Mystic Knowing – 1/11 – SOUNDS from the INVISIBLE REALM of TRANSMUTATION





soundsSounds of transmutation you may hear from the invisible realm are like thunder or a loud muffled sonic boom. Transmuting or alchemy or magic or purification makes a noise. Celebration is your releasing of worry, anxiety, and fear. TRANSMUTATION or ALCHEMY is transforming matter or dense light into spirit or greater light. This means radical change and rather uncomfortable changes physically, emotionally and mentally. Our “junk DNA” is being activated increasing our wakefulness and intelligence. Our biology is transmuting from carbon base to crystalline base and that means cleansing, detoxifying, getting rid of people, things, dense thoughts and clutter or distractions. In the process we may experience diarrhea, cold or flu symptoms, light-headedness or feel unbalanced physically and or emotionally. There may be grieving and lots and lots of crying. Tears are cleansing.




Injury, minor or major can easily occur as you start to manifest as fast as you think it. You can be having an enjoyable time working in the yard, cooking, dancing or doing most anything you enjoy. When angry judgmental thoughts of blame or upset runs through your mind. The negative thought is jarring, and could possibly throw you off balance tripping you up or tipping you over. For example: as you are walking your angry thought could destabilize you and you lose your balance. Or you upset yourself about a smell and pinch your finger in a door or give yourself a paper cut. You have a thought of impatience and spill or drop or trip on something.


Increased light and compassion help dissipate and disrupt your patterns of negative thinking. As more light or the energy of compassion is integrated into slow vibrating matter and thought forms it is transmuted. Releasing density or tension is pivotal to the process of transmuting matter back into light or a higher vibration.


The Universal Law of PERPETUAL TRANSMUTATION of energy is that all sentient beings have the power to CHANGE continuously. Raising your vibration is hard work that YOU need to do! Clarifying and changing your thinking to compassionate ones, takes some serious thought. You must stay in present time and in your biology.


Imbalances you have in concurrent lives and different realities need rebalancing by you, their creator. YOUR attachment to ANY person, agenda, idea, thing, like money or power and control needs releasing. Cut “energy feeding cords,” break dark agreements or contracts with them. Take back any pieces of you they have, and return the pieces of them that you have. You are your very own super hero, in present time, all of the time.


PURIFICATION or PURGATORY is the process or the concept of purging distortion or misdirection from the point of perception of the little human or ego. Purging and purification or releasing and transmuting IS the journey of the soul aspect gone dark working its way back to light, wisdom and alignment with universal law and compassion.


The dark ones are focused on changing and eliminating large numbers of humans. Hundreds of animal-human genetic or DNA experiments were engineered in Atlantis and continue today with no concern for what is created or anything of a spiritual nature. They manipulate their “slave populations” and entertain themselves with their continuous DNA experiments. The Trans- humanists of today claim to be upgrading us or killing us off if we can’t survive Genetically Modified foods, HARRP, various shots and chemtrails that are bioengineered; ugly chemical soups NOT found in nature.

The universal law of allowing allows the dark ones their choices. Living in the dark reality as we do and have leaves us the choice to remain with the dark ones or gather enough compassion for the self to leave by resonating to a higher frequency thereby changing our reality. No matter how cute, sexy, seductive or intelligent a dark one seems. They have chosen victim predator or power over others. Equality or compassion is NOT one of their values. Playing with them or trying to outsmart them, puts YOU back into the victim predator cycle of truths

By olinstarwalker

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