Monday, 30 September 2013 12:40 Bonnie Baumgartner

poweroverA secret political faction is a CABAL. From Medieval Latin you get cabala or Kabbalah. The members of the cabal handling the earth or the Illuminists core beliefs are power-over others. In the Milky Way Galaxy for the last 20 million years saw generation after generation and the POWER OVER OTHERS winning and taking over planet after planet. The power-over species were mainly reptilian and came from beliefs of “survival of the fittest.” Other civilizations on various planets believed in the POWER WITHIN the SELF, all the aspects of you working together. Eventually after trying many things that did not work power within the self-groups gathered the wisdom to defeat the “power over others” belief pattern. It took many generations and millions of years to defeat them.


Thoughts and emotions fall into two main groups and vibrations: fear and compassion. Fear vibrates slow and low. Compassion vibrates high. Resonating to a higher frequency takes you out of power-over others reality. They don’t see you any longer. You no longer exist in their reality.

The power-within troops gathered the wisdom that fighting and killing turned them into those that need power over others to win. What you fight or engage with you become, as The Universal Law of ENTRAINMENT or RESONANCE or FREQUENCY or VIBRATION explains. Entrainment requires that two or more vibrations existing in the same space MUST adjust to each other and combine creating a single resonance and that applies to everything, from subatomic particles to the universe. All energy, all thoughts and all feelings vibrate or resonate at a specific frequency and they must be harmonious when they share space.

Do not engage in combat with dark enemies using anger or fear. Negativity FEEDS them your energy. Your strong negative energy makes them stronger. They feed on the energy of fear, sorrow, anger, guilt, revenge and doubt. That low vibration on energy puts The Universal Law of ATTRACTION or “like attracts like” into play. What emanates from you attracts more of the same back to you. You get what you give.

The Universal Law of ALLOWING means you stop trying to get others to adopt and live in your reality. When you stop pleasing, trying to change, demand or seduce, you can allow. Release your judgment, blame or attachment to what you have decided YOU need to be, say or do. Free you first. THEN you will have no attachment to what others want you to do, say, be or think.

Attachment to ANY agenda or outcome for YOU or another goes against the universal law of allowing.

Our POWER WITHIN is when you carry so much compassion or light for you that you EXPAND beyond the third dimension reality. Higher vibration means higher perceptions and the skill to see beyond all illusion. See through the lies, deceptions and control. Once you CHOOSE compassion to ALL stimuli, The Universal Law of ATTRACTION brings you compassion. By avoiding reacting negatively or with drama you free yourself from the third dimension, its separateness and duality.

All emotion has an intense essence, or odor or scent. This is the way animal and plants determine if a human is safe or not. Plants move towards or move away. Humans are animals that have lost or suppressed our animal instincts. We pushed aside the survival skill of smelling others emotions. With our increased clairsentience we will get that sense back. Smelling fear in others means you can smell it in yourself. That definitely cuts into self-deception and any denial you may have. The reptilians retained their sense of smell and smelled our fear so we were unable to successfully hide from them. Draconians are extremely intelligent and developed the most sophisticated strategies of battle there are. They are masters of psychological warfare. Most people on earth are totally unaware and in denial of how controlled we are.

Just as some on earth have moved into compassion, ascension and their individual fifth dimension expression so have some reptilians. Some reptilians joined those emanating compassion because of their long interaction with those emanating compassion. The same way that the odor of fear infiltrates many to go darker to have power over others, the odor of compassionate infiltrates many to go lighter.

Learning to resonate only to compassion in the face of death or loosing your biology is difficult when you fail to understand it is only a vehicle. You are able to create a new vehicle if you like. From the fifth dimension you are free of time and space so you always know what your enemies plan. BUT when you go into negative emotion about it or plan revenge you lose your edge and awareness by dropping back down into third dimension and not knowing and negative emotion.

ALL life in the third dimension has a fifth dimensional form to move into whenever they are ready to maintain compassion for the self.

The spiritual synchronicities our light soul aspect structures and orchestrates for us are planned from the higher vibration of the fifth dimension that is free of time and space. They always know the probabilities of what has or could happen. Synchronicities are structured like a net or field or spider web with all of the possible potentials for you, plus the potentials for those around you. Your soul aspects SEE all the connections and percentages of what is most probable to happen. NOW what the little human or ego does or fails to do and think at that meeting or synchronicity is a whole different matter. You can lead a human to a wisdom gathering experience but you can’t make her or him gather the wisdom. We live in a hologram or virtual ocean of possible realities to choose from. Our thoughts and emotions have a vibration or frequency that dictate the reality we reside in, moment by moment. Waiting for synchronicities to happen is not wise because the ego or little human agenda goes against the law of allowing.

Synchronicities work piecemeal like a jigsaw puzzle does and humans are required to connect all the pieces together. Trust your FIRST instinct or intuition as it is generally from your soul aspect. When humans hear an intuition spoken to them in their voice they think they thought of it. They probably did not. Be open to the synchronicities your soul creates and try to recognize the opportunities that are being presented to you. These promptings come in subtle ways that seem ordinary. It will be up to you to discern the awareness, connection, person and or opportunity being offered to you when it happens.

By olinstarwalker

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