories of this life, previous or future lives.
Any “I am this” or “they are that” narratives (defining ourselves and others) are a projection of the ego-noetic field to constrain the cells into specific energetic patterns, emanating certain vibrations, attracting certain events and people as well as inner entities etc.

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The Gaian Community – April 25

Apr 25th: Control your bio-field 2

The magenta color (in its purple-red version) is the color to use to unlock the first level of the base center. It unveils the hidden source of the old Martian “bloodline” energy cf. creating a slight change within the plasma created by the red blood cells.
This microscopic change is an alteration of the geometric information put into the plasma to prevent it from expelling the iron suppression (iron is originally not a natural part of our light bodies). The geometric suppressor is the marker of frequency which connects the blood and the heart to the frequencies producing what science sees as the iron in the blood and the crust etc. of Earth (the hologram). This has to be altered into a slightly different version of iron, cf. more copper based crystalline structure, to release the bio-field of the iron constraint.
The red blood cells will not start to function on copper to transport the oxygen in the blood, but it will act energetically as copper. The change will be in the geometric pattern of the grand triangle of 1-4-7 D of your bio-field and will start the process of the healing program in the Martian coding of the 4th chakra. Unless the original triangle of the basic energetic triangle in humanity is awoken, cf. the 4th center and its connections to the pons, medulla and the spine cf. the 7D and 1D chakras, you are not able to generate the correct plasma type of fluid being able to hold the corrected consciousness imprints of the restored geometric patterns within the bio-field.
This plasma type of EM energy is a slightly different version of the present EM type of energy running within the nervous system which has to be altered to reactivate the Purkinje fibers of the heart into holding the living light as it takes form in the artificial inserted DNA imprints we put there eons ago – in your perception of time – from which the Purkinje neurons of the cerebellum will be activated, changing this center into generating a higher form of EM (the activation of the grand triangle of the 3-6-9D chakras). This will in turn change the receptive-response system of the PNS altering the pituitary gland and in the end activate the original function of the pineal gland and the caudate nucleus. From here the true thymus center (activating the grand triangle of the 2-5-8D chakras) will awaken as it is suppose to work and access to the correct consciousness of the original “soul” is possible.
This will create a need for different types of food. You have to find the types of food holding as pure levels of living light as possible and at the same time alter the vibration of it before eating. You can very well “bless the food” with your vibration before eating it. Use your healing hands.

(The triangles of the Taraian energy system relate to the individual level of our bio-field, but we have to alter the planetarian or cosmic levels as well; cf. the grand triangles which are entering our field of perception after the activation of consciousness in 4D and 5D of our system)

Just look at the harmonic structure of copper versus the disharmonic iron:
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Grid Reports – April 25

The last post here

I have finally reached a point in my search where I think I have most of the whole picture. I will not bring the things I have discovered, due to the way the human mind works it will not help anybody at all.
It has taken me five years to cope with reality (and 25 years to figure it out) and bring forth what I have found in a blog to be read by anybody on all levels of development will do no good to anybody (and perhaps I am deceived by my mind as well). There is a reason why the deepest secrets are kept as deepest secrets. I think most of what is needed to be seen and understood is here in this blog (and all over the Internet) and all you have to do is to read from the beginning and connect the dots – and then you have to work with your own fears and projection of fears. Whatever you read try not to create more dark gestalts and thought forms; there are enough of this already and we do not need more dark entities in 4D. Thus I cannot reveal the story I have found, because most of you will start to spin into emotional imagination and create thought forms which will only make things worse.
Find your positive ways of coping, but on the other hand, please do not create more 4D images of angles, guides, fairies etc to “help you” or “take care of you”. Those are as well tools for the powers that be and every single form we create in our mind to soothe us (“light beings”) or to contain our fears (“dark beings”), we are using the projection mechanism to cope with the outer reality and what we are being energetically affected by.

When we do this we place our emotional energies into gestalts in our bio-field, seeing them as real beings, but they are nothing more than projections of our dreams, hopes and longings, or our subconscious fears; the right side of the brain continuously creates images to the energy it encounters and the left hemisphere is interpreting it. We are creational machines and we use our living light all the time – creating by our thought and emotions – until the day we die, because we have used the living light in the bio-field and wear out like an old motor and the bio-field stops to function.

All energies entering our bio-field from sources outside ourselves and from within activate our bio-field – make it vibrate with the fragmented electromagnetic forces we are made of – to create energetic patterns in all energetic layers and in each dimension this will be used by the powers that be to work in the hologram on the macroscopic and inner levels. Even scientifically thinking is a sort of creation of abstract gestalts and thought forms in which the powers that be can operate within the hologram on the microscopic levels and the levels which make the hologram work and unfold into “reality”.

Our human mind is under so much control and manipulation (mostly by our own doing btw.) that the only way to master this is to work and acknowledge things as they really are (and to do this you have to have a very clear and developed mind holding some amount of active living light to really see) – and due to the strong hold on the human mind this is almost impossible.
I will leave this up to you; it all depends on the inner will and need for the truth and if you really want it, you will get it all on your own. If you do not want it, you will only find what is comforting and suits your pursuit of half truths. Only you can awaken your true mind. The human psyche continuously creates inner narratives to soothe the mind, the emotions and divert the living light within onto false premises of reality. Only the really strong minded will get through this maze and understand the truth of the hologram we are imbedded into.

