Ascension Whispers – 2/7 – Is The Earth Heating Up?

Is The Earth Heating Up?



Is The Planet Heating Up?

The flat answer is YES, the planet is heating up and I am told via guidance that it is a “natural” process that has not been able to occur on this planet for over 200,000 years. Of course no one from main stream science would believe anything I might share so everyone will have to decide for their self if it is something you want to sit around and worry about.


There has also been expressed through several types of media concern for what scientists have discovered in that the magnetic field of the planet is weakening.

I really don’t blame science for being concerned about these things because they have no history or memory to go on for what all of this means so they are pretty much in freak out mode and trying not to let the rest of the population know they are in freak out mode because they do not know what to do about it so they are taking the chance on making millions of people sick with chemicals in an effort to save more people from worries of what all of these changes might mean. Only by bringing Source back into their equations will they find some peace of mind because the changes are just getting underway.

Why is the planet heating up?

Within a “healed” planetary system there exists natural cycles of energy accretion which this planet has not seen in over 200,000 years. A natural cycle of accretion is suppose to occur every 24 years and that is how long a life time cycle is “suppose” to be to allow a life form to naturally exit the hologram (not dying the physical body to do so).

A natural cycle of accretion involves accretion of base magnetic energy for the first 12 years of the cycle and then the second 12 years of the cycle is spent via “base electrical” energy raising the accreted base magnetic energy to a higher level of energy.


In a natural 24 year cycle there occurs a “reversal” of the magnetic field of the planet just like recently occurred within the sun. We could think of this as something like a sand hour glass; the sand being the energy being accreted.

In such an analogy, the base magnetic energy flows from the top of the hour glass into the bottom of the hour glass, the top being base magnetic and the bottom being base electrical and when all of the magnetic energy has flowed the hour glass flips over and cycles through the 12 year base electrical cycle. (Oh by the way; this is the process that has brought forth into the hologram the concept of the “Infinity Symbol”).


This occurs within the “core” of the planet via the energy of Source that flows unto the planet via the vertical pillar non-polarized star gates but of course that sounds to absurd to even be considered via any scientists on this planet.

The process of raising energy to higher states of energy involves the energy that composes the matter body “heating up” GRADUALLY to become increasingly a hotter state of energy BUT the “exact same thing” occurs within the life forms on the planet that are able to accomplish such (Eternal Life Forms).

For finite life forms the process can be quite uncomfortable as the increasing higher energy becomes too much for their system and will create illness within the system that eventually allows them to drop the physical body form.

Hype Concerning Weakening Magnetic Field and Higher Cases of Cancer:

There has also been media hype over what could it mean that the Earth’s magnetic field is weakening as that could allow more radiation to reach the ground level of the planet and create more cases of cancer within the people of the planet.

Within a “healed system” such a thing is not a worry because cancer does not exist. blueshinesmile But it does indeed mean higher radiation from the sun could reach the surface of the planet and in fact it means that the planet is in the process of becoming the higher radiation that composes the sun as well as the Eternal Life Expressions on the planet.

But within our distorted planetary system it could be a concern IF there was not already a plan in place for this.

If you have followed the information presented on Ascension Whispers you will be aware of the “White Light Spheres of Source” exercises that was offered in 2012 for anyone who desired to consciously be a part of the process.

The White Light Spheres of Source have been set within the planetary system regardless if anyone knows about them or believes they are there. As you will discover if you read that information, the White Light Spheres of Source create a “buffer field” inside and surrounding all particles that compose the planetary system and the life forms on the planet.

This began the process of healing the Eternal Life Forms of the planet and the planet from the ancient cosmic virus that has created the imbalance within this system. The White Light Spheres of Source create a buffer field of energy that “protects” the eternal particles of the planet and its life forms from the higher types of radiation that will continue to increase within the planetary system as the energy of Source continues to be accreted unto the system.

We might indeed think of this process similar to the way we currently think of getting radiation treatments to kill the cancer virus within the physical body but what medical science is not able to do is protect the living cells held within the cancer cells; Source is able to do that and is doing so as the planet continues to heat up.

When Will the Earth’s Magnetic Field Flip?

Question-MarkI do not have an exact date for this at this time but I know it will do so sometime within the next 30 years and will continue to do so in cycles over the next 90 years. It might be as soon as 10 years but I am not certain of that at this time.


Is There Reason For Concern?

There is only reason for concern if YOU desire to believe there is reason for concern and that is why a personal relationship with Source can be so very helpful when we might not understand what is going on around us within the hologram.

What has main stream science recently proven? It is all a hologram and matter does not exist unless someone is looking. Please see the newest videos on the Ascension Whispers youtube channel to understand who is looking and from where they are looking to create the hologram.

When we can understand that WE are creating the hologram via our THOUGHTS then we can empower ourselves and “choose” what we desire to “think about”. We can choose to think about any dooming thoughts we like and in doing so we will manifest such things to experience or we can choose to at least trust that a higher power is in charge of things and it is all going to work out perfectly and enjoy the changes that shifting into higher consciousness will allow for.

It can be very challenging to control our thoughts if we desire to fill our moments with all of the hype that speak about possible dooming events simply because most of our thoughts are pre-programmed to think as such but becoming “thought aware” requires practice and constant focus as well as choosing what energy (thoughts) we desire to expose ourselves to.

What Will The Experience of Shifting into Higher Consciousness Be Like?


Like you, I too have no memory of this process on a planetary level. I can only relate per my personal experiences but I do believe, trust and know that Source heals in balance so I do not expect any major blow up events simply from the process. If there are major blow up events it will be because of people on the planet freaking out from not understanding what is going on and making “bad choices”.

All experiences can be as challenging or as gentle as we choose to allow them to be and shifting into higher conscious awareness should be filled with Joy and Excitement so we can choose that attitude or we can choose one of fear. Source allows all choices!

After the first in 200,000 years magnetic field flip we will have regained memory of what the experience is like and will know what to expect for the future ones and can teach our children so they do not go into freak out mode as the planet continues to heat up.

Personally I wonder if that means the climate patterns will change places from the northern hemisphere to the southern hemisphere but have yet to discover that with the rest of you. Just think how many things might be buried within the ice caps to rediscover and re-write history.

There will be many who continue to report worry about deluge surrounding the Earth changes that are inevitable but we can choose what we desire to believe so we can allow ourselves to go into freak out mode if we like. There is always a choice!

By olinstarwalker

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