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Friday, 29 November 2013 05:31 Bonnie Baumgartner

birdsofaYou have attracted those that are around you. Is it a new group you just joined and enjoy? An old group you feel stuck in because it has become obsolete for you? Are you working toward increased communication with your soul, allowing and compassion, even with family? Are you separating from the darker mean spirited ones? Law of attraction and the contracts you made with each other brought your parents and you together. So which of the three of you has changed and or completed your contracts or voided them?

How many lifetimes and realities have you come together to fulfill these old mostly dark contracts and failed? If you are in a rut doing the same old thing, guess who has the power to shake things up. Waiting for another one to do it, DOES NOT make you wiser or more compassionate with you. Possibly you are waiting for a weather catastrophe to happen in your part of the world. Or you are creating a hostile, potentially explosive environment where someone else gets totally off balance.The universal principle of ENTHUSIASM is that new THOUGHTS make you feel enthusiastic and new beliefs are always showing up to challenge old beliefs. Your soul aspects work tirelessly; they don’t need to sleep, to hit you upside the head with new information. This information can come out of the mouth of a child or any stranger that talks within your hearing range. New ideas show up in all our forms of entertainment, news, blogs and written material. Have you noticed the new beliefs popping up in your awareness? The law of attraction always provides us with a match in vibration to the energies we emanate consciously and unconsciously. Possibly you are emanating STUCK or stubborn or depressed?

Stagnating in old behaviors, beliefs and relationships results in our robotic HABITUAL patterns that BYPASS THINKING and FEELING. Or we can stagnate in our pain-body ONLY feeling the pain and suffering of old wounds. If you are feeling NUMB or only lonely and in pain, that is a clue that you just might be stagnant. Not thinking depletes YOUR energy even further and disconnects YOU from your soul aspects and the always-present flow of universal compassion available to all. Is there enough energy left in you to complain, blame and suffer? Possibly you can redirect your energy to seek out a new thought or two. Set your thoughts to figuring out what part of the stagnation was your contribution. Owning your part to YOURSELF will perk you up a bit, I promise.

The universal principle of JOY and INNER PEACE increases with deeper connection and surrender of the little human or ego drama and trauma, to their light soul aspect’s point of perception and compassion. Giving up the human free will for living in divine will and following universal law. Expand from controlling and forcing others to allowing them the reality of their choice. You are NOT your brother’s keeper or your sister’s tormentor or your mother’s savior. That would only be your job if you were, BOTH dark and both victims and predators. Align with the law of allowing.

The universal principle of HAPPINESS says that the way you feel about WHO you are. The way you feel about what you do, and what you have manifested. IS what creates your OWN happiness. Not your title, mom, the evil one or boss. The role you play in this dark human drama of duality. NOT what you own or whom you control or what human law you follow.

It is imperative for you to own what you HAVE created, even when you created with some very dark gray energy and you did it in ignorance. Never judge yourself or others, know your truth and discern if there is a more balanced direction for YOU to take your thinking and energy in. Deficient in love for your self, means YOU are the one WITHHOLDING the much needed love and acceptance you want, so what do you plan to do about it? Can you spare some compassion for you?

The Universal Law of ACTION says the human must ACT FIRST to make any changes. When your soul aspects have followed you into “darker thought patterns” they line up your synchronicities in the low vibration of victim predator and confused innocent to show you what your thoughts are currently creating for you. To move to greater light you need to consciously change your thoughts and continue in that direction to prove your commitment in that or any direction of your choice.

The universal principle of INERTIA is that a body at rest remains at rest until an equal and opposite reaction happens that moves the body at rest into another direction or vibration or reality or dimension. YOU are the only one that can be your rescuer or super hero. Waiting will attract and entrain more waiting for you.

So super hero, daredevil, hotshot, voyager, you go girl or guy! Get excited about your new thoughts. Dig deeper into their meaning. Piece together the cause and affects in your life. Take responsibility and an INTEREST in you so you have the power to redirect your thoughts and behavior. Look at things differently again and again.

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The Polarian Network – 11/29

