Mystic Knowing – 12/8



Sunday, 08 December 2013 05:15 Bonnie Baumgartner

slowlowPerceiving reality as outside of YOU gets you lost in the lower vibrations or dimensions of reality, duality and survival truths. It is confusing when you perceive reality as happening outside the self because on a dark planet you are at everyone’s mercy, it does not feel safe. Security is an illusion and trust in others is risky. It is like seeing a scary movie as a child. There is drama or strong negative emotion and you never know when it will be focused on you. You feel you need to take sides to survive the ugliness. You get attached to people and ideas you think are best to keep the biology alive and your illusion of safety. You get lost, caught up in the push and pull of those that want you to JOIN them, their belief, struggles and dramas. In the amount of darkness and deception that goes on it is highly risky to align or follow anyone. Following is really a form of worship and is against the law of allowing.

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Higher dimension or vibration reality and communication are perceived internally with our senses, feelings, images and thoughts that arise from inside the self. Senses or feelings are the means of communication, NOT language or words. Information is frequently experienced before it can be understood. Answers come when you are ready to receive them. You feel communication within rather than around you or in front of you. When you live within the self there is no feeling of victimization or need to be the predator or avenger fighting to survive in a dangerous world.

With dark people being immersed in an ever-increasing pool of light on Gaia, they are getting confused. They are having new feelings of wanting to make amends. That usually means spending money on someone else. They are motivated by THEIR fear or guilt. Your gift from them comes with an agenda. Relieving a bit of their fear or guilt. They are waking up and that is good, but it is not compassion for you or them, yet.

There is no INSTANT transformation in your thoughts or heart. Shifting your beliefs AND perceptions is a process that generally takes a bit of time and a lot of restructuring of thought. All frequencies, slow and dark, through to, fast and light are all intermingled. You perceive and see the ones that you vibrate with and that match the beliefs you hold. When you live in, and focus on, danger, fear and anger that is what you will see. You notice and dwell on all that is wrong and unfair. But then that is the way of darkness.

When those around you are further along in the process of picking out compassion, it is easier for the darker ones to move to greater light. Dark beliefs are not aligned with compassion AND have ALWAYS felt wrong, but you did it anyway because you weren’t strong enough to stand in what you KNEW was true and morally right. The increased photon light helps us stand for what we have always known was true. We have always known that we should not tolerate attacks or bullying. Bystanders have always needed to take a stand and exercise their power to prevent wrongdoing. Marginalizing any person regardless of sex, age or ethnicity is never compassionate. If men and women had equal pay for equal work, that alone, would be a great stimulus to the economy.

All human thoughts are transformed into electromagnetic messages. These messages are EITHER survival ones OR messages of compassion. Survival thoughts and truths will translate on the biochemical level to the pituitary gland to release adrenalin. Our PITUITARY GLAND releases adrenaline to give us energy to stay alive by fighting or fleeing. When you carry the vibration of fear consciously or unconsciously your biology perceives any stress or negative emotion as fear. Those that are hyper-vigilant release a low level of adrenaline all the time. This is not a punishment it is a protection. When you are trapped in your negative thinking and have the power to manifest your thoughts, you will manifest or create your fears. Is that what you really want to create, attract and entrain more of.

Our PINEAL GLAND is home of the third eye and a magnet attracting higher vibrations. The pineal gland is where our soul aspect anchors into the physical body WHEN the little human or ego carries enough light for it to do that. The cosmic flow of energy comes into the crown chakra through the soul aspect. This is the portal between the physical and nonphysical and balances both the left and right hemispheres of the brain helping them work together. This portal will not open until your thoughts generate biochemical frequency waves that resonate to high 4th and 5th dimensions of self-compassion.

The pineal gland balances the liquids in humans. Water is energy and is in evolution now. During the transition humans carry more water for a bit to acclimate to higher vibrations and then less water when the biology becomes more crystalline. Our pineal gland receives and uses photon energy.

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