Mystic knowing – 11/15



Friday, 15 November 2013 05:25 Bonnie Baumgartner

healyou1stPeople worry about and concern them self with FINDING their passion or mission before they have figured out how to be compassionate with themselves. They put the cart before the horse. If you are not compassionate with your self, first what can you offer another? You can only perpetuate your misdirection and darkness and the type of victim and predator you are being. Your neediness means others NEED to accept YOUR version of truth and reality, making you the predator. If or when they do not accept your reality you become their victim. This cycle is dark truths in action.

Making you happy is your job and responsibility. Learning to be compassionate with you is your responsibility if you want to carry more light. Your life unfolds as you create it; your upset or delight or suffering is created by the thoughts you carry in your head and put into practice in your life.

The Universal Law of ALLOWING grants EACH individual and entity the right to have their own reality to BE and DO whatever they choose as long as they avoid violating the rights of others or destroying any part of the collective environment.

NOT ALLOWING means you are ATTACHED to your belief and your agenda. You are willing to use seduction, sucking up, pleasing, telling pretty stories or lies, abuse or force to make another adopt your reality and truths. Earth has been a dark planet and quarantined of “not allowing” for the past twelve thousand years. Our ancestors from Atlantis chose NOT ALLOWING for us and we have not turned that around yet, as a group. Gaia is a planet of free will BUT the dark elite has not allowed disagreement with their agendas. This is why you need to observe the law of allowing and compassion individually, to move your soul aspect OUT of this presently dark matrix.

Many families are run the same way, the biggest bully has things the way they want them. The rest on the family enables the tyranny to exist because they are attached to the bribe, whatever that may be. We all know and have experienced dark people, groups and organizations that do not follow the law of allowing. Dark ones have more power, control and or money and are happy to move you into their reality. Your agendas for more admiration, money, control, acceptance or stuff is what you are attached too.

There is never a need to seek out people to help. It is not compassionate to try to make someone “understand” YOUR path when they have chosen another path. The lessons and support that have maximum benefit for you BOTH will appear at the right moment. Your job is to notice when that happens. Not force your agenda to feel like you are a good, self-sacrificing individual. Instead of forcing your neediness on others, heal you first.

The universal principle of RESPONSIBILITY is that you respond to a need when you have the ability and enough light to respond. Without energy feeding cords or dark contracts. Then, you will receive energy from all those you respond to because you are creating energy together synergistically.

The universal principle of AUTHORITY means the one that is aware, worthy and capable of accepting responsibility for an act has the authority to act. Many want the authority, but will not take on the responsibility for their actions and deal with any fallout.

Our biology contains the lowest vibrations of our consciousness. That means it is the least informed and aware of all our aspects in our conglomerate of awareness. It is the least knowledgeable or spiritual and deals with the vibration of fear and survival. The need to stay alive, means we are choosing to fight or run. Pumping adrenalin shapes our reality. Wanting to FLEE earth, which so many talk and fanaticize about is not consistent with compassion for you and is really an expression of your FEAR.

Instead of fighting the darkness that abounds in this reality, focus on increasing your compassion for you. Operating in fear, worry and drama means you have little or no control over your EMOTION, thinking and creating. You’re allowing awareness of ONLY survival truths or darkness. Ascension is not an option for you then. Fear and compassion cannot be comingled. It is either, or. Dwell in fear or have compassion for you first.

Ascension is NOT a reward for being a “good person.” Whatever you happen to believe is good. Ascension is the measure of your alignment with compassion. The logic and behavior of darkness is very ingrained in us, that is all we have known. It takes a lot of conscious thought and changing of perceptions to release the twisted dark ways of thinking that has been handed down to us through the ages. Ascension happens only when your thinking changes, why do you suppose this planet was quarantined? We haven’t even been nice to each other or good no matter how you define those words. Our thinking and reasoning has been the darkest and mean spirited.

The ascension process happens inside of us, internally. It is a slow progression of releasing dark thought patterns and embracing increasing amounts of compassion. Your inner guidance knows and gladly shares any information you have the awareness to ask about. You are in process of mastering your thoughts instead of reacting emotionally. Releasing and leaving behind all the survival truths we had mastered and measured our worth with. If mine is bigger and more expensive I am more valuable than you are. If I am smarter and nastier than you “I win.” The dark cycle of victim predator and confused innocent kept the biology alive, well dressed and fed. Sexual activity has been used to control, force, addict and dissociate people.

Your soul aspects are generally higher vibrating than you and have never been impressed or interested in material gain or sexual addictions. The biology was the vehicle for the soul to experience dark truths and that has certainly happened. The dark game is over and the wisdom is gathered or not. Ascension is all about getting BACK into alignment with universal law: Receive and give only compassion. In the past, to ascend spiritually the biology died. Now we are ascending spiritually without dying physically, being born again or having new childhood traumas to deal with. Ascending with the same biology allows you to remember your experiences and the wisdom you gained or didn’t.

Having “one ascension” was equal to the spiritual wisdom normally gained in one lifetime. Continued ascensions mark the little human or ego release of survival truths or keeping the biology alive or all our dark behavior patterns of fear, blame, judgment, doubt and attachment. The little human or ego strives to align with their light soul aspects again.

By olinstarwalker

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