Mystic Knowing – 11/29



Friday, 29 November 2013 05:31 Bonnie Baumgartner

birdsofaYou have attracted those that are around you. Is it a new group you just joined and enjoy? An old group you feel stuck in because it has become obsolete for you? Are you working toward increased communication with your soul, allowing and compassion, even with family? Are you separating from the darker mean spirited ones? Law of attraction and the contracts you made with each other brought your parents and you together. So which of the three of you has changed and or completed your contracts or voided them?

How many lifetimes and realities have you come together to fulfill these old mostly dark contracts and failed? If you are in a rut doing the same old thing, guess who has the power to shake things up. Waiting for another one to do it, DOES NOT make you wiser or more compassionate with you. Possibly you are waiting for a weather catastrophe to happen in your part of the world. Or you are creating a hostile, potentially explosive environment where someone else gets totally off balance.The universal principle of ENTHUSIASM is that new THOUGHTS make you feel enthusiastic and new beliefs are always showing up to challenge old beliefs. Your soul aspects work tirelessly; they don’t need to sleep, to hit you upside the head with new information. This information can come out of the mouth of a child or any stranger that talks within your hearing range. New ideas show up in all our forms of entertainment, news, blogs and written material. Have you noticed the new beliefs popping up in your awareness? The law of attraction always provides us with a match in vibration to the energies we emanate consciously and unconsciously. Possibly you are emanating STUCK or stubborn or depressed?

Stagnating in old behaviors, beliefs and relationships results in our robotic HABITUAL patterns that BYPASS THINKING and FEELING. Or we can stagnate in our pain-body ONLY feeling the pain and suffering of old wounds. If you are feeling NUMB or only lonely and in pain, that is a clue that you just might be stagnant. Not thinking depletes YOUR energy even further and disconnects YOU from your soul aspects and the always-present flow of universal compassion available to all. Is there enough energy left in you to complain, blame and suffer? Possibly you can redirect your energy to seek out a new thought or two. Set your thoughts to figuring out what part of the stagnation was your contribution. Owning your part to YOURSELF will perk you up a bit, I promise.

The universal principle of JOY and INNER PEACE increases with deeper connection and surrender of the little human or ego drama and trauma, to their light soul aspect’s point of perception and compassion. Giving up the human free will for living in divine will and following universal law. Expand from controlling and forcing others to allowing them the reality of their choice. You are NOT your brother’s keeper or your sister’s tormentor or your mother’s savior. That would only be your job if you were, BOTH dark and both victims and predators. Align with the law of allowing.

The universal principle of HAPPINESS says that the way you feel about WHO you are. The way you feel about what you do, and what you have manifested. IS what creates your OWN happiness. Not your title, mom, the evil one or boss. The role you play in this dark human drama of duality. NOT what you own or whom you control or what human law you follow.

It is imperative for you to own what you HAVE created, even when you created with some very dark gray energy and you did it in ignorance. Never judge yourself or others, know your truth and discern if there is a more balanced direction for YOU to take your thinking and energy in. Deficient in love for your self, means YOU are the one WITHHOLDING the much needed love and acceptance you want, so what do you plan to do about it? Can you spare some compassion for you?

The Universal Law of ACTION says the human must ACT FIRST to make any changes. When your soul aspects have followed you into “darker thought patterns” they line up your synchronicities in the low vibration of victim predator and confused innocent to show you what your thoughts are currently creating for you. To move to greater light you need to consciously change your thoughts and continue in that direction to prove your commitment in that or any direction of your choice.

The universal principle of INERTIA is that a body at rest remains at rest until an equal and opposite reaction happens that moves the body at rest into another direction or vibration or reality or dimension. YOU are the only one that can be your rescuer or super hero. Waiting will attract and entrain more waiting for you.

So super hero, daredevil, hotshot, voyager, you go girl or guy! Get excited about your new thoughts. Dig deeper into their meaning. Piece together the cause and affects in your life. Take responsibility and an INTEREST in you so you have the power to redirect your thoughts and behavior. Look at things differently again and again.

By olinstarwalker

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