Ascension Whispers – 12/27 – Healing into Personal Power

Ascension Whispers


Note: Viewing of the videos on the AW youtube channel will be necessary to understand this post fully.choose

Healing begins through education as the first step of conscious healing requires knowledge that healing is needed.

Healing into personal power is not a process of offering knowledge and healing tools and then those things becoming a crutch. Healing into personal power cannot occur if the individual continues to believe they must rely on the teacher to tell them what to do next.

The life forms of Earth have become dis-empowered via memory loss and lack of Source energy to such an extreme that the majority cannot yet remember they are Source embodied and that the life experience is not being done to them but that they are creating it their selves.

It is necessary to offer knowledge to assist the life form to first remember how they are creating the life experience which opens memory and begins to return awareness of personal power.

Only by remembering personal power, remembering the personal connection to Source and regaining self trust can a life form regain personal responsibility for everything they experience inside and outside of their self.

The distorted system of the Earth hologram has been created and controlled via the inner distorted virus via distorted thoughts and the process of daily living and survival seems like it is controlled within every sector of the life experience.

The people of Earth easily accept the factions of control through held beliefs and thoughts of concepts such as the devil, satan, ET groups and secret societies. This is not a new occurrence within the mass consciousness and has been held in place for thousands of years via the inner distorted virus.

The masses find it very easy to believe that a hidden, unseen force is responsible for the chaos, imbalance and control and this is a result of personal experiences with inner and outer demons that seem to be very real.

Simply because the thoughts of the masses have been controlled by the distorted thoughts of the inner virus for so long and because of memory loss, the mass consciousness accepts imbalance as part of the life experience and are shocked or amazed when things work within balance to such a degree that it seems like a miracle.

The desire to heal into balance remains but seems like an impossible feat simply because at this time there is no one on the planet with open memory of what it “feels” like to experience within a balanced reality field; the concept of miracles offer hope yet always seem to be out of reach and possibly even fairy tales.

Simply offering an assisted healing system will not allow healing into self empowerment, it would only be one more program that became lost among many programs that are already available on the planet, some of which simply promote more control and dis-empowerment.

The inner distorted virus has used the life forms of Earth for so long to do its bidding and co-create its desires that it seems natural to the largest percentage of the population for someone to tell them what they should do and to take care of their needs when disaster and chaos strike.

It is for these reasons that the people quickly turn to the political, religious and medical communities to lead them and tell them what they should do and provide for their needs of well being.

Every life form on the planet and the planet itself carry the infection of the distorted virus consciousness and feel helpless within a sea of imbalance and there will remain those who are more than happy to control and tell people what they should do and how they should live until the virus is completely purged from the planet which will not complete until the planet returns to its healed expression in 87 years.

The battle to heal from the virus cannot occur by placing ones energy within the outer hologram and focusing on what is occurring within the outer hologram because what is occurring within the outer hologram is a result of what is held within.

Only by focusing within, by remaining constantly aware of the personal thoughts and “reprogramming” the distorted thoughts can awareness of the healing that is taking place occur.

The dis-empowerment and control of the virus has created and fosters the belief of an external savior within the largest percentage of the population. The concept of a savior is adapted to fit into any belief system; it may be thought of as an embodied face that is going to appear in the outer hologram and instantly remove all imbalance or it may have been adapted to think it is going to be some higher ET life form that is going to remove chosen ones from the planet and take them off to a balanced reality system.

Such beliefs have been held within the mass consciousness for thousands of years and such beliefs are exactly the same with the only difference being the concept of who and what the savior will present as.

Only by remembering that all of creation is energy, the energy of Source, how creation occurs and that all life forms are Source embodied can real healing occur and the false belief of an external savior be healed within the conscious collective.

The process of healing into balance still fits within the ancient thought that healing does not occur via supplying the fish, healing occurs by teaching the individual how to fish and provide for their own needs.

The dis-empowerment that has occurred within the Earth hologram is so severe that if the current food supply system were not in place hundreds of thousands would very quickly starve to death simply because they have no idea how to feed their selves and the food supply system has been allowed to be completely controlled.

The current desire is to offer knowledge and understanding to remember truth that will empower to allow those who can hear to take back control for their needs, personal healing and well being while healing to remember allowance and free will.

