Dreamwalker Diaries – You Are Crystal Clear – May 15

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Adama: Energy and Telepathy: You are Crystal Clear

(A> Adama, T> Troy/Dreamwalker)

T> Can you tell me about lack of energy?

A> No such thing, my friend. It is not that you are running out of energy, it is that energy is being transformed from one form to another. So you are experiencing a shift in energy, not a “depletion” of energy. Remember that energy cannot be destroyed.

T> So a lack of energy in one place to give it to another?

A> Yes, that is one way of looking at it.

T> Is there a way to deal with this in a different way or to address this?

A> A conduit provides “flow” whereas a direct connection that requires interaction uses energy in different ways. It requires more energy for active communication. This is why one-way communications tend to be longer because it is more sustainable. It “requires” less energy to maintain.

So this might also answer your question as to the difference between channeling and telepathic communications. Channeling means “channel” meaning “flow” – a one-way process. Telepathy is a 2-way process and requires much additional energy. Active / send-receive versus passive/receive. But it is still a “flow”. Does that make sense?

T> Yes that makes sense. Is there a way to decrease energy requirements for this process?

A> This is where the use of crystals can come into play since they have a regular frequency and can be used to harvest the energy required for these communications. You might see this as “technology” where the definition is to use an external device to facilitate a process.

T> Okay how do I do that?

A> Start with a thought that connects the crystal with source – a line of light going into the crystal.

Next connect that line of light from the crystal to your body/soul complex. For the purposes of this exercise you can visualize this as a single thing. You might see the line going into your third eye, for example. It simply needs to connect – it doesn’t matter where.

Next connect the line from you to your subject. The location of the subject does not matter- it can be right in front of you, or you can visualize his or her rough location. (that subject might include your guides)

Then connect that line back out to source.

The importance here is to ensure / visualize a flow rather than a beginning or ending. You start off with infinity and you should end up with infinity (the equation balances).

This is just as easily done with multiple subjects – you just have to remember to include them in the line, or you’ll end up with an energy imbalance. Each subject can help with their own crystals to help in their own energy levels if they wish to do so.

You can apply the same method to your dreamflights and meditations, if you like. Same process. It will help with energy issues. The crystal acts as a kind of capacitor to manage the energy flow for you.

T> Can you provide any advice for those having a hard time connecting or remembering their dreams?

A> This is something you are all dealing with at this time. The crystal trick I mentioned may help some people in their initial efforts. Everyone is different, so there is not a one-size-fits-all. Follow your heart is the best advice I can give. In some cases for those who tend to lean towards “service to others” you may start feeling as though you have run marathons. This is partly due to the CME activity providing the DNA activations / adamantine particulate activation at an energetic level (have you noticed they are increasing in level and frequency at this time). But also, if you have a desire to help others then that is likely what you are doing. Again, it is a similar idea to channeling versus telepathy – an experience that you receive is different from an experience you might participate in. Your memories may be blocked due to the freewill of the other person – both parties need to agree beforehand that the experience can be remembered. Rather than get into a complicated series of contracts, most of the time it’s easier not to bother with the contract. So the memory will not be maintained in your waking moments. But occasionally you will both have a shared experience that you agree to remember, for the purposes of your spiritual growth. It is the right “time” for each of you to remember that experience.

T> Thank you Adama for your guidance.

A> See you soon, Troy

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