Mystic Knowing 11/12



Monday, 11 November 2013 07:15 Bonnie Baumgartner

2wayfeedingNegativity, fear, righteous indignation and anger in YOU, feeds YOUR energy to the dark ones, their game and their agenda. Two-way energy feeding tubs are immediately in operation. You feed on their “dark junk food energy” and they take any light you might have. Having had your light siphoned you seek out someone else to feed from. Your spouse upsets you and you feed from each other. You are still hungry so you feed from a child or pet or a friend. Then you get bored and feel lonely so you start upsetting your spouse, child, pet, coworker, neighbor or friend. Now you feel alive again as you feed from the drama and each other.

That is the cycle or TRUTHS or UNIVERSAL PHYSICS of playing victim predator and confused innocent games.

The higher level TRUTH is the Universal Law of ALLOWING. Allowing grants EACH individual the right to have their own reality to BE and DO whatever they choose as long as they avoid violating the rights of others or destroying any part of the collective environment.

Now we all know and realize that dark people and dark groups and organizations do not follow the law of allowing. Dark ones want things to go the way they want them to go and if that is not what you want “too bad” “so sad” they have more power control and or money and are happy to force you.

“Is there any particular LIE or “pretty story” you want to hear, while being tricked, misdirected or forced?”

Our planet functions like this because it is a dark planet with free will. You can continue to follow and support dark truths or leave them behind. The truths you follow are always your choice. When you want to leave the victim predator cycle and move to compassion, you need to do it by yourself, alone. Anytime you have had enough, are willing to own your behavior patterns and take responsibility to change your thinking, you can. You cannot expect or force others to join you as that drops you and your vibration back into dark truths and dark realities.

On earth we have all forced OTHERS and been forced. Going to war, hating, waiting to be rescued, seeking justice or vengeance reflect our ATTACHMENT to forcing one group’s reality onto another group or individual. Fail to follow the rules and you get “shunned,” ignored or attacked or bullied and at times taken out. Attachment to ANY agenda or outcome for YOU or another goes against the law of allowing and keeps your vibration, low, slow, dark and you a victim and predator.

About sending love, peace or nastiness.

Any message with an agenda, to those that are suffering or you want to suffer MAY help them to experience brief moments of peace or suffering. BUT having any agenda goes against the law of allowing and takes them off their path. You are projecting (forcing) your reality on others and you are interfering with their ability to heal or gather the spiritual wisdom THEY want to gather. Do you carry a child when it is trying to master walking or do you allow and support the child in their effort at independence and what they choose? Stop trying to get others to adopt YOUR reality! Stop demanding, pleasing or seducing and work to allow. Free you first. THEN you will have no attachment to what others want you to do, say, be or think. Allow them to experience the logical consequences of their choices without your interference, “god complex” or agenda. Withdraw your energy, cut the energy feeding cords and break any dark contracts you have with them.

Changing your point of perception STARTS with you having compassion for you first. Concern your self with what is nurturing, enjoyable and creative for you and your soul. Accidents and illness are experiences your soul aspect planned to help you master spiritual awareness and compassion. Some people need a 2×4 upside their head to wake up. The choice is up to you. Do you want it easy and smooth or are you stuck and stubborn and need a catastrophic event to get your attention?

When you wake up you will start to see or notice the cause and affects of your creations. How what you chose created what you are currently experiencing. Everything that happens to you IS by your own personal design. But learning takes place when you OWN the experiences you created. When you take responsibility for “your creations” and “whom you entrain with” or fall in sync with. Accept what is in your life NOW and work with it. The place you were born the pathology of your family or the disease your vibration attracted is not random. It was your choice. What did you want to figure out or learn about? Who did you want to rescue? Whom did you want to force to love you?

By olinstarwalker

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