The Polarian Network – 2/20 – Part 1 The Stellar-Galactic level of Human Evolution

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Part 1 The Stellar-Galactic level of Human Evolution


True Earth Associations

I truly woke up in 2004 starting with months and months of high pulse and elevated heartbeat; my doctor thought I had obtained a heart condition. Today I know this happens when my auric field is being put on to much work, cleansing energy; then my blood pressure rises and my heart races. After this followed becoming more and more sensitive.
My transition had been long, since childhood actually, but mostly from the age of 20, when I returned from Israel. I think that sometimes we have to go to the area, where we had the core incarnation that shut off the inner light, and this was the area for me. When I came out of the airplane, I felt an instant: “I am home!” I have never felt this in Denmark.
Before this incarnation I had been training in the ways of being an earth human. The first incarnation was really not an incarnation, but being here fully as a light being. The next was the moment where I entered the hominids and felt very disgusted about it. Being here as a light being was full of joy, swimming with dolphins and learning their song and work here, but the hard in-carnation part was less happy.
The next was an aboriginal, a young girl in Australia, then there is a long pause, where I do not remember my incarnations or they have not been important to my work in this lifetime. After the turning away from my inner light, I had a series of very angry incarnations, blaming either god or humanity for my downfall.
First as a French monk leaving the church because of their misuse of power, then as male mystic or occult scientist in the middle ages, living as a hermit whilst forgetting everything and everybody exploring the Kabbalah. After this one I had the unfortunate female incarnation doing the dark arts, and after this, to level the practice I had done, as a female Native American, losing everything – a very heartbreaking incarnation that has had its toll on me in this life; so much suffering to undo the dark patterns. Then as a female writer in the 1800 – lots of pain there too – and finally this one; which all in all has been the one where I have worked most hard, having “suffered” on all three levels.
Suffering arises of the negative karma (etheric energy patterns) adjusting to light; as in when the darkness and crystalline structures in the core of the atoms are being scattered and healed; letting in the light from the network of light and the soul; turning the etheric lunar angel into an etheric solar deva. This always arise pain in the body, mind and personality. Thus the path of “Christ” – the inclusive solar interplanetary path – always brings a lot of pain because this is the path where you cleanse out in full, in depth and all the way back into becoming the light you originally are. If you resist it, the pain becomes even worse, so the best thing to do is to accept it, trust in your progress and learn to love the transition.
To help me in my progress I have functioned as a healer, travelled in my mind, learned and relearned, walked down the wrong paths, lost my accretion level and rebuilt it over and over in this life. Struggled and learned to fit in. Being attacked and being helped. Being different, but knowing. Dreamt over and over again that I was attending preschool and thinking: “I have already done my time in preschool, why am I here again?”
I remember being born, I dreamt this as a child. I had visitations in my dreams as a child, good and bad. Some were guiding me, others tried to lure me into deception. In Israel I had some very strange experiences and met my first dark angel in human form. I worked my way through the astral plane in my twenties, learned to be in the world in my thirties and in my forties I started to connect to my inner group, helpers and teachers, learning or relearning to master the three planes of existence; not in full but into what was needed to do what I came here to do.
Later on I experienced more of me being integrated, this happened in 2010, and in 2011 a deva entered my body and heart directly, making me wake up even more, and I were thrown into my deepest darkness and deepest corners of my mind. I was exploring my incarnations before being here on Earth.
Today I found some of the writings I telepathically received in 2009, when I started to work with the cosmic level in me and it is very clear to me that what I have experienced in the last five years, as a healer, writer and explorer of teachings, glamour and illusions, have taught me some very important lessons, and now it is time to reenter this level of bliss and consciousness. This series of Tablets will be level two.
Just to sum up: Level one explored the lunar or angelic evolution; the first Earth called Tiamat and her connection to Tara, Gaia and Aramatena; the first evolution. The destruction of Tiamat and the moon chain changed Tiamat into “Earth”, but she is still Tiamat; the heavenly Queen of beauty and light and we are still connected to Tara, Gaia and Aramatena but in a reborn version as the earth chain where we continue what was meant to be and the destiny of Tiamat/Earth. Tiamat was connected to the cosmic planes and Earth will be that as well.
I will not go into the technology through the KS version of it, but work my way around it and pull forth what I get instead. I looked at the KS material today and really I did not feel like it at the present time being, so perhaps later on or not at all.
Instead I will go to the stellar-galactic levels in the template and to do this I will bring forth the information I got from the Pleiadians (this is my intuition about it; it is definitely feminine in energy) and their part in seeding the seven root races on Earth and what we have to do to get out. It is from 2009 and today I might have used other words, albeit most of the transmission is direct telepathy and really not mine. As always the true information is given as energy, and having been down to Earth on the planetary level, both in this humanity and the previous, which is so dense in comparison, it is a pure joy to get to the higher levels of consciousness.
