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Friday, October 18, 2013

Stone Age Structures or 4th dimensional buildings?

Just remembered a saying I got the other day: The megaliths and other very old stone structures are the remains of 4th dimensional energy buildings, created out of geometry, sound and light. Thus the stones appeared AFTER the 3rd dimension arose out of the 4th dimension of galactic Terra.
All higher dimensional energy turns into crystallized calcified grid structures at some point when the higher dimensional energies leave the basic structures and the calcification sets in.
Thus the old megalithic structures – incl. Stonehenge – are not built by Stone Age people or advanced cultures in the original 3rd dimension of Terra, before the hologram was created some 12500 years ago, but the remaining light structures of the 4th dimensional races of Terra, being turned into calcified structures when the dimensions reversed further and btw. we are only able to live here because of the hologram.
Galactic Terra is only functioning on the 1st and 2nd original dimensions and is as such in a process of total calcification on our level of reality. Naturally the many hosts and inserted fields of higher energies – as well as connected star portals to parallel digressed universes – are holding the last calcification back and give us the time to upgrade our energy systems and get out in the different stages as I have talked about, but as the digressed races leave, the connected energy infusions from the connected digressed universes leave as well and the remaining energies are what the free worlds, the future and other galactic communities are able to merge into the hologram and the level of higher consciousness we, as different dimensional races, are able to fuse into the grid by upgrading our energy systems.
Of course the transhuman and the Kryst communities have their hosts in place as well.
E.g. Stonehenge was not a circle built for worshipping the solstice etc. but was originally a light dome holding some very thick pillars of plasma crystal light. It was originally a council for various 4th dimensional races of Terra, and held different samples of the original pillars of the old crystalline plasma domes of the created worlds. The 4th dimensional races originally came here from what we now understand and see as Mars, but as this dimension lost its higher potentials and energies, the 3rd galactic level was the next to inhabit and the remaining structures of the old 4th dimension remained as stone features here and on Mars.
Thus they are much older than the Stone Age and dates back to before the hologram was inserted into the 3rd dimension of Terra. Only faint grid lines – fine lines of light – is what is left of the higher dimensional energies of the 4th dimension and ancient cultures of the hologram have always tapped into those trying to get some of the old knowledge of the 4th dimension out and back into the hologram.
Alignments near Kermario, France, photo 1995, G. Luxenberg, Drexel University.

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