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Friday, April 26, 2013

Apr 26th: Control your bio-field 3

Source  :  The Gaian Community
The color purple (the frequency range that purple represent) has a strong hold on memories of past and future lives and it needs to be administered in the section of the middle layers of the brain.
These layers are of most importance when the talk comes to freeing the mind of its own boundaries. The middle layers are hidden behind the actual midbrain, cf. this section of the anatomic understanding of the brain, and are termed the ego-noetic fields or layers.
The ego-noetic fields are not a part of the bio-field, but placed in between the physical and the emotional realties. These layers are a sort of mechanic construction made of a material yet to be found in the human anatomy. The ego-noetic layers hold an energy pattern like a spiral going either downward or upwards. The downward spiral leads to the past (lower frequency memories) and the upward leads to the future (higher frequency memories).
Most memories are false energy imprints made to create certain vibrational patterns in the bio-field stemming from the ego-noetic layers. It is a sort of controlling mechanism of the frequencies of the bio-field and hence the body.
The ego-noetic field is neither the traditional etheric layer nor the morphogenetic fields. The ego-noetic layers are an artificial construction made out of manasic energy and yet it is entirely mechanical, cf. holding no living light what so ever. It functions like a clock and this layer determines the life span of the body.
When memories are released according to the BPR in the bio-field, the ego-noetic field empties itself and when a certain level is reached of either overload of memories or lack of them, the bio-field shuts down the automatic processing of energetic information.
Hence this layer needs to be administered and closed down from its automatic countdown and the color purple (the frequency the color represents) is the key to this work. When we imagine a color we are working on that specific frequency. Any thought, emotion or image represent a complex of frequencies and so does colors.
Combine the magenta triangle of the hindbrain, base center and heart with the color purple and direct this “crossbowed” magenta energy field with the purple frequency and aim it like an arrow to the imaginary dot behind the midbrain. Visualize resetting the ego-noetic spirals of memories while commanding to erase all memories of the past, the present and the future. None of them are yours anyway!
After this exercise relax and start the rebuilding of a self-perception without the memories of before and hereafter, centering your mind and bio-field in the now.
My comment:
Ego-noetic (sense of self or understanding of self) is imbedded into every single cell, creating what we see as cellular memory. Each cell holds the overall sense of self (or self-perception created by the narratives we have of ourselves according to memories and inner stories of who and what we are) and those stories stems from this field of inserted information holding conscious or subconscious knowledge of memories of this life, previous or future lives.
Any “I am this” or “they are that” narratives (defining ourselves and others) are a projection of the ego-noetic field to constrain the cells into specific energetic patterns, emanating certain vibrations, attracting certain events and people as well as inner entities etc.

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The Gaian Community – April 25

Apr 25th: Control your bio-field 2

The magenta color (in its purple-red version) is the color to use to unlock the first level of the base center. It unveils the hidden source of the old Martian “bloodline” energy cf. creating a slight change within the plasma created by the red blood cells.
This microscopic change is an alteration of the geometric information put into the plasma to prevent it from expelling the iron suppression (iron is originally not a natural part of our light bodies). The geometric suppressor is the marker of frequency which connects the blood and the heart to the frequencies producing what science sees as the iron in the blood and the crust etc. of Earth (the hologram). This has to be altered into a slightly different version of iron, cf. more copper based crystalline structure, to release the bio-field of the iron constraint.
The red blood cells will not start to function on copper to transport the oxygen in the blood, but it will act energetically as copper. The change will be in the geometric pattern of the grand triangle of 1-4-7 D of your bio-field and will start the process of the healing program in the Martian coding of the 4th chakra. Unless the original triangle of the basic energetic triangle in humanity is awoken, cf. the 4th center and its connections to the pons, medulla and the spine cf. the 7D and 1D chakras, you are not able to generate the correct plasma type of fluid being able to hold the corrected consciousness imprints of the restored geometric patterns within the bio-field.
This plasma type of EM energy is a slightly different version of the present EM type of energy running within the nervous system which has to be altered to reactivate the Purkinje fibers of the heart into holding the living light as it takes form in the artificial inserted DNA imprints we put there eons ago – in your perception of time – from which the Purkinje neurons of the cerebellum will be activated, changing this center into generating a higher form of EM (the activation of the grand triangle of the 3-6-9D chakras). This will in turn change the receptive-response system of the PNS altering the pituitary gland and in the end activate the original function of the pineal gland and the caudate nucleus. From here the true thymus center (activating the grand triangle of the 2-5-8D chakras) will awaken as it is suppose to work and access to the correct consciousness of the original “soul” is possible.
This will create a need for different types of food. You have to find the types of food holding as pure levels of living light as possible and at the same time alter the vibration of it before eating. You can very well “bless the food” with your vibration before eating it. Use your healing hands.

