Mystic Knowing – Oct 14


Monday, 14 October 2013 09:12 Bonnie Baumgartner


Currently on earth now is a vast network or series of interconnections of light that we are not hearing about or being made aware of that are growing and expanding. This is happening with the support and planning of our GALACTIC FAMILY or GREATER COMMUNITY. The ones we call extraterrestrials and aliens. Some are our friends and family working to free us from the control of the elite or illuminati. Intelligent life is on and in earth, in countless physical and spiritual manifestations. We all need to consciously be awake and aware so we can think and DECIDE individually the group or reality we want to be in or align with. Or our innocent trusting ignorance will decide for us and we will get more of what we have now.

ONE GROUP is spiritually aware, higher vibrating and light aligned with universal law. They work with their soul aspects to manifest whatever they may need in the now moment. They practice individual freedom and thought instead of technology and weapons.

The OTHER GROUP is generally considered traders, buyers and sellers between worlds and civilizations. They are very competitive and duality RULES! Technology and weapons are needed to prevent others from controlling you or taking your stuff. Generally the groups come from collectives and groupthink bound together by a common allegiance or control. These collectives have competing agendas. Individual freedom is unknown to them. They are MENTALLY manipulative and manipulated. They get others to work for them by telling them what they want to hear, any lie that works. You are most useful to them when you are passive, compliant and feel worthless and guilty. Busy hands with an empty mind, the victim predator confused and dissociated innocent. They use chemical and psychic warfare and lack compassion.

The first group is assisting Gaia to rid herself of entities that are more dark than light or the second group through attrition by gradually reducing their strength. This illusion and its apparent time-line and linearity are subject to the law of fluidity all the time BUT roughly:

1914 to 2100 Gaia as a planet started her 6th ascension or increasing her compassion or changing her truths. Around 1945 humanity made a course correction from following others, or the leader, to trusting more in the self. When a higher vibrating soul group wants to give the earth population an infusion of light they incarnate in large groups, coming in as infants. En mass the Indigo babies arrived around 1975 to 1995. The Crystal children came in 1980s to 2000, the Rainbow child arrived in the 1990s thru 2010 and the “Integrated child” is starting to arrive. They do not experience or understand duality and survival truths. They are one with Gaia.

In the 1980s our biology started preparing itself to accept higher frequencies of light arriving on earth from the sun and photon belt. The ability to think and receive compassion is the key to the transmutation of our biology. August 16-17, 1987 the harmonic convergence marked the first time the earth carried EQUAL amounts of light and dark energy and a vibration of spiritual and moral neutrality. 1987 to 2012 marked the 25-year Millennium Shift. We were invited to reject our karmic set ups of dark truths and contracts. We could move to greater light individually by aligning with universal law.

May 1998 the earth entrained with the photon belt and the first of its twelve gigantic homogenizing vortexes of electromagnetically charged energy to rebalance all that enter. It takes 2,000 years to pass through all the vortexes and rebalance the entire earth completely to the vibration of the 5th dimension. 2001 the earth, many humans, animals, plants and minerals moved to the 4th dimension leaving the 3rd dimension and its truths behind. In 2007 in an effort to speed up the ascension process for the little human, our soul aspects grouped many of our SIMILAR dark patterns on a particular theme together in a bundle for us to heal at one time.

By 2009 the vibration of earth is high enough to allow the entire population to communicate with pictures or telepathically when they believe they can. The higher vibrations have also disrupted our ability to deny what is true, personally and in the group consciousness.

March 2011 the lower 4th dimension stopped existing with all the lost gray souls it held locked in dark patterns of victim predator and confused innocent roles. They were moved to another location, a sort of waiting room. May 21, 2011 souls or any entity or fetus with more DARK than light are unable to incarnate on earth, parents with less than 36% light will have soulless infants. Dark ancestors can no longer incarnate into biology or hang around in the emotional body of Gaia.

November 11, 2011 we moved from human law into UNIVERSAL LAW being the law of the land and universe. “Give and receive only compassion” we are 100% responsible for all we create or fail to create. December 10-12, 2011 was the tipping point on earth from dark to light. Dark was displaced from their state of stable equilibrium into unbalance and chaos.

The collective consciousness is not trapped any longer in fear. January 26, 2012 a portal was opened for all the dark pieces, aspects and demons left on earth of those souls that have been relocated to join their creators.

February 27, 2012 a portal was opened to support humans in having increased compassion for the self.

April 16, 2012 the “70,000 enlightened people” needed to shift the entire planet into a higher state of consciousness was reached. Their enlightened awareness was put into the mass consciousness and transferred to the whole group. Many shifted from the 4th dimension into the 5th dimension.

May 20, 2012 is the start of “booting up” a new program for the entire Milky Way Galaxy. The solar eclipse marked the start of a new orbit or cycle around ALCYONE our Central Sun.

Summer of 2012 was, when various Illuminist group leaders knew for sure they had lost control of their rank and file. Each group assumed the other groups were still in control of their operations but they were not. The top of the illuminati pyramid consists of the 13 ruling families. These are the generational bloodlines of families that are the real decision makers in this world and in every country. They control world traffic in money, drugs, guns, pornography and prostitution. Each family is given an area or function to fulfill like global finance, mind control, military or technology research and development, religion, media, entertainment and news.

Portal evolution in 2012 Portals are sentient and when your consciousness resonates or vibrates high enough to match and recognize a portal it will open when asked.  

November 13, 2012 the total solar eclipse is to help align and adjust the little human misdirection’s on their path to alignment with universal law.

December 12 and 21, 2012 or 12/12/12 marks the recalibration of the sacred calendar and the beginning and the end of multiple cycles. The history of mankind up through 2012 will be measured as old and dark.

2013 is the turning point from old SURVIVAL truths to more light and COMPASSION for the self. Earth is shifting frequency from 12:60 machine “time is money” domination or the evolution of the ego or little human individual consciousness. Into the universal unified consciousness of 13:20 or spiritual and mental creativity and equality.

May 2013 Gaia is at 81% light but the human’s light varies. SUMMER of 2013 is one of INTENSE energy fields of HEAT to burn out pockets of density and be a catalyst for transmutation and transition.

August 2013 the Elementals are creating a worldwide SERVER, a centralized resource to connect those that want to communicate or interact on the fifth to seventh dimension or vibration.

By 2016 most people carrying less than 60% light will be gone from earth

By olinstarwalker

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