The Polarian Network – 12/1

The Effects of Comet ISON and the Solar Pole Shift


Trends but no Predictions
I have mentioned the upcoming solar pole shift, and as well, on my Facebook page, some hints to comet ISON and the effects this will have on us in the future. Again my view have very little to do with the physical plane albeit the spiritual or the real reality we belong to.
Whenever we try to decipher signs and trends of the cosmos, the solar system or the planet, even the signs and trends of the progress of the collective consciousness generally speaking the collective sum of most humans on all levels, we have to look at things from a higher perspective than the mind or the ego. We have to look upon things from the inner level of intuition and soul knowledge, not the human mind and it’s always fear colored anticipations of dead and doom.
The souls belonging to the network of light are not here to learn petty lessons of human behavior. It is only the first 30 years or so we struggle with this knowledge because we have to learn to administer the physical plane, the energies and interpotentials that are present in the old lunar elemental and atomic energies and how to control the lifeforce in the best way possible. After we turn 30, the idea is that we start to work to incorporate the soul and work consciously from this level; the first 30 years are thus a repetition of whatever humanity have learned so far and then the real work has to begin.
We learn by the human in-body-experience how to transform, control, administer energy in our three lower bodies, in our surroundings and how we react, act and energetically administer the energies of the groups we have been integrated in, and work through in our present life. Therefore we start with the karmic energy work within our own body, then expand this into being able to work with the karmic patterns within our families and then we have to face the ancestral karmic patterns of the ground we live in, the city we are a part of and the ancestral lineage we stem from. First then and not before are we ready to work on the karma of the planet and on a planetary level; the main reason we are here.
The last 12 years or so, from the millennium and the change of solar cycle 23 into solar cycle 24 in 2008, where the solar poles shifted around 2000-2001 in solar cycle 23 and is expected to shift again in 2013-2014, the light workers have been gifted with the power to transform energy and worked intensely on the planetary karma on the astral level. It actually started with solar cycle 23 in 1996. This was an experiment – allowing humans to work on a planetary level, on its grid, without the many years of training this normally takes, and the many teachers came to help the light workers – to steer them in the right directions – and the experiment was a success. But the next level of cleansing and opening into the higher mental planes and eventually into the manasic level will not be so easily obtained.
Contrary to the astral plane and its many golems, elementals and lower astral beings – all created out of human consciousness both in the present and in the past – the mental planes are not just isolated to planet Earth but links to many other systems of both higher and lower mental civilizations, thus the many incoming new voices of galactic consciousness. This is the result of the cleaning of the astral plane, because the heaviest veil between realities was situated on the astral plane cf. the karmic result of Atlantis. From this we can deduce that the misuse of lifeforce in the Atlantic days and the effects of this, cf. creation of astral beings used for various selfish purposes, are more or less under control and we are to face a new level of evolution, transformation and expansion of consciousness.
Whereas the cleansing of the astral plane had to be done in devoted groups under a positive core of infused higher energy, i.e. the teacher, the mental plane will open up to individual progress and all the incoming souls from higher areas outside and inside the solar system, that have to expand, evolve and transform their mental planes into manasic consciousness infused with compassionate buddhi energy.
All in all connecting the triangle in the head with the heart system and in doing so learning to work with the devas as equals and not as subjects of slavery or dark magic as many of those magicians did in the old days or the last time they were around. Much karma have to be cleansed on the mental planes, much have to be learned and the struggle to turn the achieved individuality into a positive core of consciousness reaching out and into the inclusive thought pattern of the different inner schools, the planetary councils and the overall evolution of this solar system. This will not be easy and many trained magicians – soul workers used to transform, transmute and transfigure energy – will face the challenge of their lives. Transforming the astral plane was easy because in the end this was just opening up to all the old knowledge we already had learned in Atlantis, but now we face a whole new level of information, inner work and spiritual struggle into the higher mental worlds leading us to the combination of buddhi and manas (read the full link and learn fine tools to do inner work with the ego and lower mind if you have not already connected to your soul and the inner teachings you receive from here).
As we progress deeper into the mental planes, we understand the division of Earth into its two prime schools of light and darkness, and we have to decide which school we want to work with. It is a dedication of mind and soul, and not an easy one. Going from the individual intuition and freedom of doing energy work as we please, and into being a part of a main system, having certain ways of doing things and specific programs of training and quite a lot of inner teachers sustaining you with guidance, hints and paths to tread before you become part of the real planetary work, is not going to be easy for many of us having sojourned the galactic systems on our own, learning and expanding our consciousness into whatever our soul level thought to be the correct path to follow.