In ancient times all knowledge was stored in different inner sacred Libraries. You could call it the Libraries containing all Earths wisdom and knowledge. Such Libraries exists in Egypt, Andes, Africa and other places. The “Secret Mountains” are a parable of this knowledge hidden in the memory of Mankind (earth humans).
Each Library contains certain epochs in the history of Earth and the Kalachakra Shambhala Library contains vital information about humans, Earth (her two names and forms) and foreign visitors, their contributions, interferences, intervention and all the knowledge they have passed on to one specific race of Mankind.
The Hyperborean epoch was an extremely important time in history of Earth and man. During this epoch Earth became crusted and the tranquillity of Earth vaporised into a hardened place with fights and combats. Not at once, but over time. In this epoch, man was haunted mostly by foreign visitors, due to his vulnerable state in transforming into what we call Humankind (cosmic humanities). Ever since has these deliberate attempts been made to delay the progress on Earth. They have been an everlasting tile in the plot against Earth and her evolution.
It is time to acknowledge this, and to restore the original idea and plan for Earth. It is time to clean out all the madness and hardened matter, and replace Mankind into the heritance of Humankind. No man will ever see upon him or herself in the same way again, if only he or she knew what they truly are and where they came from.
In this process, man has to ask sincerely and earnestly:
  • What is spirituality? Is it a state of mind or an actual state of being?
  • What is expected of Mankind in his or her progres toward their real potential?
  • Where should they look for further knowledge about themselves?
A part of the path is to restore the knowledge lost in the process of alien attacks. Alien is here meant in the broadest sense. We are talking about anything and everything from the smallest germ to the distortion of mind. We (The Overseers) knew this, and we have stored the knowledge of Mankind in different Libraries for the purpose of giving man an opportunity to reread and rewrite his own ancestry, whenever he or her, was ready. When man has become that being, this knowledge will surface and he (she) will find all the answers to all of his questions, like a child talking to an Elder. Man has always known what special creation and origin he had, but never how special!
True spirituality is to gain knowledge of one’s own ancestry and legacy, meaning regaining that certain state of mind, which provides access to Earths Libraries. Each initial race has its own Library.
These initial races have been called root races. Each root race is a collected expression of bands of energy; in which Earth elaborate her evolution. The collected sum of knowledge concerning that specific root race, its victories, loses and other contribution to evolution, in short sum of all of its knowledge gained by each member of that root race, is placed in the Library of each race.
Everything there is to know about each race are gathered and combined in these Libraries, and each race has its own tablets of wisdom to discover. Any spiritual journey is the path towards the Library in question. The Path to Enlightenment is the path to ones Library. The human “race” has a twofold meaning hidden within; race as in a lineage of energy and wisdom, and race as in the sense of evolution and speed. It is the human race in seeking knowledge; knowledge that will transform Earth and Mankind itself.
Each seeker are searching for the truth about his or hers ancestry and legacy. This is what spirituality is really about. He or she wishes to obtain Enlightenment as a mean of gaining access to these Libraries, and all the knowledge contained there. This truth has been forgotten. When you have obtained this, your time on Earth with her Merry go Round, or Carousel, your participation in the Wheel of Time is over and furthermore; not only do you release all of your Karma, you have the opportunity to release the Karma of your initial race as well, if you succeed in the tasks that follows carrying the burden of this knowledge.
When access is granted, by the Overseers, you enter your races collected and recorded tablets, disks or crystal plates of information. These crystal tablets are not of this Earth and bear witness of foreign technology and higher life forms than normally understand by Mankind.
When one seeker, one of the forerunners, has been granted access to her specific Library, the total sum of knowledge is integrated in her, which means that all of her races memory is incorporated in her energy body or body of light. This body is the result of her long journey, in which she has transformed al of her energies into the purest form of light and sound. From this day on, she is a grail keeper, and torchbearer. She contains the sum of knowledge to that specific band of Earths Evolution. She will become a light house, emitting the light that shines in the dark for all of her fellow seekers, and she will share this knowledge in the best way she can, which often create the end result known as religion.
Each religion has its own torchbearer, and each of them visited a mountain, upon which she or he gained access to the races secret tablets. History reveals Moses on the Ararat and his tablets containing his races ancestry and legacy, hidden in the Arch, and his quest of building a New Jerusalem, Yerushaláyim, the city of Peace, harmony and completeness. History also reveals his lack of success. Each religion has its own City of Gold (Maya), Kingdom of Heaven (Christian), an Avalon (Celtic), a New Jerusalem (Judea), a Kingdom of God, any name will do, but all in all we are talking about cities of peace, harmony and completeness. The ultimate city man is able to create.