(The triangles of the Taraian energy system relate to the individual level of our bio-field, but we have to alter the planetarian or cosmic levels as well; cf. the grand triangles which are entering our field of perception after the activation of consciousness in 4D and 5D of our system)

Just look at the harmonic structure of copper versus the disharmonic iron:
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Grid Reports – April 25

The last post here

I have finally reached a point in my search where I think I have most of the whole picture. I will not bring the things I have discovered, due to the way the human mind works it will not help anybody at all.
It has taken me five years to cope with reality (and 25 years to figure it out) and bring forth what I have found in a blog to be read by anybody on all levels of development will do no good to anybody (and perhaps I am deceived by my mind as well). There is a reason why the deepest secrets are kept as deepest secrets. I think most of what is needed to be seen and understood is here in this blog (and all over the Internet) and all you have to do is to read from the beginning and connect the dots – and then you have to work with your own fears and projection of fears. Whatever you read try not to create more dark gestalts and thought forms; there are enough of this already and we do not need more dark entities in 4D. Thus I cannot reveal the story I have found, because most of you will start to spin into emotional imagination and create thought forms which will only make things worse.
Find your positive ways of coping, but on the other hand, please do not create more 4D images of angles, guides, fairies etc to “help you” or “take care of you”. Those are as well tools for the powers that be and every single form we create in our mind to soothe us (“light beings”) or to contain our fears (“dark beings”), we are using the projection mechanism to cope with the outer reality and what we are being energetically affected by.

When we do this we place our emotional energies into gestalts in our bio-field, seeing them as real beings, but they are nothing more than projections of our dreams, hopes and longings, or our subconscious fears; the right side of the brain continuously creates images to the energy it encounters and the left hemisphere is interpreting it. We are creational machines and we use our living light all the time – creating by our thought and emotions – until the day we die, because we have used the living light in the bio-field and wear out like an old motor and the bio-field stops to function.

All energies entering our bio-field from sources outside ourselves and from within activate our bio-field – make it vibrate with the fragmented electromagnetic forces we are made of – to create energetic patterns in all energetic layers and in each dimension this will be used by the powers that be to work in the hologram on the macroscopic and inner levels. Even scientifically thinking is a sort of creation of abstract gestalts and thought forms in which the powers that be can operate within the hologram on the microscopic levels and the levels which make the hologram work and unfold into “reality”.

Our human mind is under so much control and manipulation (mostly by our own doing btw.) that the only way to master this is to work and acknowledge things as they really are (and to do this you have to have a very clear and developed mind holding some amount of active living light to really see) – and due to the strong hold on the human mind this is almost impossible.
I will leave this up to you; it all depends on the inner will and need for the truth and if you really want it, you will get it all on your own. If you do not want it, you will only find what is comforting and suits your pursuit of half truths. Only you can awaken your true mind. The human psyche continuously creates inner narratives to soothe the mind, the emotions and divert the living light within onto false premises of reality. Only the really strong minded will get through this maze and understand the truth of the hologram we are imbedded into.

From here on I will focus on the ideas I collect from inserted messages put into the maze a long time ago (more correctly from the future echoing back into this point of time). It appears to come from living beings, but in reality it is as alive as “the messages from princess Lea”. They are holographic imprints put there to help us get out of the maze for those of us who are ending the game and ready to do whatever it takes to heal the old infection and what started the whole shebang in Atlantis. Willpower, strong mind, true will to understand and to cope with what is seen has always been the basic tools of the freedom fighters.

The Atlantean event is not in the past so to speak, but actually in the future, because of the higher dimensional levels where this took place. Therefore we are kept in a loop (symbolized in the wheel of rebirth) where we continuously try to reach the level we had in the Atlantean form, but due to the inserted holograms controlling our minds we keep producing low frequency gestalts and energies in our bio-fields preventing us from connecting to the healing mechanisms in 4D of the Martian coding connected to our heart chakra.

Each and every day is a sum of different timelines and whatever we think and feel today, is directing us into new timelines in the loop on minimum five levels. Remember creation takes place in at least 5 dimensions of our bio-field making us more and more entangled into our own deceptions and wishful thinking.

In fact no one has to do a lot of bad things “to us” – we are running the program ourselves – the intruders only needed to do very little, such as put some frequency fences on the 4D level to keep us in the loop, but the rest is more or less our own making. We are the ones keeping the limitation alive and the hologram up and running – not the intruders. Our mind is extremely powerful and this is what we need to reverse and learn to control; if we do this, we can break the bond of limitation and break the restraining energies at once.

The intruders only took advantage of a general mindset which developed during the Atlantean period and added different mechanisms to it; we had digressed all on our own from 12D and into the 4D level of the first earth (Mars), so when we get out we still have to take the long road of healing the old Atlantean wounds of humanity.