The Road So Far – 29th of November 2013


 True Earth Associations
Where are we now? And what have the last 12 years provided us with? This is a historical overall view of things I have learned so far from 2000-2001 and to now:
1) The rise of the understanding of the new children, the Light Worker wave and the new use of the Internet as a media of communication for all of those factions.
2) The huge cleansing of the astral plane, both individually and on a planetary level done by the Light Workers and the new children.
3) The awakening of humanity into a new type of astral spiritual thinking, making the esoteric knowledge broadly know outside the esoteric schools. End of full secrecy and opening up to gradually more influx of knowledge of larger parts of humanity. Instead of only few individuals knowing the inner secrets, the interested is now able to find all the information they want on the Internet.
4) Understanding of spiritual development on a broad scale, as well as the understanding of different types of energy systems, humanity is diverse on a soul level, and thus the diversity of teachings.
5) Understanding of the NAAs (negative alien agenda) and the PAAs (positive alien agenda), and the diversity of their teachings and the many factions that are operating on Earth and on both sides of the karmic networks; i.e. the dark network and the network of light.
6) Understanding that teachers can fail, fall and are under the laws of energy when they work respectively inside the dark network – very difficult place to work, because the hosts and inserted fields do not protect the teacher from the projections of the many humans still being under the control of the dark network – and inside the network of light. The latter being the easiest one, because the pupils here are more or less all connected to the network of light, and thus knows how to cleanse themselves and they do not project, expect and cling on to the teacher as the “savior”. They know they hold the savior internally; the soul in them and they do not rely on outer gurus, teachers, gods or religion.
7) The gradually change of interdependence of the outer knowledge and returning to the inner individual connection and understanding of knowledge from the inner consciousness of the soul; i.e. the galactic sphere of consciousness that is behind the human body.
8) Understanding that Earth is a mixed field of the Moon Chain and the Earth Chain. The Moon Chain is the remnants of the fallen Tara and its way through this solar system as it fell and connected to Maldak, due to the already fallen experiments with the infection done by the scientists there, which led to the explosion of Maldak, and the fallen humanities from Maldak, along with the dark brotherhood, ended on the Moon. The Moon is thus a fallen planetoid. The very fallen or digressive humanities from the Moon, now fully in what we understand as the physical form, where connected to the Earth Chain, of which our beautiful Earth is a part and the growing humanity present here, learning to use creational science. The connection of the Moon Chain and the Earth Chain happened after the fall of Atlantis, where the evolved humanity of the planet Earth digressed and fell into oblivion due to misuse of creational powers, as well as the life force. This is the reason and the rise of the problem of sexuality – which is not a natural part of higher evolution. Due to this regression of the Earth the vibration became so low, that the magnetic pull of the Moon Chain fused this with Earth. This brought the humanoids to Earth. Before this, Earth where connected to Mars and the humanity both there and here were solely etheric, astral and mental in constitution and had no physical body as such, but entirely under the guidance of the soul, the spherical orb of consciousness connected to the higher soul of the planets, an even larger orb of living consciousness, and the chain they belonged to. This was the beginning of the duality on Earth, the two networks and the very difficult school of soul regenesis this planet has turned into.
I remember standing on the inside of the network of light – it really looks like viewing the Earth through a large piece of glass, thinking: “Are we going into those primitive bodies?” This happened after the merging of the Moon and Earth in the first run through. Later on the dark priesthoods of the Moon Chain invited the NAAs and the result was the quarantine, Earth as we know it and the very poorly state humanity generally speaking are in.
Earth thus contains a school of evolution, and a dark school of devolution and humanity has to choose for themselves which path they want to partake in. The inner schools of light, under the original councils of the Earth Chain and the network of light (the Polarian Network) cannot force the pupils of humanity to change paths; this has to happen from inside the human, reacting to a call from the soul.
9) The dark schools work on the bio-regenesis alone – the transhuman agenda – and the transformation of the three lower fields, as well as the physical body, into a crystallized version merging the quantum level of the human body with the negative manasic energy of the 5D mental body creating a very heartless, cold and non-emotional humanity being all rational, and yet holding the higher knowledge of the mental planes.
10) The schools of light work on soul regenesis alone; the transformation of the body and the three lower fields into a permeable flexible and compassionate energy field into which the soul can re-integrate its sphere of consciousness. From here the emotional field – the one that is transformed into the level of intuition and Buddhic knowledge of the heart system; the knowledge of the “angels” or the devas in full compassion and following the overall plan for the evolution of the Earth Chain – are fused with the manasic (higher mental) light fields of galactic knowledge from the Polarian Network (and similar networks of the PAAs). Due to the compassion of the heart, which creates a certain substance, the 5th plane of the mental field becomes a merged field of both higher technical and deeply scientific knowledge of how to work with energy, force and living consciousness as well as the deepest compassion and knowledge of how to use this power according to the overall evolution of Earth and its humanity, being all connected to the soul of the planet – in lack of better terms called a Logos. A Logos is gigantic field of planetary living consciousness, intention and force connected to an even greater being; a chain of planets and so forth up until we reach the highest level of which we really do not know a thing.
11) The soul is a hermaphrodite containing consciousness from the feminine deva evolution of this present system and the masculine human evolution, from the last system and is symbolized as a six pointed star until we are able to connect to it and see clairvoyantly. On its own level, it is a sphere or orb of living moving consciousness, dynamic and very similar to the atom in our bodies, radiating different hues of light and force.
12) The process of transformation is not only the use of symbols and outside integrated energy of the NAAs and their teachings, but an inner transformation of energy, initiated by the soul, of the three lower fields and the use of the physical body as a vehicle to do “good” and make the outer changes on Earth we all need. The in-body experience is necessary for now, due to the physical energies from the Moon, but in the future the humanity of Earth will return to their original manasic, Buddhic and etheric structures of light, compassion and living consciousness, using the knowledge of how to work with the living geometric light (light language), the living vibration (sound and mantras) and the living light itself (wisdom and science combined into creational science.)
13) The Earth Chain has been given access back into the galactic communities of light and progression. The Moon Chain is being deported as we speak, cf. the stages of 2017, 2022, 2033 and 2047 where the 3rd dimensional NAAs will leave in 2017, the 4th in 2022, the 5th in 2033 and the remaining different other types of beings in 2047.
14) The transition of the NAAs will deplete the dark network and make it easier for humanity inside the dark network to work on their soul regenesis, leaving the “Moon side of Earth” and return to “the solar Earth side”, but humanity still has a long way to go and if the NAAs and the leaders of the dark network succeed in their bio-regenesis program before 2047, the Moon part of Earth will be exported to other manifestation fields, undoing the merging of the Moon and Earth which will start approx. 2055.
15) The solar Earth side is being connected to the cosmic planes of the network of light and this is where we stand for now – experiencing a whole new type of inner reality, and a slow progress back into the original evolution of the Earth Chain, now understood as the solar system or Galactic Terra.

