Rama 33.

The connectedness of the bridge I complete

The bow of rays extends beyond the reach

the seals unleash the sacredness that is I

bound to ground from above and beneath

Journeying on an endless quest of no longer seeking

The bow of rays  beyond the reach

the seals create what I complete

the bridge is now

.33 Rama

-Olinstarwalker, Jan 2014


The I that is me that came here to see all that can be seen

To descend into the depths of the sea

And rise as the I with in this bod-e

To complete the circle of ever turning waves upon self

bridging a union of i with I

closing my lids so we shall for eternity see

Forever learning what it is to be

-Olinstarwalker, Nov 2013


A series of my letters 2 u for your keeping

Rama 22.

These are my observations:

Everything is energy in motion.  A sea of energy that never dies, has no beginning and has no end, is never recycled, just always is.

Here on this planet we experience with limited senses, with a sense of separateness. All around you is energy in motion, in the form of geometry, light, and sound.   The fabric that you do not see consists of these three, it is what allows you to be in this form, as dense as it is.  You sense separate, but it is all connected .

I see a system of energy that takes many forms to allow its participants to experience the curve of learning.  Learning how to expand into the infinite being of this web of ever connected energy.  It is not good, and it is not evil.  It is bending to your every thought and forming to your perception as you see fit.  It is not life, and it is not death, yet it is both at the same time only because that is what you need it to be at this time and place in the space that you are.

It is here with you and for you at all times, it has never been on the horizon, for how can that be when it is always on the tip of your tongue and at your fingertips.  Flowing though you, waiting for you to take notice. It cannot be created, nor can it be destroyed.   It just is, and it is just waiting for you to put your will to use.

Yes there are those that appear to be ahead of the game.  But remember, energy waits for no one, it will be, and it will always be for all without discrimination.  How you wish to interact with it is up to you.  There is so much to see and so much to learn of just how the little things effect the grand scale as it appears to you.  There are no doors to walk through, only a level recognizing what this energetic structure is around you.  And once you realize this, you know that you are not waiting for the door, you are making the door, one after the other.

Take a moment to think about your day, what was it that went through your head.  Was it some repetitive thought that you focused on, why was the thought there.  Was it a good thought, or a troubling one.  How does your week unfold when all you have is troubling thoughts running through your head.  Compare that to how your week would unfold when you have thoughts of building consciously with the flow of your energy.  Each thought creates a series of doors. One door will lead you down a seemingly spiraling staircase of continuous fumbling into more continuous fumbling.  Your consciously created door will swirl you ahead in the vortex of your making.

The energy of your space is your system to design at all times, original in your form and none others.  The interconnectedness is a shared platform of creativity, never to be violated because the common goal is expansion.  No one own its, but it is here for the use of all.  There are no patents on it, you may build and flow with it.  In all its shapes and forms that you have; letters, numbers, lines, dots, shapes, etc and etc.  In no form can anyone put its use against you nor you another.

You are the great expanse of energy, and the great expanse of energy is you, forever and eternal.

.22 Rama



Rama 15.

This is who I am

Seeing me from the inside of being

I am being in human form

Earthly Galactic Universal Cosmic

All that is is my form without

All the Sounds I cannot here pronounce, That I am

I am the whole and complete, but ever expanding into wholeness

I am the doing of all my thoughts that were, are, and yet to be

Forming in front of my being to witness the many states of me on this earth which resides amongst the sound of multidimensional rays imbedded in countless shapes

.15 Rama

–Olinstarwalker, Nov 2013


Rama 13.

I am Healing

I am Life

I am Joy

I am surrounded by unbound less love

I am light and dark in a dual perception of my current existence

I am the blueprint and the blueprint is me, with me, in me

The source of the consciousness that is me, is me

I am here, I am

.13 Rama

Ever since I have been

never have I not been ever

Since I AM NOW

…..I will BE someday…..

but not in the future or past tense..

Consciously conscious…..

Never since I have been

ever have I not been never

…never have I not been…

.never have I been never.

I AM consciously conscious

since I AM…


Rama 616.

For All that IS


And to Be


Connected to this space

A dream is made anew

616 Rama.


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