kauilapele – 12/04 The New Blue Sun

Posting here from Kauilapele I have followed on his journey this year.


2nd Sun Blue is in the sky


So it is




We Are Engaged… for the Final Pieces of “The Journey”…

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As I am finally in a place where I can use my computer freely and with ease (thank you, Roberto and Dusty), I have finished reserving flights and rental car for the final bits of the Journey.

As it stands now, my car will be dropped off in a couple days for shipping back to Hawaii. Then I will go to Mt. Shasta (after perhaps a day or two of “other travel in joy” to places I know not of, yet).

In Shasta, on 12-12-13, at 12:12:13 (that’s 12 hours, 12 minutes, 13 seconds), we (meaning al who care to join) will celebrate the ending of this Turtle Island portion of the Journey, and the gathering of the (who knows how many) Native Ancestrals traveling along with, for their final trip home. To Lemuria.

After this celebration I will leave the next day for Kona, and after arriving, will celebrate there as well. A ceremony will take place somewhere over there.

The final piece involves travel to Kauai, most likely for the Winter Solstice time, and a final ceremony over there.

Then it is finished.

All of this is somehow in synchronicity with what will be done in New Mexico, as well as several other gatherings occurring elsewhere on the planet.

So we will have completed what we came here to do, on this Turtle Island Journey… in my mind, it is a Grand Step into a New World of Light and Joy which has never been felt upon this planet.

The New Blue Sun has been brought forth, expressing the Divine Feminine Return to Planet Earth.

And lots of other stuff, I’m sure…

Love to all,

(PS: details of the Shasta celebration will be posted here… I’m most sure it will be at Yak’s Coffee Shop, in Mt. Shasta, but will remain open to changes)

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