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Asha insta ignatio ala ishta

Asha insta ignatio ala ishta

Asha insta ignatio ala ishta

Asha insta ignatio ala ishta

Asha insta ignatio ala ishta

Asha insta ignatio ala ishta

Asha insta ignatio ala ishta

Asha insta ignatio ala ishta

Asha insta ignatio ala ishta

Asha insta ignatio ala ishta

Asha insta ignatio ala ishta

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The Gaian Community – April 18

 Thursday, April 18, 2013

On soulfragments, anatta and devas

The hologram of Earth is a seriously degenerated version of the original geometric worlds we created from the true worlds by projecting our trilateral core template consciousness (CTC) into geometric patterns, creating the manasic energy fields. Today the hologram of Earth is only kept vital by the many encapsulated souls (CTE) from other parts of the Universal hologram, or from Tara, integrated into the approx. 7 billion constructed and artificial bio-fields, albeit holding the original template of earth humanity.
The original human template has been manipulated into only processing reversed energy and on a very little frequency scale, until the living CTE in the template wear out and the “body dies”, letting the neutron-creational patterns in 1D, along with 2D proton-emotional energy (electromagnetism expressed as chemical processes in the body, primarily the PNS and hormone-endocrine systems) and 3D electron-mental energy (electromagnetism expressed as firing neurons, the membrane of the cells, the CNS and other currents) behind to be recycled into another artificial structure creating a control system or ego. Thus the emotions and thoughts you hold, have very little to do with who you really are. As the Buddha noticed, if you clear out the 2D and 3D fields in you, there will be nothing to recycle in the hologram and the plus side is that the CTE in you can start the integration process into the bio-field creating a true holographic human being.
If you at all hold some original memories of the true worlds, it lies within your CTE and not the bio-field, despite memories of earlier lives. Most previous lives are actually simultaneous lives lived within another portion of the hologram holding the same CTE as you (or your own CTE) creating a bleed through if the chakras are vitalized into opening up to higher dimensions or creating timeline bridges within the 3D reality fields of Earth.
Other experiences stems from the recycled 1D, 2D and 3D energies within you and is as such not a part of your true being, but just where your emotional and mental fields have been before they were put into the bio-field you are integrated at the present. The creational science of this is far more complex and this is only a portion of it.
What I need to understand while writing this, is that the Quarantine and the cataclysmic event, on our timeline happening 12.500 years ago, actually on another timeline is happening now, so if I can create a bleed through in my mind by using either connection to another stellar beings from the hologram (telepathic connection) or activate the memory I actually have of the event, I can travel “back in time”, i.e. enter the other timeline, and get the information I need from here. In other words I have to expand the memory imprint to hold more energy in order to stretch it out into more of the timeline and not just the activated small part I am able to access now. So I need to find a way to expand my level of energy in this area of my bio-field.
CTE is the living consciousness removed from its original template of CTC in the true worlds. The CTE is what we projected into the hologram creating the manasic geometry to make it “alive” and the CTE is always connected to its owner or original source; the true being. The intruders found a way to separate CTE from the CTC and integrate it into their limited and in many humans artificial version of the original human grid structure. By inserting the “wrong” CTE into a bio-field holding another geometric manasic structure (DNA imprints) the true structure is not ignited by the inserted CTE and the DNA of higher dimensions lies dormant.
Therefore in the transformational process of awakening and healing, we have to alter the “wrong” DNA into our own, or we have to transform original consciousness imprints from other higher beings in different dimensions of our bio-field, which are not who we really are, hence much of the confusion of where we stem from. On one level we are from one place and on another we hold memories from a whole other being, which we cannot recognize as us. Naturally some of the memories are from our own various integration processes (direct projection from the true worlds) into the hologram in other dimensional realities, but the memories can as well be from a foreign being, infused into our bio-field to make it malfunction. Much of the multidimensional consciousness stems from other CTCs than our own. Whenever I am in contact with my own memories and my own imprints I always – despite the various versions of me – see the scenery through the notion and feeling of being me; like in dreams where we can hold different bodies, but our mind and perception is always our own, no matter whether we are male, female or anything else in the dream. The same applies for our own higher dimensional memories.
What you need to understand of this, is not to get too identified with either your body or your memories, or what you think is your core being, as the Buddhist saying goes: attachment to self (on all levels and in all khandhas) is always a path of pain and the understanding of Anatta is very important.
What is also important to remember is that most so-called animal spirits and the many “devas” stem from the fragmented CTCs of Tara when it was spread into this part of the hologram. Much of what is perceived as the 2D elemental beings are in fact digressed original Taraian soul fragments, if you remember the story of how those came to be captured into the 2D levels of Earth. Or they stem from the artificially integrated CTE into the holographic representations of animals, humans, plants etc.
The living consciousness in stones and crystals are as well our brothers and sisters from Tara and I must stress that when you work with animals, plants and stones you have to ask whether they want to be set free, become a part of your human bio-field (to be taken with you out when you leave) or whether they are content with their present state of being. They are not stones, plants or animals, but part of true solar beings fragmented into this form.

