Mystic Knowing – 12/18 – DARK enjoys giving you MISDIRECTION and FRUSTRATION



Wednesday, 18 December 2013 05:31 Bonnie Baumgartner


Much of the spiritual information out there is misleading and sponsored by the “dark few” for the purpose of frustrating you and keeping you negative and in a state of hopelessness. When you doubt and WAIT for magic or aliens to fix your concerns you hold yourself in a state of powerlessness and frustration that the dark can continue to feed off your energy and make more money for themselves.

The “god” womankind and mankind has created. The ascended masters, angelic beings and gurus are all standing at the top of the mountain or hill shouting at those down below. Telling the unwashed masses, functioning in judgment, blame, addiction and violence, it is bliss and wonderfulness up here. Come join us.

Those on the hilltop fail to mention HOW to get up there other than to love everything and one. Thousands of years we have been torturing, abusing, killing and lying to others and ourselves. Like we know something about love, REALLY? You mean buy something bigger that costs more?

Our popular culture leads us to believe and assume the “chosen one” will have the key to unlock the elevator that takes you up to the hilltop. There are no stairs, ropes or ladders to get up there. Meanwhile the dark ones at the bottom of the hill carry on business as usual. The lying, cheating stealing, addictions and mean spiritedness continues. Living in their pool of negativity and doubt waiting for magic or their death to get them to the hilltop. The dark generally is GUILTY of OMMITTING key information and laughing at you when you fail. Like the mean spirited adult behaves with a child or animal. Their sins are “sins of omission” and deception.

Omitted or minimized KEY factors to get to the hilltop:

You will NEVER get to the hilltop or the fifth dimension while thinking negatively or fearfully. If you change your thinking to compassionate for moments or days you can visit the hilltop but will immediately drop down to the bottom, with your thought of fear, guilt or doubt.

Anytime you feel VICTIMIZED you immediately drop down to the bottom. Your point of perception must be that this is never punishment it is a matter of physics or your vibration.

YOU ALONE need to DO your WORK. Change your thinking from fearful and negative to compassion for you, first. You do that by viewing your experiences from a different angle or point of perception. GO bigger. Detach from your emotional drama and self-pity. It is NOT all about you and your personal neediness and wounds.

Each person needs to go lighter or align with universal law INDIVIDUALLY and alone. NO ONE, not even Jesus, can do it for you. BUT he will hold your hand while you work on it.

Your reality, fear OR compassion, is based on YOUR state of consciousness or awareness not on the stuff you own and control or how many people “FRIEND you” on Facebook. Fifth dimension awareness, thought and communication is based on YOUR IMAGINATION and your sensory perceptions. On the hilltop and the fifth dimension you don’t possess anything or anyone because: what you have created and whom you called out to commune with, ONLY remain manifested for as long as you are thinking about it or them. When you change your focus it and or they go away.

YES, the vibration and light on earth is increasing. And our body’s base frequency or vibration is rising. Formation of new chakras is creating a deeper integration of our emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. A third RNA/DNA strand is growing and our pineal gland is changing. Increased light wakes people up increasing their intelligence and helping them to go within. BUT even though you carry more light than ever before you still need to choose, do the work and align with compassion or the hilltop is not for you.

Our biology is transmuting to our light body to come with us to the hilltop. Focus on the sensations in your body; the KUNDALINI or SPIRITUAL ENERGY ordinarily rests at the base of the spine coiled as potential energy. As we carry more light the pineal personal portal opens increasing the flow of universal compassion or energy. This energy rising up the spine and activates the chakras. Sense and feel your entire body re-adjust its alignment.

Slideshows of other lifetimes flash through your awareness. Suffering, wounds and judgments you need to release your attachment to come into your awareness. Possibly you will notice flashes of light or light codes, as the elementals continuously rewrite or updated your new awareness’s and alignment with universal law.

By olinstarwalker

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