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Rama 13.

I am Healing

I am Life

I am Joy

I am surrounded by unbound less love

I am light and dark in a dual perception of my current existence

I am the blueprint and the blueprint is me, with me, in me

The source of the consciousness that is me, is me

I am here, I am

.13 Rama

–Olinstarwalker, Nov 2013

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Gaia Portal – 11/26

Individual Hue-Being Resonances Combine at this Moment for the Grand Gaia Portal Awakening…


26 Nov


Individual Hue-Being resonances combine at this moment for the grand Gaia Portal awakening.

Multiple upgraded portals harmonize into a single focus for Gaia Ascension, supported by aligned Hue-Being intent.

Fractionation of hu-manity has ended, and is recognized by hu-beings, as well as at all Gaia energetic levels.

Supplementation of this process comes from Cosmic Sources.

Standards of all Gaia inhabitants have increased considerably and are at levels sufficient to support this.

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Rama 15.

This is who I am

Seeing me from the inside of being

I am being in human form

Earthly Galactic Universal Cosmic

All that is is my form without

All the Sounds I cannot here pronounce, That I am

I am the whole and complete, but ever expanding into wholeness

I am the doing of all my thoughts that were, are, and yet to be

Forming in front of my being to witness the many states of me on this earth which resides amongst the sound of multidimensional rays imbedded in countless shapes

.15 Rama

–Olinstarwalker, Nov 2013

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A series of my letters 2 u for your keeping

Rama 22.

These are my observations:

Everything is energy in motion.  A sea of energy that never dies, has no beginning and has no end, is never recycled, just always is.

Here on this planet we experience with limited senses, with a sense of separateness. All around you is energy in motion, in the form of geometry, light, and sound.   The fabric that you do not see consists of these three, it is what allows you to be in this form, as dense as it is.  You sense separate, but it is all connected .

I see a system of energy that takes many forms to allow its participants to experience the curve of learning.  Learning how to expand into the infinite being of this web of ever connected energy.  It is not good, and it is not evil.  It is bending to your every thought and forming to your perception as you see fit.  It is not life, and it is not death, yet it is both at the same time only because that is what you need it to be at this time and place in the space that you are.

It is here with you and for you at all times, it has never been on the horizon, for how can that be when it is always on the tip of your tongue and at your fingertips.  Flowing though you, waiting for you to take notice. It cannot be created, nor can it be destroyed.   It just is, and it is just waiting for you to put your will to use.

Yes there are those that appear to be ahead of the game.  But remember, energy waits for no one, it will be, and it will always be for all without discrimination.  How you wish to interact with it is up to you.  There is so much to see and so much to learn of just how the little things effect the grand scale as it appears to you.  There are no doors to walk through, only a level recognizing what this energetic structure is around you.  And once you realize this, you know that you are not waiting for the door, you are making the door, one after the other.

Take a moment to think about your day, what was it that went through your head.  Was it some repetitive thought that you focused on, why was the thought there.  Was it a good thought, or a troubling one.  How does your week unfold when all you have is troubling thoughts running through your head.  Compare that to how your week would unfold when you have thoughts of building consciously with the flow of your energy.  Each thought creates a series of doors. One door will lead you down a seemingly spiraling staircase of continuous fumbling into more continuous fumbling.  Your consciously created door will swirl you ahead in the vortex of your making.