From here on I will focus on the ideas I collect from inserted messages put into the maze a long time ago (more correctly from the future echoing back into this point of time). It appears to come from living beings, but in reality it is as alive as “the messages from princess Lea”. They are holographic imprints put there to help us get out of the maze for those of us who are ending the game and ready to do whatever it takes to heal the old infection and what started the whole shebang in Atlantis. Willpower, strong mind, true will to understand and to cope with what is seen has always been the basic tools of the freedom fighters.

The Atlantean event is not in the past so to speak, but actually in the future, because of the higher dimensional levels where this took place. Therefore we are kept in a loop (symbolized in the wheel of rebirth) where we continuously try to reach the level we had in the Atlantean form, but due to the inserted holograms controlling our minds we keep producing low frequency gestalts and energies in our bio-fields preventing us from connecting to the healing mechanisms in 4D of the Martian coding connected to our heart chakra.

Each and every day is a sum of different timelines and whatever we think and feel today, is directing us into new timelines in the loop on minimum five levels. Remember creation takes place in at least 5 dimensions of our bio-field making us more and more entangled into our own deceptions and wishful thinking.

In fact no one has to do a lot of bad things “to us” – we are running the program ourselves – the intruders only needed to do very little, such as put some frequency fences on the 4D level to keep us in the loop, but the rest is more or less our own making. We are the ones keeping the limitation alive and the hologram up and running – not the intruders. Our mind is extremely powerful and this is what we need to reverse and learn to control; if we do this, we can break the bond of limitation and break the restraining energies at once.

The intruders only took advantage of a general mindset which developed during the Atlantean period and added different mechanisms to it; we had digressed all on our own from 12D and into the 4D level of the first earth (Mars), so when we get out we still have to take the long road of healing the old Atlantean wounds of humanity.

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Asha insta ignatio ala ishta

Asha insta ignatio ala ishta

Asha insta ignatio ala ishta

Asha insta ignatio ala ishta

Asha insta ignatio ala ishta

Asha insta ignatio ala ishta

Asha insta ignatio ala ishta

Asha insta ignatio ala ishta

Asha insta ignatio ala ishta

Asha insta ignatio ala ishta

Asha insta ignatio ala ishta

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Gaia Portal – April 24

Healing Energy Streams Flow from Portal to Portal…


Gaia Portal

24 Apr


Healing energy streams flow from portal to portal as Gaia balances with Hue-manity and humanity (smaller h) energies.

Light Workers called to portal adjustments are encouraged to follow healing energy flow within, as this aligns with the Gaia Healing energy streams, and will lead each to their Gaia healing portal center.

As Hue-manity aligns, and more and more of humanity (smaller h) begins to align, with these healing energy streams, and accepts those processes within themselves, Gaia rests in the resulting peace, and needs not the “catastrophic” adjustments previously thought necessary.

Those promoting the “doom and/or gloom catastrophe” scenarios will find difficulty in expressing those ideas, as their time is over. The current energetic state of Gaia does not support, in any way, that type of energy intent.

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Gaia Portal – April 23

Energetic Clarity is Drawn Forth…

Gaia Portal

23 Apr


Energetic clarity is drawn forth from individuals at this moment. Purification of individual vibrations ensures that full harmonization of humanity with Gaia is accomplished.

Central to Gaia ascending frequency process is coordination of Hue-manity Beings at multiple planet 3D locations, for worldwide Higher D frequency attunement. Essential is utilization of Higher Aural capabilities present in all Hue-Beings.

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Whispering Universe (Connecting With The Creators 24th April) – April 23

Connecting with the Creators Wed 24th April

by (Karen Doonan)
We invite you to connect in with the meditations that will take place on Wednesday 24th April in Edinburgh on the Rosslyn Ley line.

We will be connecting into and working with the diamond ray of energy at the following times

10.30am  GMT

2.30pm  GMT

We invite you to connect in with us at this time and place a Golden Heart within your heart space and hold the intention to place a golden heart within the ROSE LINE ley line. Holding the intention that your heart is filling with the LOVE that IS and pouring from your heart into the ley line and back out of the ley line into and through your heart out into the world.

Please allow ANY emotions that arise for you to release during this time. We will be working with the ROSE LINE to clear the lower dimension karmic timelines of war, suffering, grief and trauma. This will help to release the lower density energies and allow the dreamtime timelines to open.

The human race now prepare to walk in LOVE , PEACE, HARMONY and UNITY with ALL. The role of suffering and loss is now NEGATED, no longer do we need the SOUL lessons that involve these lower dimensional energies.

After this meditation which will last approx 1 hour in linear time please drink as much pure clear water as you can and allow the human vehicle to process the releasing of these energies.

If you have CRYSTAL SKULLS please hold the intention or ask that crystal skull to connect into the ROSE LINE (the crystal skulls are aware of this need and will automatically connect for you, however holding intention within your human vehicle allows you to be more consciously aware of the process).

We ask that you work with ROSE QUARTZ ONLY in these meditations and please do not use clear quartz, we are trying to dissolve the trauma and amplify the LOVE THAT IS.

If you experience any visions during these meditations, please feel free to share with us at



Copyright Karen Doonan, all rights reserved

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