The Galactic Terra-Polarian Network – 1/12 – Energy lift, the purpose of the Souls and their Mission

Sunday, 12 January 2014


Energy lift, the purpose of the Souls and their Mission

As I mentioned in the article the Effects ofComet ISON and the Solar Pole Shift we are heading towards the effects of the comet ISON. Now it is not the heavenly phenomena I’m referring to – although they obviously are a physical manifestation of the energies we are moving into – but the internal effects of external physical atomic debris.
Since 21th of December 2013 (yes 2013 and not 2012) there have been massive energy waves streaming into the magnetic field of Earth from the cosmos. The comet was, in its own way along with many other comets from outer space on the other side of boundaries of the solar system, energies that enter the body of the solar Logos, so to speak, that is the great consciousness evolving through our solar system, and of which we are a part.
Galactic Terra is the solar system, but not as we see it now with seven different, and for us, separate planets. In fact, our solar system consists of 7 (actually 12 when we are able to see the remaining 5 in their light forms) planetary chains.
Earth consists of 7 (resp. 12) different types of planets having their own separate type of evolution, i.e. from physical manifestation just like our division of the Earth Chain, to all the higher parts of the energy spectrum and consciousness levels that belong here. The other visible 6 planets in our solar system are, in the same way, parts of their planetary chains, and only Earth, Mars and Saturn houses, or have had, physical life as we understand the physical life.
The other planets only houses the life in the etheric and mental forms, or etheric and buddhi-manasic forms, although the planets are the lowest point visible to us in our physical part of the solar system. This means that these planets are the anchor point in our solar system for higher energies in the other 7 (12) solar systems our Solar Logos is a part of and is as such not of any interest for us for the time being. Only Earth itself, Mars and Saturn (and the Moon but that’s another story) should be of interest to us as we work with the energies within ourselves and our bodies. This triangle is in fact the “personality “, i.e. the ethereal (Earth), astral (Mars) and mental (Saturn) bodies in the large being of consciousness our Earth is a part.
Complicated but not impossible to understand: We are therefore subject to 5 inflowing energies (the pentagram or symbol for the higher evolved human being using the 5th ray or 5th dimension in the progress of consciousness) from:
1) Solar Logos, which our sun is a physical expression of, is the soul of the large primary feminine being of extreme high consciousness which houses all the 12 systems or uses those to express her living consciousness. This gigantic creature’s dual soul – that is our Solar Logos – we are able to sense through the physical sun that connects to our physical body via the spleen as prana. The Heart of the Sun connects to us through the energy we call “the love of God” streaming into our heart chakra (the large inclusive power of higher love) when this option is enabled after the opening of the heart chakra has happened and through the cosmic or highest spiritual level of Central Sun, which connects us via the chakras of the head which we only are able to utilize, when we are in contact with our monad.
2) The big masculine being of consciousness – i.e. from the previous solar system which constitutes our planetary Logos – our Earth Chain is part of and which progresses through the feminine solar system. It is through this being that the etheric energies strains with the purpose of being developed on Earth along with the astral and mental energies of Mars and Saturn. These energies make up our bodies and we must transform and integrate them into a whole, in collaboration with planetary schools from Mars and Saturn.
3) The Moon Chain and its electro- chemical residuals from previous solar system, the actual physical substance that we are struggling to transform and therefore the physical bodies are not our primary goal, though the large being working to transform these substances also is a part of the Earth’s energy system. The Moon Chain was to the previous solar system, what our Earth Chain is to this system, albeit they did not succeed in their goals of evolution; cf. the regressive lineage from Maldak.
4) The two major networks of light, respectively the dark network. The dark network (the dark brotherhood) is working to maintain the forces from the previous masculine solar and lunar chain, cf. intelligence activity, whereas network of light (the brotherhoods of light) works to transform and bring the Earth and its humanity back into the feminine (deva) solar system; i.e. the current light worlds and solar system of love and inclusiveness.
5) The members of the planetary Hierarchy in all its forms here on Earth and in cooperation with other parts of the 12 solar systems of which the solar system is a part. The planetary Hierarchy works through the Heart of the Sun and thus our heart center.
Our aim is to work with the internal types of energy as well as the etheric network of light (and its chakra system divided into the transformed and integrated 5 chakras of the body and the 7 chakras of the head), the astral field of various emotional and elusive (maya) energies (the collective unconscious along with the human unconscious in the psyche – a lot stems from Atlantis ), and the lower mental (the normal brain function and cognitive performance, cf. purpose of the previous system) all which we must transform into its pure buddhi-manasic creational light form, i.e. the higher mental light forms on the soul level, cf. the purposes of this solar system, where the power of thought forms patterns through which creation energies can manifest as light language, buddhic energy (the transformers version of the astral energies) and seeding patterns with the intent of this solar system objectives (love and inclusiveness ), of which the forces from the Heart of the Sun is streaming forth for us to enjoy.
We are not here to create to satisfy the personality or form an I – it was actually the previous system’s objective and purpose (although many monads on Earth are still working on that) – but to transform our ego into a great being of light and love that can cooperate with this system of devas and light beings; the next evolutionary step of the large being that represents life forms of the 12 solar systems. The souls from the outside of our solar system are here to help humanity on Earth in this process.
Our solar system’s great consciousness being (the Solar Logos) is in the process of lifting its elements and connects them to the extra systemic levels, i.e. the cosmic levels and the levels of its own monad; cf. the large being which represents the 12 solar systems. We feel this in terms of the many cosmic events that physically show us that we are not alone in the solar system. The first level is increased solar activity, but not only the plain CME level, this is also a part of it, in that increased CME brings large amounts of energy to Earth’s magnetic field and thus direct energy into our spleen, and as you know , the etheric body as prana.
