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Friday, September 27, 2013

An Understanding of Planetary Physical Energy

We have an energy field around the planet that is created by us. The best way to explain this is that something that belongs to someone (for example their cell phone or their car) takes on a very noticeable energy of that person. So if you borrow that item, you may find that your mood will change to “align” with the person’s energy that “owns” that device (this applies to a lesser extent to gifts and things you buy at the store). You may find yourself saying things that you wouldn’t normally say (for example). The planetary grid works in the same way.

The planet is something that is aligned to the energy of humanity, and so it takes on that collective energy. This is another reason that we have not had much in the way of “physical” contact from other galactic civilizations. If they were to come here, as a galactic civilization, they (individually) would be subject to the energies of our planet. I think it’s safe to assume that this kind of energy may not be in alignment with theirs.  They are more sensitive to energy because they are a galactic civilization. To be brought out of alignment to them is a more “bad” thing to them than it would be to us… since what they can do with their minds can be “more deadly”.

For short periods of time they can endure the exposure through mental blocking but this is difficult to maintain for long periods because their focus would be on this process. It would be like driving and talking on your cell phone.
A few obvious workarounds to this problem are telepathic communication and the use of “drones”. Astral projection is also possible. Also this kind of physical energetic attachment is only valid in a single dimension – it does not affect other dimensional representations of the same object or entity. For example the Agarthans are not subject to this energy field connection. There are other kinds of energetic attachments which do occur cross-dimensionally but those are not physical energetic connections.

This is where it becomes difficult to convey meaning because I don’t have the words to explain the “flavor” of different energies.

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The Terra-Gaia Network – An Update on Things – 9/8


The Terra-Gaia Network

Sunday, September 8, 2013

An Update on Things

I can only say: Going into Syria is going to change our galactic or spiritual history on so many levels. There are few major events that really change timelines, and this is one of them…. just remember we have already outlived this round of evolution and have returned to prevent some effects of events like this, but it is a turnover of energy in the hologram and in the first round one of the events that brought the transhumanism closer to becoming the main line of development for humanity.
The strike on Syria is connected to 9/11 (why do you think they are preparing for this now? Never forget that date and time are nodal point into the timelines) on an energetic level as well as the war in Iraq, Egypt and all the old cities of the Middle East. The Middle East is strongly connected to the original 4th dimensional areas of galactic Terra, i.e. the original Mars and not the planet we are able to see now. This planet is a false image we are being presented to and the real 4thdimensional planet is totally different (hmm a thing to go deeper into some day). The original Mars is being transformed as we speak and thus the connecting areas of Earth, i.e. the 1st and 2nd galactic energy fields or grids of galactic Terra are still connected to the hologram and thus the original settings are there to be tampered with.
Along with the “invasion of Mars” and the changing of the grid of the 1st and 2nd dimension behind the hologram under the so-called Middle East (the atrocities happening there are ruining the galactic Terra grid. War, murder and all evil acts always destroy the manasic energy into fragmenting further) the oldest teachings and knowledge of the ancient civilizations will be gone and thus this level of energy work. It is like pulling out all the secret knowledge of the original 4thgalactic Terra humanities – strongly connected to true Tara – and the first humanities coming here holding this knowledge. Some of it has to do with racial DNA and the first attempt to heal the infection.
It has the same striking effect as the digressive races from other systems coming here for bio-regenesis and crystallization. The ancient and original galactic races, all holding the knowledge of how to work with energy etc. are being wiped out.  Europe fell a long time ago (the Maldakian races and the original 5th dimensional knowledge of galactic Terra), the first part of the original 3rd dimensional galactic Terra situated in China is also gone, the other part of the original 3rddimensional galactic Terra is what we call America has also turned into the new agenda.
The Middle East will fall; in the upcoming years a total turnover will happen or wars and injustice will be daily events on a much larger scale than the ones we are experiencing now.
Before this strike the Middle East was still fighting to keep its position, but when Syria falls and the occupation of Egypt is fulfilled by the dark brotherhoods, there really is not much left to work with. This means that huge parts of the 1st, 2nd, all of the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensional grid of original Terra is now under the avatar-reptilian races. Smaller countries such as Tibet (the old 8thdimension) has been lost as well to other factions.
It is all a part of the great scheme of things: 1) Create chaos and when the humanities cries out for help then 2) bring order and install the new “peaceful agenda” into the areas, transforming all original galactic consciousness into the 5th dimensional avatar-reptilian agenda. Humanity is being turned into the same blueprint so to speak, all holding the same 5D energy system and with no connection to the original galactic settings what so ever. All that is offered is the new 5thdimensional crystalline DNA settings.
All in all – the parallel process of restituting the hologram and the pull out of intruder races are still in progress as noted earlier and at the same time the original timeline is still playing itself out. So: Remember to stay on track and hold on to the future timeline working to restore the original galactic consciousness and not the timeline of the first round or how things played out in the first rounds of this evolution.

