Mystic Knowing – 12/02



Monday, 02 December 2013 06:53 Bonnie Baumgartner

personalstoryThe universal principle of PROJECTION is that you create your own reality or personal STORY with the thoughts you hold and focus on. If you allow others, like a guru, a parent, expert or popular personalities to create your truths for you; they become your creator when you adopt THEIR beliefs. Studying and research is one thing, adopting and OWNING is another. What you value and entrain with becomes your belief, the band of vibration your reality is in and the things you attract and create.

When the one you admire and emulate is mean spirited and controlling or has a super power of one sort or another that she or he uses to control others. You are adopting manipulation and control as a desirable characteristic. The controller is a predator that victimizes others by not allowing them their free will. The victim goes along with the force when they are too small / weak or believe being bullied is the only attention they can get or deserve. Choosing suffering, blame and “someone needs to make it better” for me; and you will continue to create that over and over again in all your realities because you have CHOSEN to be stuck playing victim predator. Chosen to be the victim that needs rescuing. The victim that turns predator and punishes or withholds because things were not done the way the victim wanted them done.

When someone has not given you what you think you need or deserve, you DECIDED to FEEL victimized. That means you have judged, blamed and are ready to punish; overtly by creating drama or covertly by withholding or carrying a grudge to settled later. Consider what happens inside your body when you decide to punish or upset yourself over something you failed to get. Feel the tension and restriction of flow in your biology. Stomach reacts negatively, your energy and focus is on “pay back” there is fear and anger covering your WOUND. A wounding you decided to OWN because you are unable to allow dark ones to behave darkly without you upsetting yourself. You want to make it all about YOU! How dark is that?

CHANGE YOUR POINT of PERCEPTION; the higher truth is, YOU have failed to give YOU what you want. You are the responsible party and the ONLY one that can give you what you need, deserve and enjoy.

An example: One woman with a serious cancer realized she focused all her energy into hating and blaming herself, which created, fed and nurtured her cancer. She switched her focus to having compassion for herself and reversed the cancer and started healing.

Deciding that you are not good enough or unworthy to have it NOW is your creation. Self-hate, feeling lonely or being stagnant in YOUR thinking moves you into a spiral of dark thinking. You need to give to you what you EARNED. Then there is no need for a victim or predator or confusion. Wanting or waiting for another to give you what you have failed to earn is not aligned with compassion. Show a little tenderness to you and own YOUR dark spiral of thought that you created. See you are a creator.

Your biology is never the enemy. You created it to help you gather spiritual wisdom. If you decided to cripple the biology in some manner, it was to get you to react in a compassionate manner with you. If your biology was abused and or sexually used as a child what awareness were you trying to get you to see? Were you the predator in other realities?

Your story or reality can only be changed or rewritten from within you and by you. Being upset, angry, cynical, skeptical, pessimistic, long suffering and impatient are ALL YOUR creations. With a new point of perception your thoughts can change. Instead of all the reruns you play over and over consider the humor in your stubborn inability to change. See you banging your head into a break wall, always expecting it to be a door. That’s pretty funny and not so wise. If nothing has changed why would the outcome change. Consider the other trashy painful feelings you hold close to you and keep recreating for yourself to reinforce your pain and suffering. Consider all the emotional experience you WISHED you could have and never did. Will you keep dragging that pain forward to LIVE IN IT in present time? Or can you release it so you can create the emotional experiences you want for yourself in present time?

CHANGE YOUR POINT of PERCEPTION; the higher truth is, you withheld compassion from you. You judged, blamed and punished you. To heal, realign or change you need to have compassion for your suffering, fear, self doubt and confusion. Love and comfort you emotionally, especially the inner child that still hurts.

The universal principle of PROSPERITY means prosperity is DENIED to you in the amount that you feel guilt, self-hate, envy or hostility for you being prosperous or you witnessing another’s prosperity. Your prosperity is in direct proportion to your ability to receive and enjoy being prosperous for you and others. Your thoughts create your reality. Maintaining a prosperous compassionate attitude even in states of poverty or what you consider lack is what will move you into prosperity and trigger the law of attraction to bring you more of the same.

Spiritual abundance and prosperity are considered nourishment in the now moment: for each day, one day at a time. Spiritual wealth is gathering and wise use of your resources in a balanced way. Hoarding of any type is NEVER abundance and results in spiritual poverty. Hoarding is being stuck in lack, stagnation, fear and darkness. Hoarding results in poverty in the third dimension also because of your narrow focus you loose friends, children, spouses, have poor health and many lost opportunities for you to be compassionate, you continuously recreate the same thing over and over to avoid FEELING. Hoarding is used to avoid your wounds and having compassion for you.

By olinstarwalker

2 comments on “Mystic Knowing – 12/02

  1. thanks I am so appreciative of your sharing your very profound awareness. It is for me, more an inclination to pull away from society and all in it, I share what I can, but I am in a little wave, I will try to ride it in gratitude, although, proving difficult as I am more and more sickened and disappointed by humanity.

    • Np, thank you for reading. I try to post whats relevant to the progression of moving small i out of the seat that belongs to Capital I AM, that is the goal. To be HUE-MAN (with a Capital H) at all times and in all things consciously aware, that being human (lower case h) is only a small part of the picture and not all of it. A wise man once said that you can BE in this world and not of it. There are many things that we want to see changed in this world, but we must first BE who we are meant to be. That requires alot of change in thinking.

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