Learning and evolving is therefore an expansion of the spherical perimeter of the soul by involving the consciousness of the soul into different systems, different forms and different beings. Doing this, the rays of force and living consciousness of the orb, the spherical soul, transform itself into a brighter, wider and larger field of knowledge, consciousness and power and eventually the soul is so huge that is can manifest itself as a star or a planet.
Each soul is a part of a larger spherical consciousness, and as you will learn when you connect to your own soul, the orb is actually a part of a very large being. This means that the soul is able to connect and disconnect to this large being when the soul has reached the level of individuality. For some souls the disconnection becomes permanently and for others the return to the main frame of higher consciousness will then be as a fully individual perimeter of individual energy and consciousness, sustaining the larger chakra – or wheel of that specific consciousness it originally is a part of – with that specific knowledge or force the soul has obtained in its wandering off from the main frame; in lack of better terms.
Before the individuation the spherical soul is only an atom within the main frame, as a part of a soul matrix, as we all know, and in this period the soul follows the main frame and the evolution that takes place within the larger being. The soul is under the will of the father-mother main frame of consciousness and is therefore traditionally called the son or the wanderer, but when the son returns to home – you know all the references in different religions – the soul is ready to infuse the learned skills into the original being, and eventually this larger being dissolves or “explodes” into many new higher beings, becoming their individual main frame for minor souls to be.
The analogy extends to our own body when we learn to work with our chakras, because each chakra is built up of elemental energies; small individual devas that has not evolved into individual beings yet, and thus is fully under our mental and astral control of the ego. As long as the little devas in our system are forced to react to the control of the ego and the use of the lifeforce (the consciousness of the devas or Shakti) into the dark network, cf. the normal human life, we perform dark magic.
Dark magic is service to self and it is not before we understand that we are the masters of a main frame (a body) containing a gigantic sum of lower beings we have to transform, transmute and transfigure into a higher level of evolution, that we truly understand our responsibility for the energetic levels in our bodies and mind, and why it is so important to connect to the soul. The incoming energies and forces of the soul, belonging to the network of light, will always seek the paths of evolution that sustains, evolve and transform all lower lifeforms into their highest potentials.
Thus the return of the karmic lessons, the re-entering into the inner schools of magic and the ending of the way spiritual work have been done the last 12 years or so. This was unprecedented, but necessary.
The solar system is a huge being into which several different higher beings incarnate through the planets involved. Each planet is thus both a chakra in the solar being and at the same time individual incarnated souls of other higher beings, called a planetary chain.
The overall mind of the solar system; a solar being, is called a solar logos in the old books, and the main frames of the planets are called planetary logoi, again old terminology and not fully fitting. A logos is a Greek term and means both word and reason amongst other explanations for the word, but it simply symbolizes an idea of an intention, a vibration and a collective of lifeforms, all creating a large being of consciousness evolving according to this intention. A planetary logos is thus the collective sum and vibration of certain beings, interacting within this manifestation field to evolve or devolve (for some beings) into their highest potentials after which the logos dissolves and all the minor parts of this system is merged into higher systems of collective living consciousness. Just like the human body consists of both different atomic levels and on a spiritual level of devas and elementals, the latter being the lunar bits of our system which we have to transform back into their solar deva forms.
Our solar system is undergoing a similar transition and energies are being infused from a cosmic level into the planetary bodies of our system. This all happens on the etheric level of both the planets and the sun itself. The sun is the main core and prime energy giver to the solar system and when she lifts herself into the next level, which we are a part of – albeit a very slow transformation of energy from one level to another – the whole solar system and all the planetary chains involved are being lifted as well.
The solar cycles are the cycles of how the solar energy system evolves rhythmically activating different chakras in order to evolve them, change the magnetic polarity in them, just like we work to transform the hara chakra, cleanse it of the lunar sexual energies, cf. the misuse of the deva lifeforce into lower lifeforms, and when we have succeeded in returning it back into its original use – actually depleting it of energy and put it back into pralaya as it is called in Hindu terminology, i.e. into a period of non functioning and rest – the same happens with planets and their outer evolutions. Only Earth is active on the outer planes of existence because all the other planetary logoi have evolved past this and are now only functioning in their etheric forms and the adjoined higher bodies of different levels of etheric, astral and mental energies and the progression into buddhi-manasic consciousness.
Btw. the astral energies of the hara chakra are the elemental lower equivalent to the buddhi consciousness, and has to be transformed through the heart system and the lower mental elemental energies of the throat chakra have to be transformed into their manasic solar version – not the lunar manasic version which is the main consciousness in the higher parts of the dark network. This dark-blue 5D energy holds no compassion, cf. the true understanding of discernment.
