Rethinking The Alien Agenda – 12/12/14

Rethinking The Alien Agenda

The Next Great Evolutionary Leap for the Planet and Humanity will be in 2017-2025

Friday, 12 December 2014



Rethinking the Alien Agenda

See You in 2017?

Hi All,

I was visited by a delegation of the Teachers from the Restoration Program the other day – that is the ones that stayed behind to hold the platforms between the outer domains and the interdimensional areas open. They informed me that they would retract to their own MD4.5 domain seen in the light of the events happening on our planet, i.e. the resetting process.

This means that the Restoration Program is a done deal. Only the ones that have achieved to gain conscious contact with the MD4.5 are still in the program, or the ones that will manage to get there on their own without the assistance of the Teachers. The Restoration Program Handbook is now as such history but it is viable for the ones that have managed to get to the transit areas or will strive to get there in the future using their 4th dimensional capacities to travel hereto and undergo the energy work needed to enter the MD4.5. It is always possible for us to enter the Interdimensional Path and use their return path.

The Restoration Program Handbook is therefore a history book and should be read as such for newcomers. It is an important book because it lays the foundation for the history of our planet and what have happened here. It, along with the other books in the EARTH History series, gives the basic information we need to fully understand our destiny and why we are now facing the resetting.

For those of you taking up the energy work related to the EARTH History material, I am fully capable of assisting you and share what I know and have learned of the program. As such it reflects the ancient path of wisdom and the building of the energy body, but you are to do the hard work and as things are now against all odds. The plus side is that you are not being stopped by the 4th and 5th dimensional left wing albeit there are still many lifeforms present in the 4thdimension we have to learn to deal with in order to build an energy body and you need a correctly build energy body to be able to do any dimensional shifting.

I have enjoyed working with you all and sharing what I know. No one could anticipate that the pull would get so great during the 2012-2014 events that it would reset the whole planetary scheme – most of us had hoped for a smoother transformation from the enclosed solar system and back into the level we left behind some 12.500 years ago, as in taking up what was left and continue from here back into the progressive dimensional path, but now we are to face a transition where we will be reborn but into a 5th dimensional planet that has been reset and thus function as it did in the beginning eons ago. All that have transpired here will be nothing but a memory in the consciousness field of those that are able to do the dimensional linking of consciousness.

I know that many sense this as a lift of joy into the 5th dimension, and it is a lift, but much of this information stem from the alien factions on the 2012 timeline and as such distorted to a great extent. I know that I am a pessimist (or a realist; you can choose for yourself) but any changes that really matters are not joyful and fantastic. It is impossible to do a transition from the 3rddimension and into the 5th without some birth pain and challenges which we are to face over the next 10-100 years. The lifting of all energy fields of our planet, their transition from electromagnetic in nature and back into true energy and consciousness is not going to go unnoticed. Well. Since most of the transition is happening by sort of energy transfer, this means that the real energy of our planet is little by little being transferred back to the blueprint in the 5thdimension of the system our planet originally belongs to – you can look at it as a kind of pulling from one dimensional plane to another leaving one dimensional plane emptied of all real energy and the other ends being filled up – our plane of existence will lose more and more of its momentum and go into a stale position of entropy. This is also why the alien forces will leave us in the next 10-30 years. Our planet is undergoing a death-reincarnation process so that the new or original planet can be reborn in its own system.

Just to emphasize: I am not talking about New Earth here. New Earth is part of the stellar-hybrid programs and will take place in the 5th dimensions of some of the stellar systems.

Many of the AEPES and EIPs are being recalibrated to assist in the rebuilding process of the next planet, which we will surface on when the resetting is done (and we have left this earth body) and the ones that did not make it to the 5th dimensional consciousness on this planet are now being urged to cleanse as much as they can in the 4th dimension to make the transition easier to themselves and humanity as a whole. As we go into 3rd dimensional entropy due to the missing 4thand 5th dimensional planes – they are the first to be transferred and shifted back to the original planet – we can make it more comfortable for us all if we hold a less polluted aura and cellular structure and for the ones that got so far to be in full control over our 4th and 5th dimensional levels, so we can hold these levels in our energy system intact and vibrating.

We are now to look into the long run of what will transpire in the next 10-100 years of our lives – on the inner and outer planes – and perhaps I will surface again after 2017 when I know more of what the changes that will occur in 2017 have led to.

