Mystic Knowing – 10/31


DownloadedFilePractice the word No, “I can’t” “I do not want to” “I am too busy with me” or just NO! The word NO is a clear choice. “No” protects you from the one looking to exploit you. When you can’t say NO. Possibly, you believe you are gathering conditional love or warding off abuse or dissociating to avoid wakefulness? Remember dark ones only give conditional love, abuse or care taking. Is that what you are collecting or want in your reality? Is conditional love and ENTRAINMENT with dark ones where you want your awareness and vibration to live?

Negativity, exploitation, deception, broken promises and darkness are ongoing attitudes, choices that become lifestyles. Engaging with dark ones is desirable when you choose negativity or darkness. Honor their choice and disengage from interacting with them. Saying no to dark ones and walking away from them is showing YOU compassion. Choosing your vibration is picking your reality and your truths.

Our soul or spirit or “information cloud” is energy and knowledge that the little human or ego restricts and limits to the vibrations of our THOUGHTS. Our thinking is compassionate or dark and not aligned with universal law. We are life forms that “think up” or create what we can know and experience. On earth for a short time longer: third, fourth and fifth dimension or vibration are present. We move our thoughts around in all three vibrations all day long. When we consistently chose compassion and can sustain that vibration for longer periods of time, third and fourth dimension, duality and dark survival truths start to fall away bit by bit. You set up YOUR harmonic resonance to reside in fifth dimension and higher when your thinking is compassionate.

The mind that surrounds the biology, is our body of consciousness or DNA that responds to the many frequencies of reality we live in. The mind is always taking in and sending out information. The mind contains awareness of all our experiences in all our realities. What our mind and brain emanate is attracted back to us. Electromagnetically we pull in more of what we sent out. What we think, FEEL and believe is our point of perception, reality, vibration and what we perceive to be true. More compassion emanating from you emotionally and biochemically means a more joyful you.

Our thoughts and emotions emanate out into our aura and then out into the biosphere of Gaia to sustain this holograph and the collective mind of humans. Then the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS, GROUP MIND or COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS, which is the thought, feeling and actions of the entire group combined into one thought and belief system representing the entire group of the planet and that is emanated back to all the life forms living on Her, an endless cycle of giving and receiving.

Currently and until the end of 2013 the Crystals from Atlantis are rising, activating and coming on line. January 2014 they will be in full operation helping to rebalance and raise the vibration of Gaia along with all the life forms on Her. New surges of higher vibrating energy challenge the biology upsetting our personal equilibrium and sense of well-being as we entrain with higher vibrations. We are all under construction. Our clarity will be increased so we can SEE what is NOT aligned with compassion easier. Physical fatigue, emotional upset and rethinking stuck beliefs and patterns and noticing NEW opportunities.

By olinstarwalker

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