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The Terra-Gaia Network

Sunday, September 1, 2013

How to Change Our Energy System


This article is an overview of the basic theories behind the newsletters to come. In those I will investigate the human energy system as it unfolds into the bio-vessel, the emotional energy field, the mental energy field, give an example of how to work through the 4th priestly high consciousness field and end in how to work with the morphogenetic energy field and the racial DNA, preparing for the cross-world basic energy system. I will, in the newsletters, give practical advice on how to work with the different fields as well as a deeper explanation on how each field works in relation to the latest scientific understanding of the human psyche and body. The goal is to connect the holographic reality to the actual human energy system and not follow in the footsteps of distant world-views and illusory spiritual teachings. Only the direct materialistic approach on how to work with reality will actually transform it.
The newsletters will be posted as an e-book on the Terra-Gaia Network Blog in 2014 for free.

……For now the only tool we have to connect to the created worlds or galactic areas are through our mind if we succeed in heightening the frequencies of the human energy system and create a bridge to the realties beyond the outer low frequency areas of the hologram.
This understanding gives the reason why the contact with the non-holographic reality fields is mainly telepathic. Or, if we are lucky, in short moments when the galactic, or exoconscious, humanities enter the hologram in brief moments as light, “UFO´s”, unidentified aerial phenomenon (UAP) or similar non-earthly events when they “take on” electromagnetic energies within the visible spectrum; i.e. changing the spin of the galactic energies and creating a temporary representation we are familiar with. They are momentarily dressed up in the cloak of the hologram as we are. Remember: Just because we cannot see things, it does not mean that they do not exist!
The most common way the exoconscious humanities enter the hologram is to use our personal energy field when we have learned to activate higher or short wavelengths of reality. When those frequencies are present in our energy field, our helpers can cross the quantum barrier and enter our field as a non-local locality, so to speak, connecting through the wave patterns in our energy system. The wave patterns are closer to the created reality fields and the non-holographic worlds. Understanding this, all we really have to do is to utilize our energy system and regain control over the short wavelengths (the full light spectrum) not only the long frequency patterns we have been brainwashed to use and perceive as the only levels of reality.

As a little remark the connection and sensing of the short wavelengths are not going to be through the eyes, but through the nervous system (mostly the PNS) and the skin as bodily sensations (the nervous system is basically created out of nerves and thus functions through electro-chemical signaling). From these afferent impulses we have to train our brain to discern and interpret the energies sensed and thus reopen new areas in our brain. Meditation and cleansing of the emotional field is the first step in this process.

Read the whole article here…….

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