The energy of your space is your system to design at all times, original in your form and none others.  The interconnectedness is a shared platform of creativity, never to be violated because the common goal is expansion.  No one own its, but it is here for the use of all.  There are no patents on it, you may build and flow with it.  In all its shapes and forms that you have; letters, numbers, lines, dots, shapes, etc and etc.  In no form can anyone put its use against you nor you another.

You are the great expanse of energy, and the great expanse of energy is you, forever and eternal.

.22 Rama


By olinstarwalker


The I that is me that came here to see all that can be seen

To descend into the depths of the sea

And rise as the I with in this bod-e

To complete the circle of ever turning waves upon self

bridging a union of i with I

closing my lids so we shall for eternity see

Forever learning what it is to be

-Olinstarwalker, Nov 2013

By olinstarwalker

The Galactic Terra-Polarian Network – 11/17

Stop feeding the beast!


C(Lie)mate #3 – What Doesn’t Make The News

Keep this video in mind as we get closer to 2015. It is not weather control, chemtrails, SRM, dark agendas or anything like that we are heading for, but as we go deeper into the galactic cycle – soon to enter the cosmic one as well on a larger basis – the solar system will change on a broad basis, and it is from this level that all what is happening on Earth has to be viewed – not the official fearbased agenda still using the old scare tactics of interior governments trying to exterminate humanity.
We are pass this and the only reason why this is still happening, is that the remaining 3rd negative galactic and human races – to be shipped out no later than 2017 – are trying to create as many dark karmic patterns in the unsettled souls present on Earth and naturally the many humans which as always search for the news that create astral influx of negative energy.
As the division of timelines into the two major ones continues, the battle of polarity becomes vaster. One timeline leads out of galactic Terra to other low frequency planets, where the 3rd galactic races and reluctant human monads preferring the old lunar system, can evolve as they please and later on the 4th and 5th will follow, and the other timeline that holds the souls to remain here for the building up of the new solar system of inclusive mother-father consciousness.
The solar system is galactic Terra, thus the change in the magnetic fields of all the planets as they convert into one large inclusive manifestation field; consequently changes will appear and with all changes the old version of reality has to undergo some shifts in energy and demonstrate unusual behavior.
But all hands are on deck trying to make the transition as smooth as possible and help the souls that are leaving due to the cleanse of certain areas on Earth. The areas of catastrophes are connected to leylines and nodal points of the two main networks of either the light worlds or the opposite and it is impossible to cleanse out the old karmic patterns of the areas without some outbursts of transitional energies.
The souls connected to such areas are simply souls choosing to pull out of the frequency body – the lower three vehicles – to be able to undergo soul regenesis on a later basis, in other manifestations fields etc. Remember that it is humanity that creates the grid and the manifestation areas, not the other way around, and as the souls pull out the areas are cleansed as well. The cosmic energies are acting like huge healing forces pulling the dark patterns up by their roots and transforming them as wind (mental fields), fire (astral fields) and earthquakes (etheric fields) and in this process the souls connected to the areas in question undergo the same cleansing process.
It is only the fear and anxiety of humanity that will put a stick in the wheel of changes and making the overall collective consciousness field of humanity becoming even more rigid to the changes and thus will prolong the process and making it worse, so please stop feeding energy into those videos, stop listening to the teachers creating fearbased ideologies and fearbased future scenarios and stop listening to the teaches that focus on the personality, the ego; there is a huge difference between getting the basis information you need to act wisely and being smart, and wallowing in the dreadful information, spreading it by linking to it.

Instead start to focus on your soul, your inner knowledge and your own cleansing. See this link for more info on how to cleanse.
The astral level is always the easiest to manipulate and all fear narrow down the energy field of the heart, thus separating you from your soul. When you listen to negative thought forms, you prevent yourself from making the ego or personality permeable to the soul and the higher knowledge.And when you add to the fearbased collective thought forms and energy fields, you prolong the transition of Earth, making it even harder and more painful. Transition has to happen through pressure – which humanity views as “suffering” – because the dark reversed energies have to undergo a full turn of spin, from the downward regression, to the upwardly progression. Humanity has to shift from one network to another, separating itself from old habits and ways of living. And changes are always hard.

So this turn of consciousness and energy in all three vehicles of the ego is painful and full of “suffering” but only if you let the ego take the wheel. If you instead let the soul take the steering wheel, trust in your heart and higher mind, you will get instructions on the best ways to avoid the suffering and how to do the transition the least painful way.There will be pain, death and agony, as they said in the old days, but there will also be joy, rebirth and celebration. Choose the latter approach and work with the soul instead of against it, by following the resistance of the ego and feeding the beast of the dark networks. (Very old sayings, but still very true.)

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