When the forerunner has integrated the sum of knowledge, she has integrated all of the knowledge of her ancestors, and from this day on, she will shine the light out in the outer world. She now becomes the key to the Library of her races and the true path to which they are able to build a New City of Gold is hidden within her. She bears the torch until the next forerunner enters the Library of Hidden Knowledge, because each forerunner only carries one dimensional band into and from the Library, and only the races Karma related to this band will be released.
But one day, a forerunner, with all the other bands incorporated in her, enters the Library and finally all Karma belonging to that race will be released. After this the whole initial race will be liberated of its duties on Earth.
Each race seeks to build their City of Gold. The Atlantean races seek to build a New Atlantis; the Lemurians seeks to build a New Mu and so forth, and each race has to get one of their own into the specific Library to be able to do so. A forerunner is not born, but grows out of the collected sum of energy each race is able to provide to their collective consciousness.
Therefore this is only possible if the race combine their effort as one total being, because each race are aligned to and grows out of one of Earths energy vortices. These vortices have been called many names, but all in all we can compare them with the chakras of the human body. The seven root races, the seven we know of, are connected to each chakra in Earths energy body, and every time one initial race manages to build a New City of Gold, every time that specific chakra is evolved and lifted to its fullest potentials. In other words: The City of Gold is the fully transformed energy vortex in Earths connected energy system, and can only be build on sacred locations.
When all seven initial races reach this goal, and all of the energy vortices on Earth are aligned with the Galactic Core (the Crown of Earth), she will ascend.
The Kalachakra Shambhala Library contains information regarding the first root race, The Uranians. Therefore the goal of our Golden City is the first and the last of Mankind and its root races. When the first become the last, the beginning will meet the end, and all in between are summarized into a new order of things. This building brick, released now, is the 7th dimension of the 5th layers of this initial race. It summons the practice of light, and how to integrate the original structures of the Uranians within a solid form. When this is obtained for all collectively in this race, they will transcend to other dimensions, lifting all other with them.
It is the total transformation of the light body in Mankind which originates back to the Uranians. Other light bodies have been given, and other means apply to those. Building Shambhala will govern this races last task on Earth, in which their lineages and ancestries are released of all Karma. Reintegration of the hidden knowledge of the City of Shambhala in the collective Mind of Mankind, will steam forth the light in an immense way, and therefore lift all the other ancestries and lineages in Mankind. This is before scheduled time, and the initial races have still two lines to evolve, but those lines are merely the product of the former five root races and their summarized energies. Earth cannot wait for this, and the time has come to reset the past and to build a new level, a new chapter, in which Earths history can take place.
The original initial races, as predicted, will not come to existence, due to the Intervention of the Overseers, and therefore old knowledge about their capacities are to be acknowledged as of what they are – old knowledge.
The last two races will be the creation of higher dimensions, and not the earthly initial ones, forecasted in the past. They replace Earths Ajna and higher centers – still using an analogy – and consist of other human races including those of Mankind, who has reached certain levels of energy.
We cannot compare each initial race to a certain center in the earthly energy body, this is not correct. To transcend the first chakra, four initial races have to have transformed all of their lower energy systems. If the Anahata chakra has to transform, three initial races have to collide their effort, and together lift the center as a whole. It should be clear by now, that lifting a center in Earths energy system is a collected, collaborate and summarized effort each initial race has to make.
The spiritual journey for the individual in that initial race is not a piece of work to satisfy “me, myself and I”, but to aim at restoring each initial race and their chance of entering the Promised Land, Avalon, the Kingdom of Heaven. The individual that reaches this goal and enter the Library is the true meaning of a Savior, a Messiah or an anointed one. The initial races further progress depends on its capability to foster a Messiah. It is the peoples own responsibility, the crown of its combined work each initial race has mastered. There will be no Messiah sent from Heaven or God – there are only the followers and their daily work according to that religion the latest Messiah has brought forth from the Library. If there is no new Messiah stepping forth, it is due to the initial races own wrongdoing because they have not created a collective higher consciousness from which the Messiah can form a celestial body.
Several of the initial races have not reached this goal and therefore Earth had to have some help in her ascension. We, the Overseers, have offered this help and we send fort different groups of teachers who will enter their races Library, in different chambers, and from these teachers you will gain the knowledge needed for your initial race to ascend. Building a New Shambhala is only one of these ways to transcend to the needed level, the beginning of the full transformation; the full enlightenment or ascension of each root race.
Find the path that leads you in the right direction. The initial races are at their final “race” toward gathering in their groups, where knowledge will come forth amongst them. As each of you has to integrate and withdraw your veal (or veil) of deception; your auras made by the energy fields of your chakra system, Earth must do the same.
Selecting the initial races in their destined centers on Earth is a part of our work, and we beg of you to start your true spiritual journey towards your inner Library and find that knowledge, which will lead you in the right direction.
Gather in your spiritual groups and find the path each of these groups provides, whether they are located in the psychical world or in the inner worlds. You will know this when you set off, by choosing to start the real spiritual journey. This is what we ask of you for now.
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