This inflow will increase the frequency in both dark and light networks, that is in all people on Earth regardless of their polarization and belonging; hereof the increased activity in all kinds of beings having incarnated on Earth. The galactic mental types have been the first to feel the activation because they do not harbor an astral field to the same extent as the Earth’s original souls do; thus the major activity on the Internet from these factions with their transhumant agenda, DNA activation and crystallization techniques. The lower the mental vibration is in this type of information, the more technical and detailed the info will be because the goal is to upgrade the etheric body to connect to the mental state these universes holds of which many of the galactic mental types derives from. Not all bad, some are following the plan for Earth, as well as the groups that are not in alignment with the plan for humanity.
What is important is not the etheric energies (not before we are deeply rooted in the heart chakra are we able to work correctly with the etheric devas in the performance of transforming Earth’s etheric field) – they are just part of the energy lift – but the soul energies from the Heart of the Sun and this is here the incoming cosmic forces in the Solar Logos will have their greatest effects in us who live and work within the light network.
Now, the effects of the energy lift prove differently, depending on the soul type we belong to and the purpose is not to inoculate you with ideas on how the lift feels or has the effect of you. Some will get their etheric body changed into the original galactic one and released karmic connections to the dark network, others will release past lives, some will promote their integration work and others will sink deeper into the illusions of the astral plane and world of glamour on the mental plane, but the fact is that the lift is so massive that if we only existed in our etheric and higher buddhi-manasic bodies we would indeed switch to a parallel dimension, a completely different version of our world and its humanity. So massive is the energetic influx that is happening now.
Now the dark network work to counteract this and create a heavy anchor in the original souls of humanity on the astral level – no news here – so this is mostly those who belong to the light network – that is have already transformed their astral field and lifted the energies into the heart chakra – that will feel the energy lift directly. This is part of the extraction schedule and the separation of the dark and light network, which has so far been infiltrated into each other at all three levels of the human constitution.
The separation of the two networks actually began with the Buddha on the mental level and his incarnation into Earth’s energy system whereby the light network was rooted into the earth’s energy from the cosmic level to the mental level of the large planet being, the planetary Logos. For general information it should be recalled that the human kingdom is the Ajna chakra of the planetary Logos, the animal kingdom is the heart chakra and the plant kingdom represents the throat center. The mineral kingdom represents the solar plexus chakra and is in remission, as the energies here rises to the heart chakra of our planet being.
With the incarnation of Jesus the buddhic energies where inserted into the astral planes of Earth and now the planetary Hierarchy and all its helpers are working diligently to raise and transform the etheric level so that the network of light, and those who choose this, are able to work their way back from the etheric level through the new incoming energies, through the love of God and the Heart of the Sun rooted in our own heart center on the astral level and throughout the mental-cosmic levels, which is why parts of humanity are working with Christ energies and others are working with the teachings the Buddha gave to mankind.
The way back, all soul types – mostly the original earthly souls of Lemuria – have to follow, is first path to the love of God and the anchoring of the Heart of the Sun in our heart chakra through the transformation of the astral body.
The next step is to activate the great cosmic currents by connecting the mental body, i.e. the human mind, to the intuitive level of the soul, our Ajna chakra (later the two major energy flows from the Heart of the Sun and the spiritual Central Sun in the 7 chakras of the head will be activated) and only then, are we able to begin to work constructively to anchor the new incoming avatar or incarnation of the great being that will change the etheric field of Earth into the extra systemic etheric consciousness that all 12 solar systems are built of; whichever is a greater divine being we know nothing of, but of which the next avatar to incarnate is a representative of.
First here, regardless of soul type, we can fulfill the plan for Earth. As being a unifying part and controlling factor of the plant kingdom (the creative energies of our planetary Logos), as mentors and tutors for the animal kingdom (heart energies and transition to the Heart of the Sun to the planetary Logos) and transformers of the mineral kingdom or planetary Logos ‘ solar plexus energies which the human kingdom have to lift into the higher realms of reality. In ancient times it was the sexual energies the human kingdom would lift from hara chakra to the throat center of the planetary Logos which is why the human kingdom as a whole, should raise their own energies from the use of sexual forces, to satisfy personal desire, and into the throat center and use them here as creational energies under the scientific consciousness of the 5th ray to really be able to help the planetary Logos, or God, which we have incarnated to help transform into the new system.
Therefore, we as such are not here for ourselves, but as a helping hand to our planetary Logos – God – and his transformation into the new system. Our planetary Logos, our understanding of God, is therefore as burning fire; that is as transformational energies from matter to spirit or love. The human kingdom is our workplace, or evolutionary space, but the purpose is the planet and all its life forms. Our souls are the carriers of the energy the planetary Logos, God, cannot contain yet by himself and we are here as a group of souls, a great apparatus of help from a greater deity than our planetary god, and we work in all forms in light network to this to happen.
Therefore, when Buddhism claims that there is not one God, but many gods at their own level, that man bears within it his or her own light and the path to nirvana goes through several levels of divinity, they are right. Likewise, Christianity is right when it claims that there is only one God and that we are one with the god. Christianity is working at the level where the souls cooperate with planetary Logos, as part of his body, and later on we will work with all the other deities, which are outside the Earth’s boundary and one day we too will become gods.
So when the human kingdom takes its rightful place as the governing center of the planetary Logos, then all all the kingdoms under the human kingdom and all the realms above the human kingdom are able to connect with our planetary Logos, and thus with Earth Chain, as the first chain of the previous systems and their substances in a transformed version. From this platform other chains will work and eventually all the previous system’s energies will be transformed into a beautiful synthesis of previous and current awareness and thus create the foundation for the next and final solar system can be.

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