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Mystic Knowing – 1/10 – STAR GATE or PORTAL and PORTAL OPENNER



Friday, 10 January 2014 04:19 Bonnie Baumgartner

stargatepSTAR GATES are constructed technologically and do not occur NATURALLY as vortexes do. Star gates are NOT portals or sentient. The star gate is a circular object constructed of the elements FOUND of the world the star gate is placed on: For example a pyramid on earth. There were many star gates constructed on earth by the Illuminist elite to practice the worship of their satanic or “dark lord” religion. To convince people: the dark or Satan was in control. Star gates connected only to similar, slow vibrating, dark parallel or alternate realities of the LOWER fourth dimension CREATED by the little human or ego. Most Star gates have been dismantled.

All manner of unnecessary ritual and ceremony were created around entering and leaving star gates created, owned and operated by the Illuminati. The Secret Societies or Mystery schools members that used star gates INCLUDE our political and royal leaders, high ranking military and religious leaders. Star gates were used for negative self-serving reasons creating increased damage to Gaia and humanity. Generally the awareness of those that entered a star gate got confused and more grandiose. They believed they traveled far through space but did not.

The illuminists had low vibrating portals they high-jacked from the light and put passwords on them along with a ritual or two. PORTALS, LISTEN UP! Know you can move to greater light. Always your choice.

A PORTAL or CORRIDOR or time gate or door is the entrance or exit to other frequencies or vibrations. They are live entities or sentient beings that collapse time and space and are always present. We are the ones that come and go. When you match your vibration to perceive the portal you can open it, enter it or become one with the portal or be the portal. Your perception of a portal can be visual or you may feel or hear a portal or have a knowingness that the portal exists. Some people only experience portals while they are asleep. Initially your perception of portals may be only through your imagination.

Corridors encompassing several vibrations for example, high fourth to sixth dimension for all entities to gather, connect, learn and remember the process of transmutation. All entities include humans, animal, plants, extraterrestrials and aliens. A corridor, portal or vibration is a way station, a calibrating mechanism for your essence or the nonphysical consciousness to become accustomed to being physical OR for the physical to find its way back to being nonphysical.

As the portal spin increases it opens. To move through a portal visualize your self as light or an individual photon instead of as a human. Portals can give you the sensation of gentle confusion, disorientation or dizziness. You may feel a flow or swirl of energy or the smell of earth. Going into the inner part of the portal can bring you to greater light or higher vibration. You will be communing with higher frequencies of reality and awareness. Going through a portal can cleanse, rebalance or expand the biology, heart, brain or consciousness.

Near Death Experience is moving into a personal portal within you to gather greater clarity about the direction you are moving in. It is a loud intense wake up call.

Portal behavior is changing or is in continuous evolution with us. Before 2012 when you wanted to open a portal to greater light and understanding you asked a portal to open and “please allow” all those that wanted to go through to do so. Portals learned in 2012 to activate open and close themselves. It has been true that lower vibrating entities and people were not able to open portals because dark repels or fights off the light.

Arcturians and Pleiadians have watched over, interacted with and incarnated on Gaia ever since she could support life. They agreed to be portal openers to help Gaia’s ascension and to lead others through the portals. Aligning with universal law you are merging with Gaia to assist and anchor the ARCTURIAN CORRIDOR of Ascension on earth into the body of Gaia, while you simultaneously open your personal portal into higher vibrations and dimensions. In 2002 an inner portal in the Arcturian Corridor was intensified and opened for all 3rd and 4th dimension people. Inside the corridor is harmonic resonance and colors to activate genetic or DNA restructuring and higher vibration skills like the ability to travel and communicate with all entities using light language. 

DARK SOUL ASPECTS are pulled together by the law of attraction and entrained. Dark souls are stuck and need MORE knowledge to move to greater light. They are in a “galactic waiting room” of sorts. They come from the victim predator and confused innocent truths or cycle. They think they have vengeance or vendettas to deliver. They are so attached to controlling their stuff or others, and blaming others, they refuse go lighter until they have what they feel is justice. They want to protect and guide loved ones. The illusion of all this unfinished business keeps them in a low vibrating holding pattern.

Dark souls need knowledge of compassion to move to greater light. Anyone can give them more information. In January 2014 we addresses a group of souls lost in great darkness and confusion in India and Asia and the galactic waiting room that believed they were being punished because they were bad in some way. We explained that blaming, punishing and suffering is over now. These feelings and emotions are not constructive, helpful or desirable. What is needed and wanted NOW is compassion for the self and all the painful experiences the self has had. It is time to gather new information, unconditional love and allowing for the self. We opened a portal of greater light for them to pass into. We led into the portal with great fan fare and a marching band for those wishing to learn more.

A PORTAL OPENER or HOLDER is a human with biology able to perceive third, fourth and fifth dimensions simultaneously creating an inner pathway from the core of Gaia, through your physical form and into higher frequencies. Our inner light body is infinitely connected with the higher expressions of our many soul aspects. Intermingling of the fifth dimension with the third and forth dimension destabilizes the lower vibrations as described in the universal law of entrainment. Entrainment requires that two or more vibrations existing in the same space MUST adjust to each other and combine creating a single resonance. Higher light or vibration bleeds into this physical reality raising the plants vibration in increments.

Portals are sentient and can open, close and regulate who comes through them. Any conscious compassionate person can open a portal of greater light that wants to, just by asking the portal to open.

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Gaiaportal – 1/2 – Alignment with Higher D “Blue Earth Star” harmonics is recommended for Hue-Beings at this moment

Alignment with Higher D “Blue Earth Star” harmonics is recommended for Hue-Beings at this moment




Terrestrial concepts from prior paradigms are now dissolved and will not hold those attempting to attach to such.

This includes such arenas as “environmental care”, oceanographics, planetary species “saving”, “dangers to the environment”… and many others.

Current supported paradigm includes all dimensional levels of existence and thus, former 3D-only oriented paradigms are not useful, nor results-yielding.

Energy harvesting from such 3D-only oriented paradigms is complete, and has served its purpose.

Higher D “Blue Earth Star” harmonics resonate only with those aligned to such.

Fissures in old paradigm concepts will not allow adherence.

Alignment with Higher D “Blue Earth Star” harmonics is recommended for Hue-Beings at this moment.

By olinstarwalker