Allowance does not mean sticking your head in the sand and ignoring what is going on around you. Healing into balance requires remembering the importance of the whole and how each piece of the whole is required to allow anyone to heal.

Allowance requires understanding personal strength and how & where to apply that personal strength to assist into whole healing while remembering that you do not have the right to control anyone but yourself as all hold the gift of free will.

It is known that there are those who are anxious for personal healing and may currently feel they need to be told what to do to facilitate personal healing and there are those who do not feel they need such assistance who have reached a point of healing to allow them to remember their personal power and the support and strength they know via their personal connection to Source.

It is desired to offer as much support into healing as possible for the whole without interfering with free will and when enough knowledge has been offered to allow the opportunity to allow for an “informed choice” there will be offered some tools for assistance with personal healing but you do not have to wait until such tools are offered to work on personal healing and making a stronger connection to Source. There are already some tools offered on the AW website that can assist with personal healing but the main key is daily consistency of focusing on and communing with Source as well as constant awareness of personal thoughts.

What limitations might your thoughts be imposing upon you? If you believe you cannot “you will not” because your beliefs will create exactly as you believe.

What are you filling yourself with from the external hologram? Are you filling yourself with thoughts and ideas that speak of forces with a desire to control, consume and create chaos? If those types of things are what you are choosing to focus your thoughts on then that is exactly the type of experiences you will create.

Ask yourself why anyone might find it challenging or impossible to find 30 minutes a day to simply be one with Source and be quite and commune with Source. Is the imbalanced life experience so important that there is no time to work on co-creating balance? If it is then it will be quite unpleasant to experience healing into balance.

Why might people put the needs and desires of others as more important than their personal needs or desires? Do you run yourself out of energy daily trying to take care of everyone else and have no energy left to take care of yourself?

Do you feel it is selfish to take care of yourself first and if so why do you feel that way? Such a feeling spawns from lack of self love and trying to ensure that others continue to supply the love that feels missing within. It is a game of chasing your tail and never getting anywhere and spawns dis-empowerment for others by not allowing them to take care of their own needs.

Lack of self love spawns from false beliefs that say you are not good enough or unworthy in some fashion and such false beliefs can only heal by consistently filling yourself with the love of Source.

You ARE important! You are an extremely important part of the whole and without you there would be a missing piece within the whole and then who would take care of all of those needs of others that seem to be so important.

If you choose to allow time for yourself daily to simply relax, be quite and still and focus on Source within you then you can quickly discover that all of the love and acceptance you will ever need is held within and that you can easily fill yourself with the love of Source and then it becomes much easier to gift that love and eternally gain more for yourself.

Loving Joy to All,


By olinstarwalker

13:20 : FREQUENCY : SHIFT – 12/26 – Interdimensional Travel and Flux Tubes


Interdimensional Travel and Flux Tubes

SOURCE: Kin 57, Red Overtone Earth: Clear sign of Pacal Votan

Dedicated to the arrival of two new star beings: Aidan Orion Wyatt-Harding, Kin 13  and Vela(ur)iah Arctara O’Farrell-Javier, Kin 57


The synchronic codes left by Pacal Votan are keys that unlock the secret passageway and activate the bridge that leads from this Earth to the New Earth. This passageway brings us into   relationship with the guiding intelligence of our Sun, Kinich Ahau. But only those who discover their true essence will find the secret passageway.

On Kin 196 (32 days after Galactic Synchronization) I was informed through a dream visitation of Valum Votan that the “flux tubes had been repaired” and that  interdimensional travel was now more easily accessible. He said the veils were being lifted and that it was now much easier for him to travel to and from earth. He also said that at first, only a few will realize this due to the frequency locks placed on the artificial timespace hologram.

I understood that the flux tubes had been repaired by our collective LIGHT, which is an application of solar intelligence. However through continued use of artificial timing device we  cut ourselves off from the solar information embedded in Earth’s orbit (the solar ring).

Flux tubes are etheric energy vortexes that connect all planets in the solar system as one Conscious Cosmic Body. They are the lines of force that comprise our planetary chakra system. This system was disturbed with the destruction of Maldek and Mars and also with the artificial frequency emanating from Earth (see previous blogs).

A key purpose of the 13:20 timing frequency (accessed by 13 Moon/28 day calendar) is to help open the frequency locks and restore interplanetary knowledge and memory codes. Everything is coded.

Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge - Time-Magic

The opening of the flux tubes makes possible the manifestation of the circumpolar rainbow bridge. On the sun, the flux tubes are what eject the sunspots; and the pulsation of the sunspots create the activity of the aurora borealis and the aurora australis.

Repairing our Chakra system

In our 3D body,  we can understand this rupture of the flux tube system as ultimately the break in the flow of our chakra system.

When our chakras are not functioning properly in resonance with the chakras of the Earth then comes a diminishing of our spiritual power and a sense of helplessness.

With the reparation of the flux tube system comes the lifting of the veil between life and death.

The Dynamics of Time states:

Through celestial harmonics the flux tubes, which were made dysfunctional and became unconscious, may be re-established and utilized for synchronic interplanetary rearrangement programs dependent upon the completion of the circumpolar rainbow bridge experiment.”   DOT 7.12.

This is a key clue to the next 7 years (2013-2020): Opening the 7 Light Gates and building the rainbow from the ground up, which will be further elucidated in forthcoming blogs.

In order to realize the opportunity of these newly opened flux tubes requires the telepathic engagement of our mind with the electromagnetic field of the Sun. Our task is to repair our own internal flux tube system, align it with the earth and vibrate ourselves into the rainbow.

To anchor galactic culture on earth means to stabilize the new hologram of Light.  This is a universal hologram being transmitted to our planet through the new galactic beam. This is a beam of synthesis.

The Galactic Mayan path (GM108X) is the synthesis of all paths opening the galactic umbrella that unifies all teachings. GM108X is the divine magnet of solar consciousness that raises all existing lineages into the Light of the New Sun.


By olinstarwalker

I UV – 12/24 – NASA Confirms -Super Human Abilities Gained

NASA Confirms -Super Human Abilities Gained

via NASA Confirms -Super Human Abilities Gained

By Stasia Bliss, published on May 29, 2013


Ever wanted to be in more than one place at a time? That’s right, I’m talking about the super-human abilities that can be gained by those who follow the protocol for what’s known as sun-gazing, a valid practice recently confirmed by NASA. Many proponents of this ancient technique, used by many cultures such as Mayan, Egyptian, Aztec, Tibetian and Indian yoga, report not only healing benefits to common illnesses, but obtaining super-human abilities such as advanced telepathy and going completely without the need for food.

What is Sun Gazing?

Sun gazing (also known as sun-eating) is a strict practice of gradually introducing sunlight into your eyes at the lowest ultraviolet-index times of day – sunrise and sunset. Those who teach the practice say there are several rules to the practice. First, it must be done within the hour after sunrise or before sunset to avoid damaging the eyes. Second, you must be barefoot, in contact with the actual earth – sand, dirt or mud; and finally, you must begin with only 10 seconds the first day, increasing by 10 second intervals each day you practice. Following these rules make the practice safe, says sources.

Nikolai Dolgoruky of the Ukraine calls himself a ‘sun-eater’. He has been practicing sun gazing for the past 12 years and has largely subsisted off solar energy since he began. Others have reported losing the need for food after only 9 months of sun gazing (by which time the practitioner has worked up to a maximum of 44 minutes). After 9 months of practice, you need only walk barefoot on the earth for 45 minutes per day, 6 days in a row to further the process of what has been initiated by sun gazing.

Sun-gazing is a practice also called the HRM phenomenom, coined as such after Hira Ratan Manek, the man who submitted himself to NASA for scientific testing to confirm that he does indeed possess the almost ‘super-human’ ability of not eating, gained through his dedication to this interesting marvel. Funded by NASA, a team of medical doctors at the University of Pennsylvania observed Hira 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 100 days. NASA confirmed that he was indeed able to survive largely on light with occasionally a small amount of buttermilk or water during this time.

What happens to the body during Sun Gazing?

During your first 3 months of practice, the suns energy is moving through the eyes and charging the hypothalamus tract, says those who have studied this technique and used it. The hypothalamus tract is the pathway to the rear of the retina which leads to the brain. The brain then, over time, becomes activated by the energy supply being received by the sun. You will first experience a relief of mental tension and worry, since most worry is fueled by the energy received by the foods we eat. Since food gets it’s energy from the sun, it is said to be readily available to sun-eaters without the trouble of digestion. Though hunger is said to eventually cease, it is fine to continue eating regularly during initial stages, until appetite disappears naturally.