Please notice that mainstream Buddhism by the Mahayana Schools are created by NagaJurna (serpent teachings).

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True Earth Associations – April 13

Integrating living CTC into the bio-field.

Source : The Gaian Community

Saturday, April 13, 2013

The two paths I know of

There are three major evolutionary paths holographic humans can take – in the future there will be more – but for now:
One is the 10D stellar path of unconditional love, or the Kryst/Christ path, another concerns the 11D lunar path of unconditional compassion, or Buddhic path of combining and balancing the learned on the 10D path with a deeper understanding of creational science and the last path, the 12D solar path, concerns how true creational power is learned and how it is used within the hologram. All holographic humans have to hold this trilateral consciousness, achieved in this or in another universe, altering the holographic tree of life geometric structure into a living field of transformed geometric manasic imprints holding living sound and living light.
What to expect from inner guides and helpers on the 10D
The majority of humanity is only told where to go and is not involved in the less pretty stuff, i.e. the guides are only showing the directions in broad strokes leaving the seeker to fill out the blanks by using individual free will and creativity. The guides are avoiding to show the hardship of the holographic world as in leading children past a car accident and only telling them on “what is needed to know basis”, because as children you have to learn to crawl, before you can walk. The purpose of this teaching is to let the seekers find their own way, take their time and learn to discern what is important and what is not on the path concerning the best way to integrate the living light. Therefore this path is the longest and the hardest.
The goal of 10D path
On the 10D path it is all about how to learn individual unconditional love as the first step to higher evolutions and possible ascension. On this level you are mostly holographic blueprint, or manasic geometry and you need to add the living light from your CTC to become a living conscious being. All you see on the Internet is related to this goal, albeit new versions of the original teachings will surface in the years to come concerning how to handle the inserted fear, false beliefsystems and alter it all into accept, trust and confidence in the living light arising from within, giving the true empowerment of self.
Unconditional love not just about being all nice and sensitive, i.e. projecting upon others and the surroundings: “all is ok or I love ye all, or turn the other cheek, all you need is love, love one another (because human love is very self-absorbed and service to self in its energy) etc.”
Most people, on Earth, having this worldview are in a process of learning how to face and transform their inner fears, self-hatred, and other energetic conception towards self or others.
True love, in all systems, is how to administer the living consciousness within and letting it grow inside of you, leading you to new insights and knowledge unfolding from your true core. When you truly love yourself, as in holding the living light in you geometric bio-field, mainly in the heartsystem, you become a beacon of living light and unconditional love and all human emotions, needs, fears and ideas become less important and will slowly fade away.
Are you still on the 10D path?
If you are feeling the true love from within, knowing in your heart that you are loved from within because you feel the daily presence of your inner group, having poked the hole into the true realities and holding double awareness of both worlds by being centered in the inner whilst living in the outer, knowing how to use the healing energy inside you and you hold no feelings of pain, hurt and loneliness, you are on the finishing steps of the 10D path, getting ready to the 11D path.
What to expect from inner guides and helpers on the 11D
When learned to hold the living light as an individual and trust the source of all power and true consciousness to stem from the individual CTC, the seeker is let in on every gruesome detail, in order to make the seeker realize the necessity of the inner work and the personal contribution to wholeness, if anything has to be altered. From this knowledge discernment arises, full understanding of paths, access to the correct Councils etc. are granted and the tough responsibility for one’s own actions and how they affect the entire reality field becomes a part of the inner growth. Full integrating of DNA or CUs and full access to memories are a part of this.
The goal of 11D path
On this path it is to learn collective unconditional compassion as the next step towards higher consciousness in 12D as a human form. This learning process can be taken here or in other systems and most teachers of students on the 10D paths, from within, are students of the 11D path from other levels of the hologram helping the seekers through the tough path of 10D. In this process of helping others by knowing the laws of creational science, holding the power to alter any 10D path seekers life, the 11D teacher becomes clever and more aware of the effects the energetic work have on wholeness, the individual and what process is the best way to learn what needs to be learned on the 10D. On the former path it was all about the living light and the world related to the individual, and on this one it is all about everything else. The main energy field to learn to administer is living sound, which has to be integrated into the now combined geometry and living light structure of living consciousness, imbedded into the holographic worlds of stellar humanities and universes.
The 12D path is somewhat still blurry to me, so I will not mention it for now.
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