I know you have heard this sort of speech before, but this is the conditions I work under.

The difference is that this time that I have reached the level of information I was supposed to reach, and as such have ended my function here. The books Secrets from a 2025 Time Explorerare the end of my work for now providing you with the information you need for the present and the future. I have thus completed the full survey of the past, present and future. You can read experts of the books on the link and take lessons from this page as well to this level of my material. The books will be done in January-February 2015.

I will offer individual teaching to both 3rd dimensionals holding the planetary codes that are to be transferred into the next level of human evolution and the 5th dimensionals holding the consciousness of humanity which also are to be transferred. I have not generated this page yet, but it will probably be called: Teachings for the Future; a sort of derivation of Terralogy which is not needed anymore since we are not going to use it on this planet.

I have chosen to stay and do the transition. On some level I think I was not supposed to, but I will do it and so will you – otherwise you were not conscious present here. And this will be the new level of work we have to do. You are free to choose which way you will do this, just be aware that all remaining humans have been placed into their “category” of being either a 5th dimensional carrying the consciousness of the present humanity, a 3rd dimensional carrying the planetary codes and the next human form and the ones that will not transit into the reset planetary system. The alien races that do not belong here will leave us within the next 10-30 years – all of them. Therefore only humanity will be left to face the remaining timeframe as the planet undergo the transfer of energy and consciousness from one dimensional level and system to another.

We will get it easier since our governments will be replaced with human souls and at the same time we will get it so much harder, given the fact that we are left to face the clean up after the alien agenda. Many will choose to accept the Mars-Lunar programs and start all over on these planets being part of a transgenetic modification program. Mars and the Moon are planned to enter directly into sister systems making it possible for the transgenetic humans on the two planets to stay as they are, remembering, and then become part of the new civilizations in the sister systems. The Mars-Lunar programs are set to shift dimensional plane before the critical point arises when the solar system begins its resetting process, which is set to occur within the next 500 years. Our solar system is on the path of being emptied, transferred and to be earnest: closed down.

The game of progress and elevation to the 5th dimension in this system is as such over. The emplacement is a way to secure the ones being able to do the transition. You can look upon it as a filter to prevent us from being overwritten with the original codes. This is how I see it – and as you know, I could be wrong.

How it will unfold is still in the making and the 2025 timeline is the possibility frame we work with creating what we feel is needed as we go along to do the transition. On some level my intention is to bridge my consciousness beyond death, meaning that I am aiming at going into death (around the year 2055 give or take) consciously and in the 5th dimension, where the reset planet will resurface as an evolutionary scheme, enter the new planet consciously, bringing all I know from here to there. This means that my energy system has to be closely linked to the lower light body and the individual strands to be able to do this.

There is more work for me, but I do not know if it will be something I will share as before.

As the year 2014 ends, and we enter the new, I can only urge you all to read my material, use it and evolve as much as you can the next two years within the perimeters we have got, cf. our emplacement.

Thank you all for being there and I will give input, when there are some to give but as such you are on your own from now on unless you choose to work with my material and take my lessons. I will offer as much information as I am able to get to assist you, when you participate in my teachings.

For those of you that have not got the history of our planet and what have transpired here from within yourself, I can only suggest to you, very strongly, to read my material the History of EARTH and Its Humanity. It is from what I remember, so it is not THE TRUTH. Nothing is in the inner reality planes since we all link up to different timelines and thus view things from different angles.But it is meant as an inspiration to all of you and an energetic push to reach the same individual strands within your lower light body.

From 2015:

I am able to assist you as a fellow sister on the journey we have all been part of and I have experienced a lot. I know for certain that what I know can be valuable to you, in your own progress and energy work. Therefore use my lessons when you get stuck in your own progress and do not know which way to turn. I am able to see and sense you clairvoyantly and as a new thing I get the direct understanding of your energy system, probably also the emplacement and what you are to do in the years to come.


But if you want my assistance, you need to work within the same frame of reference as I do, meaning that you have to have read my material to truly be able to gain anything from the lessons.

As for myself I have to return to the normal way of living and get a job. How this will affect my work, abilities and future engagement in what I have done hitherto is unknown to me. I am confident though that I will keep what I have achieved so far and therefore still be able to assist you the best way I can.

Thank you and perhaps there will be more blog material to share after 2017 or perhaps before.

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