So Earth had a lot to catch up with and now we are back into the main frame of evolution and intent of the solar logos. But this also means that the solar logos is able to lift herself into the next level of consciousness, trying to expand her spherical ring of consciousness and she has reached out for the cosmic planes outside her former perimeter; the Oort Cloud or the level outside the solar system.
The analogy is the same when we have transformed our lower bodies, we are able to connect to the soul through a direct energy line, and the same goes for the building of the energy line outside the solar system. This is what comet ISON in reality is; the next level of the antahkaraa connecting the solar logos to her higher self; her cosmic level of consciousness. So all the comets reaching the sun – the sungrazing comets – are a part of this building of the connection between the evolutions of the outer solar system and the core of the solar system; i.e. the sun as the etheric heart center of the solar logos.
With this building of the antahkarana between the solar logos and her higher mind we all face new ground of spiritual evolution and inner changes of our soul, mind and bodies. The infusing of inner cosmic energies – and the rising in outer cosmic radiation – affects both our heart system and the manasic triangle in the head, but mostly our etheric level of the body, lifting it into being able to integrate the cosmic etheric energies that eventually will radiate from the sun as well, becoming the new and higher level of prana, cf. an evolution of the prâna triangles.
The infusion of etheric cosmic energies, as well as the impacts from the outer cosmic radiation – I am not sure how much the outer cosmic radiation will be after the shift of the polarity of the sun in the next couple of months of which we face the last half of solar cycle 24 – will alter both our mental capacities as well as our atomic structures and when the first wave of NAAs leave in 2017, following the upcoming solar cycle 25, this lifting off of low frequent consciousness will provide a continuum in the collective consciousness field of humanity opening up to both good and bad influxes of energy.
If you have worked with your own chakras you will already know that changes within the chakra system always have both good and bad effects, seen from the view of lower mind, the ego.
The collective consciousness is the lower ego of the planet and the cosmic infusion will connect this to the soul of the planet, the middle aspect of the planetary logos of Earth. This level of the planetary logos is the buddhi-manasic level and is in its core compassionate and equivalent with the ideology of the Hindu goddess Tara, the original concept of Christ or the compassionate mind of an avatar. Look up all of these terms to understand them in depth. The soul of Earth is thus both feminine and masculine; Shakti and Shiva.
A lot of wrong interpretations have been made over the last 2000 years. No matter what culture we face and use as basic terminology, the principle of our planet is to evolve compassion (using discernment correctly) fused with wisdom (using the intelligent principles of mind correctly); the buddhi-manasic level and this is the aim of our souls, the network and the inner schools of light.
If you have reached the level of the heart system in your own body, you also know that the transition from the lower mind into the higher mind, connected to the soul and all the knowledge this part of us contains, is one of the roughest paths to achieve and I cheer for humanity in the time to come and the transition of the collective human lower ego into the soul infused body of higher buddhi-manasic consciousness, the internal hermaphrodite of both feminine deva consciousness of compassion and masculine sprit wisdom, but it can go both ways, cf. the many awakening individual souls from Atlantis, the Moon Chain and all the brothers and sisters of the dark network only activating the throat chakra without the heart system.
As we, the brothers and sisters of the network of light awakens so does the polarity and the “other side” and as humanity faces their inner shadows and reluctant energies of the lower collective ego, the waves of fear, angst, rejection and uncertainty contained in the heart system of the planet and its humanity, the transition is only going to happen if the network of light is so much stronger and stand firm in their cores of already transitioned heart energy, i.e. the transformed astral lunar energy, and strive to connect this to the triangle in the head through the transformation of the throat chakra – the main area in our body that is linked to the previous system and the type of consciousness that evolved there. It is the threshold of worlds and systems we are about to face in the future.
We know the path is rough, hard and painful, but we also know the result is a pure and heartfelt compassion, higher inner knowledge and the returning to the plan, idea and intention of this solar system into a main frame of buddhi-manasic evolution where human monads and deva monads work together to create a whole new inner and outer reality of higher knowledge, creational science and soul infused and dedicated intelligent use of both mind and matter.
Schools will surface to help humanity undergoing this transition and as we speak higher beings from outside the solar system are connecting themselves to us on a buddhi-manasic level, for now they introduce themselves as the Advisors. They are here to help us journey into the cosmic planes of existence – not on a physical level, but on a soul level and what we need to learn when we start the transformation of the mental planes into solar manasic consciousness, both collectively and individually into the higher cosmic levels of living consciousness.
Read more information on the effects of the solar cycles, which we are about to learn much more of in both science and spiritual knowledge as we proceed into the cosmic planes of consciousness; this will affect both science and all we know of space, human physiology and psychology and many other related areas of science and existential understanding.

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