Beware of the ripples this war is going to create in the hologram. In some sense this is the silence before the storm. Not to frighten you, but whatever we are going to face is beginning with this war, because this war is a tipping point of energy within the hologram – most of what has happened have been in the other dimensions, but this is within the hologram.
Stay tuned to the one the future is presenting and offering you. Work with your energy system and work hard to remember who and what you are – a true galactic human being and not a version the avatar-reptilian races are presenting to you.
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The Terra-Gaia Network – Predators, Psychopaths and Sojourning Beings – 9/6

Source: The Terra-Gaia Network

Friday, September 6, 2013

Predators, Psychopaths and Sojourning Beings

The more I look into the energy signature of bestial murderers, sex offenders in all forms from child molesters to sex criminals targeting grownups of both sexes, as well as cruelty towards animals etc. the more my idea of galactic tourists or temporarily beings, who are present here to enjoy unfolding a violent, vile and horrible personality, becomes clearer to me. Naturally they are not nice conscious beings to begin with, but travelers who sojourn planets (manifestation fields) like Earth. They trade consciousness, living light is my best guess, or racial DNA. It is total science fiction, but a very good answer to those predators.
I always wondered why such humans were present on Earth and the “karma and re-incarnation to learn” thing has really never been my thing, because what type of supervisors belonging to some kind of spiritual community would ever allow such atrocities to happen? Or the stupid idea of games being played out to reset karma has never really pulled through for me either. The idea of possessed or demonized personalities within a frame of divine battles of good and evil, is not covering all the dimensions either, because demons are mostly present in the astral dimension – the emotional field – and are old creations of dark masters that for some odd reasons found it useful to create such beings in the astral field to serve them in various ways. When the masters left the manifestation field, they did not always remember to clean up their creations or the creations were in use, being attached to another human. Thus when a human is possessed by a demon, they are not acting humanlike at all. Demons have literally no mind, but are all astral energy, created to feed of the emotional field or block out the mental field and thus the connection to the galactic consciousness. An old trick between masters of the old schools to prevent a higher being from unfolding while still being in their teens and thus evolving the CNS and PNS to be able to integrate an unfold the higher consciousness.
The stories of the predators as a part of the different factions, as in soldiers etc of the reptilians could be true, but as I said; I see them as visiting merchants of buying violent lifetimes in different systems owned by avatar-reptilian or very infected priestly races trying to solve their problem of fragmentation. The predators bring in racial DNA from wars or other places, where they have been incarnated and succeeded in capturing the peace workers of the free worlds, or less infected dimensional beings etc.
As the fragmented avatar-reptilians or the priestly races looses their overall goodness, they become very eager to buy the less infected consciousness in their attempt to live just a little bit longer as a grand being. When we really go into the story of the fragmented galactic areas they are sad stories of proud galactic beings turning into assassins and murderers of living light just to live a little bit longer as beings holding less infection (their energy system literally turns dark as the fragmentation sets in).
The predators do not have a system of their own but sojourn the galactic worlds while they prey and suck out the light of the inhabitants of such worlds. They feed on the living light, but at the same time they are able to trade the surplus of their achievements. They literally have turned this into a “living” or “lifestyle”.
The lesson to be learned here is that if we for some reason come across a true psychopath (the same type of being, but this version do not kill) or a predator, then it has nothing to do with karma or a lesson to be learned, but the fact that we are being targeted to be fed on and in the end to be extinct as living light. The partner or friend, being a predator or psychopath, will literally suck all the living light out of us.
I am not talking about the emotional zombies, the passive-aggressive housewife or the very depressive male or female colleague on our workplace, which also such energy out of us, but the so-called psychopaths that are well adjusted, often in high positions as leaders or helpers, or as in many of the present cases, “normal human beings” living quit lives while they perform their emotional, mental or physical atrocities.

The capturing of those beings, or their deaths, is a sign of the changes and the departing process I have talked about: The first wave of 2017 has already begun and the cleaning process is in progress.

(As an anecdote to the many politicians being accused of being child molesters, sexual abusers and violent, many of them are not the predators or psychopaths, but cohort with those beings and their allied within the brotherhoods to gain powers and areas in the manifestation fields. Men and women seeking power and money in the outer areas of the manifestation fields are the avatar-reptilians and their agenda has to do with securing the timelines of the future. The reasons are many and unclear to me.)

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