Another benefit early on is said to be an increase in confidence and an ability to easily solve your problems, as you are without tension. Everyone has at least a bit of psychosis, but during the first few months of sun gazing practice, it is reported that these attitudes go away and a positive nature gracefully replaces the old persona full of fears. By the end of 3 months, the gazing time will have increased to 15 minutes per day.

Reports on sun gazing say that the bad qualities normally associated with any person will gradually disappear and good qualities will remain, explaining that ‘bad qualities’ only develop in the absence of sunlight. Bad qualities like anger, fear, jealousy, lust – are said to disappear – and be replaced by a certain confidence and ‘spiritual knowing’ that senses more purely the heart of an issue.

At 3-6 months of gazing, the studies show that physical diseases start to disappear. They say that by the time one is gazing 30 minutes per day (building up 10 seconds per day) all the colors of the sun will have reached the brain. Color therapists attribute their healing of certain diseases to flooding the body and brain with the particular color that is lacking – depending on the ailment. For example, in liver disease, the color green is deficient. The kidneys need red, and the heart, yellow. All of the organs and all of the systems are said to respond to different colors of the rainbow, which is why it is also recommended to eat a diet rich in a variety of colors. It is recommended during the 3-4 month period that you use autosuggestion to see your body already healed of any perceived weakness or disease. This action will facilitate the process of returning to wholeness.

As you continue the process, it is reported that after 6 months, the energy stored from the technique is no longer being used for repairing the body or the mind and can move now into supporting you in gaining more super-human abilities.

What’s Beyond Healing?

By seven and a half months of gazing, now at 35 minutes, need and desire for food is dwindling. According to sun gazing experts, food is not actually needed to maintain the body, only energy – and ‘sun-eating’ provides that energy. By 9 months, all taste for food, including aroma, all hunger pains and cravings disappear. Those who make it this far say that they report a noticeable ’change’ in the way their brain feels – like it’s “charged up.” After 9 months of sun-gazing – reaching a maximum of 44 minutes – it is advised that you give up sun-gazing and redirect your attention now to the Earth.

For 6 days straight, one is to walk barefoot on the earth, 45 minutes per day. During this barefoot walking, the pineal gland is said to become activated. Professional sun gazers and those researching the science say that each toe is connected to a specific gland, and by walking barefoot on the Earth, you activate these glands. The big toe is thought to be aligned with the pineal gland, the second toe with the pituitary, then the hypothalamus, thalamus and finally the pinky toe correlates to the amygdala. Walking barefoot, with the sun now falling on the top of your head, practitioners claim to create a sort of magnetic field in and around your body that recharges you and your brain.

Apparently this walking barefoot part is the most important aspect of the practice. As you continue walking on the Earth, this is when the magic really begins. The pineal gland is activated more and more by this walking procedure. Intellect is said to increase, along with memory. The pineal gland has navigational and psychic capabilities, meaning telepathy, the possibility of flight… now we are getting somewhere! Have you ever thought you would like to have your body in more than one place at a time? Well, sun-gazing is said to be the magical key to such abilities.

If you can barefoot walk 45 minutes every day for a year – you are golden. At that point, only a maintenance of 3-4 days a week is necessary to maintain the capabilities you have acquired.

Are there any dangers?

Doctors and eye care professionals caution against looking directly at the sun, saying that it will damage the retina. However, if done correctly, sun-gazing at the correct times of day, studies show there is no risk of damaging the eyes. Those who have been sun gazing for many years have had their eyes checked to show no damage, though it is advised that you have your eyes checked in the first few weeks of your practice, so you can know for yourself.

To sum it all up…

Remember, it’s 10 seconds the first day, at sunrise or sunset, adding 10 seconds per day each day there after. After 90 days of accumulative gazing equaling 44 minutes, you cease the gazing and start the barefoot walking 45 minutes per day for 6 days. At this point, I could imagine, hey – if you made it this far, what’s a year of barefoot walking an hour per day to keep it all? You will have to try it out and see for yourself.

If you are really interested in gaining super-human abilities, confirmed by reputable organizations like NASA, as the ones mentioned above, sun gazing sounds like a fairly straightforward path to enlightenment. To find out more about sun-gazing and how others have done it, visit the website on Sun-Gazing. For part one of the amazing Sun-Gazing documentary, check out the video below.


