Dream Walker Diaries – At The Pyramid – May 26

At the Pyramid

I arrived at the base of a pyramid (THE pyramid?) with Anubis. He let the boat run up on the muddy bank of the river near the pyramid. We pulled the boat up so it wouldn’t drift away.
Here we are, he said. He went to sit down on a rock near the base of the pyramid. There was a row of columns there, a temple. I stood there, looking up at the pyramid.
This is where it all started, he said. The very beginning. The pyramid you see here is only half. It represents the one part of duality. The other half is down there. Not below the pyramid… But THERE. In Agartha. This is a connector between the two worlds. The world you live in is the somewhat negative side… The world of Agartha is the somewhat positive side.., you understand that in both places there may be capacity for both positive and negative. But here intuitively, you have partnered with 7 of them to open the gateway between the worlds. For each one of you, is one of them. You even observed the necessary chaos required for the next step, creation of the portal. And so too your counterparts in the counterweight universe, if I can call it that, are serving in a similar way. It is not important “who” – but it connects the first with the last, and everything in between.
When Selphia (of Agartha) mentioned that the worlds / realities would flip – that is perception from your own point of view, but you need not worry about physical flipping of the earth’s crust. Think about what you are doing now – transforming darkess to light. As this takes hold, you are simply transforming the planet into the place you wish to be. It is evolution on a grand scale. It is what everyone in their hearts truly wants. Ask them. They know, collectively, what it looks like, right down to the… Well, I suppose I might be getting carried away…
We stayed there for awhile, enjoying the sun. A cool sunny day.
Later on, I saw in my mind’s eye, the pyramid from above… But like an airplane doing a barrel roll, the horizon flipped.
I’ll try not to be sick… :-)
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By olinstarwalker

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