Rethinking The Alien Agenda – 12/3

Rethinking The Alien Agenda

Rethinking the Alien Agenda



To conclude due to the posts I have posted on Facebook that have been brought to my attention – by chance? No. This is information being pulled to me from the vibration my energy system sends out. When we ask the right questions, the correct information will surface to answer it, either from the inside or as in this case as confirmations from the outside. I stated an assumption of an abandoning ship theory in the previous post and I have now concluded due to launches from NASA and the Orion ship missions to settle on Mars in 2025-2035 and the other links on the Facebook page regarding the launches that happens every month, the amounts of space debris etc.

Humans in controlling positions are not just polluting the planet but everything around it. It is clear to me that these are the politics and acts of humans knowing they are leaving this planet behind, otherwise they would take much more care of it.

I conclude this because I simply cannot believe that the ones in charge of this are so stupid not to see the long term effects of their actions. They have to know and they don´t care because it is not going to be their problem.

I think it is about time we wake up to understand that the controllers are leaving and what is left behind is a dying planet encapsulated by an artificial ring of space-time, also called the barrier. We are not fighting the alien agenda anymore but are in a race against time and the waste left behind by the controlling factions, the left wing (and the dark wing as well) brotherhoods, the aliens and the ones in power.

We, the ordinary humans, have been left behind to solve this by our own means and the ones holding the alien technology have used it for their own purposes, leaving the rest of the human population with the less advanced technology. The barrier of space-time as well as the growing debris, which will increase over the next 20 years as the controllers launch their rockets to get out of there, i.e. the ones not being able to do this via the genetic transfer in the 4th dimension. The first step has been initiated and the 4th dimensional transgenetic humans are leaving along with their space brothers and sisters. The 3rd dimensional humans in power, who have bought their place on the ships, will follow via the Lunar-Mars missions, as I have written much more about in my next coming books, Secrets of a 2025 Timeline Explorer, notably log book 2. (Will be done during December and you can buy them in Januar 2015).

The Lunar-Mars missions are for the ones securing a spot on those two planets, which are going to be huge ships of transportation as this solar system resets, along with our earth during the 2017-2085 period.

We are chasing our tails, being sent on a goose chase by the whistleblowers and the disinformation and the true information that is bound to surface as the ordinary humans come into power positions in the years to come, will not make much difference since the ones we would like to hold accountable are LEAVING NOW. I know for a fact that the so-called ones that are in powerful positions now are being replaced by artificial souls (for the ones leaving via the 4th dimensional pathway now) or by clone bodies (for the ones taking the Lunar-Mars solution.

Our planet will become a human planet for the first time in over xxxx years, but the downside is that we are left to solve the mess of others without the means they used to create the mess to begin with and how are we to do that???

We are all in the same boat and we have to start thinking about and learn how to transit from the dimensional settings our planet has now to the resetting into the 5th dimension which will unfold from 2017-2085 and all that entails of planetary changes.

It is not about putting the ones that have messed up our planet to judgment, but about how we PREPARE for the changes to come. I have analysed this video in the upcoming books, but I will post it here, to underline my point.

Simon Parkes talks about amnesty for the ones having done this, but I think this level of the game is over, cf. the above statement.

Indsendt af Randi Green kl. 06.05

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