By olinstarwalker

Mystic Knowing – 12/18 – DARK enjoys giving you MISDIRECTION and FRUSTRATION



Wednesday, 18 December 2013 05:31 Bonnie Baumgartner


Much of the spiritual information out there is misleading and sponsored by the “dark few” for the purpose of frustrating you and keeping you negative and in a state of hopelessness. When you doubt and WAIT for magic or aliens to fix your concerns you hold yourself in a state of powerlessness and frustration that the dark can continue to feed off your energy and make more money for themselves.

The “god” womankind and mankind has created. The ascended masters, angelic beings and gurus are all standing at the top of the mountain or hill shouting at those down below. Telling the unwashed masses, functioning in judgment, blame, addiction and violence, it is bliss and wonderfulness up here. Come join us.

Those on the hilltop fail to mention HOW to get up there other than to love everything and one. Thousands of years we have been torturing, abusing, killing and lying to others and ourselves. Like we know something about love, REALLY? You mean buy something bigger that costs more?

Our popular culture leads us to believe and assume the “chosen one” will have the key to unlock the elevator that takes you up to the hilltop. There are no stairs, ropes or ladders to get up there. Meanwhile the dark ones at the bottom of the hill carry on business as usual. The lying, cheating stealing, addictions and mean spiritedness continues. Living in their pool of negativity and doubt waiting for magic or their death to get them to the hilltop. The dark generally is GUILTY of OMMITTING key information and laughing at you when you fail. Like the mean spirited adult behaves with a child or animal. Their sins are “sins of omission” and deception.

Omitted or minimized KEY factors to get to the hilltop:

You will NEVER get to the hilltop or the fifth dimension while thinking negatively or fearfully. If you change your thinking to compassionate for moments or days you can visit the hilltop but will immediately drop down to the bottom, with your thought of fear, guilt or doubt.

Anytime you feel VICTIMIZED you immediately drop down to the bottom. Your point of perception must be that this is never punishment it is a matter of physics or your vibration.

YOU ALONE need to DO your WORK. Change your thinking from fearful and negative to compassion for you, first. You do that by viewing your experiences from a different angle or point of perception. GO bigger. Detach from your emotional drama and self-pity. It is NOT all about you and your personal neediness and wounds.

Each person needs to go lighter or align with universal law INDIVIDUALLY and alone. NO ONE, not even Jesus, can do it for you. BUT he will hold your hand while you work on it.

Your reality, fear OR compassion, is based on YOUR state of consciousness or awareness not on the stuff you own and control or how many people “FRIEND you” on Facebook. Fifth dimension awareness, thought and communication is based on YOUR IMAGINATION and your sensory perceptions. On the hilltop and the fifth dimension you don’t possess anything or anyone because: what you have created and whom you called out to commune with, ONLY remain manifested for as long as you are thinking about it or them. When you change your focus it and or they go away.

YES, the vibration and light on earth is increasing. And our body’s base frequency or vibration is rising. Formation of new chakras is creating a deeper integration of our emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. A third RNA/DNA strand is growing and our pineal gland is changing. Increased light wakes people up increasing their intelligence and helping them to go within. BUT even though you carry more light than ever before you still need to choose, do the work and align with compassion or the hilltop is not for you.

Our biology is transmuting to our light body to come with us to the hilltop. Focus on the sensations in your body; the KUNDALINI or SPIRITUAL ENERGY ordinarily rests at the base of the spine coiled as potential energy. As we carry more light the pineal personal portal opens increasing the flow of universal compassion or energy. This energy rising up the spine and activates the chakras. Sense and feel your entire body re-adjust its alignment.

Slideshows of other lifetimes flash through your awareness. Suffering, wounds and judgments you need to release your attachment to come into your awareness. Possibly you will notice flashes of light or light codes, as the elementals continuously rewrite or updated your new awareness’s and alignment with universal law.

By olinstarwalker

Gaiaportal – 12/11- Master codes have been enabled

Master codes have been enabled for Global Gaia Ascension process…


11 Dec


Master codes have been enabled for Global Gaia Ascension process.

Expect initiation of events in short order.

Inner application of Higher Intention and Higher Principled morphologies has occurred to a sufficient degree to provide this opportunity for Gaia and all inhabitants, Hue-Being and hu-being.

In-Lightenment is at hand.

Gaia Freedom follows.

By olinstarwalker