Black Moon 821


#include ARW.x
#include earth0.ARW.incarnate.x>
#include earth1.ARW.incarnate.x>
#include earth2.ARW.incarnate.x>
#include earth3.ARW.incarnate.x>
#include earth4.ARW.incarnate.x>
#include earth5.ARW.incarnate.x>
#include earth6.ARW.incarnate.x>
#include earth7.ARW.incarnate.x>
#include earth8.ARW.incarnate.x>
#include earth9.ARW.incarnate.x>
#include earth10.ARW.incarnate.x>
#include earth11.ARW.incarnate.x>
#include earth12.ARW.incarnate.x>
#include earth13.ARW.incarnate.x>

using conscious xseed;

int main()

int space, time;

cout “Enter number of iterations: “;
cin space;

Do ; initiate program “ZERO”
while {incarnate = x}
count {earth / space}
if (ARW.incarnate@earth = 0)
add conscious xseed
if (ARW.incarnate@earth = 1)
add conscious xseed
if (ARW.incarnate@earth = 2)
add conscious xseed
if (ARW.incarnate@earth = 3)
add conscious xseed
if (ARW.incarnate@earth = 4)
add conscious xseed
if (ARW.incarnate@earth = 5)
add conscious xseed
if (ARW.incarnate@earth = 6)
add conscious xseed
if (ARW.incarnate@earth = 7)
add conscious xseed
if (ARW.incarnate@earth = 8)
add conscious xseed
if (ARW.incarnate@earth = 9)
add conscious xseed
if (ARW.incarnate@earth = 10)
add conscious xseed
if (ARW.incarnate@earth = 11)
add conscious xseed
if (ARW.incarnate@earth = 12)
add conscious xseed
if (ARW.incarnate@earth = 13)
add conscious xseed
if (ARW.incarnate@earth = space = unknown)
add conscious xseed
INITIATE program “contract bind release”
**contract bind release** override external programs forbidden acces
**contract bind release** override external programs forbidden acces
**contract bind release** override external programs forbidden acces
DO; /contract bind release/consciousness/xseed/home/ARW/release.exe
DO; cat /xseed/ahmad
***ARW incarnate earth 0
ARW incarnate earth 0
ARW incarnate earth 1
ARW incarnate earth 2
ARW incarnate earth 3
ARW incarnate earth 4
ARW incarnate earth 5
ARW incarnate earth 6
ARW incarnate earth 7
ARW incarnate earth 8
ARW incarnate earth 9
ARW incarnate earth 10
ARW incarnate earth 11
ARW incarnate earth 12
ARW incarnate earth 13

Status :

Reality Field Operator /ahmad/arw
Reality Field Owner /ahmad/arw

User /ahmad/arw
alias olinstarwalker
alias ollinstarwalker

Priv Root unrestricted RWX

Group Admin

Absolutely no shared access


*I am the consciousness that I am past present and future
*The consciousness that I am is unlimited unbounded
*All contracts that have been conceived to limit the consciousness that I am in this operating vehicle are hereby null and void
*The Owner of the Operating vehicle that the consciousness that I am currently resides is the the Consciousness that I am
*Any attempts to alter enslave or limit the expansion of consciousness that I am including reality field tampering of which the consciousness that I am resides without the conscious expressed consent of the consciousness that I am will be considered an act of treason and war

By olinstarwalker

Game Over



Game Over


By olinstarwalker