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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Exo-Politics and Syria – part 2

Apparently there is more information to share on the topic.
First we have to remember that Earth is a 3D hologram made out of the interference pattern from two sources; the 1st and 2nd galactic dimensions of the original created field called Terra.
Terra is the created planet (a manifestation field of the races of the True Worlds) we are imbedded into and this large manifestation field originally consisted of all densities and thus was directly connected to the True Worlds. But as the density 1 areas of Terra started to fragment certain other fragmented areas, such as the sucked in infected areas of true Tara from the core worlds, were pulled into the manifestation fields of Terra. The original 3rd dimension of Terra remained connected to the original created manifestation fields and the rest, the 1st and 2ndlayers of density 1 Terra, were quarantined from both Tara and the rest of the Created Worlds.
Thus our 3rd dimension, as well as the 4th and 5th are artificial and has very little to do with the true 3rd, 4th etc. dimensions or density 1 layers of Terra. As the density 1 area fragmented further it split into 12 dimensions of which we only see the levels of those that are visible to us, cf. the spectrum of visible light and the capacities of the eyes. Those levels are symbolically shown to us as the planets and the Sun, i.e. the solar system is just an the holographic representation of the remains of density 1 Terra. If we visit Mars and was a non-human we would be able to connect directly to the original 4th dimension of density 1 Terra.
Even some sources have thought us that the densities match the dimensions, this is only partly true: Each density holds all the dimensions because it is only when the infection hits a density (certain type of created manifestation field) it turns into dimensions. The infection fragments the consciousness of the Created Worlds. Thus a coherent density holds no dimensions, but if this area is hit by the infection, the fragmentation will be a direct replica of the original full planet holding all densities – all lower densities hold the possibilities of the higher densities – but in a sub-copying way as in what is possible to contain of the original planet into the sub-dimensions.
As density 1 Terra is seriously fragmented, the 1st and 2nd layers only hold the basic features of the rest of Terra and thus what we perceive is strongly limited. The material our bio-vessels are made of simply cannot hold other dimensions than the ones from the density 1 layers, in contrast to a non-infected density 1 manifestation field that holds all the possibilities of the other densities it is connected to. A non-infected density 1 human can thus evolve into the higher densities, because it holds all the potentials to do so, it simply has to evolve and activate them.
This field within a field, the 12 dimensions of density 1 Terra, is as such not available for us within the hologram, our capacities are limited by the damaged 1st and 2nd dimensional holographic input, but the races from outside the artificial 3rd dimension of Earth are still holding the full capacity to see and interact with the fragmented 12 dimensions of density 1 Terra. These manifestation fields are directly connected to the 1st and 2nd dimensions of Terra and therefore whatever is manifested within the hologram has a vague connection to the dimensional fields outside the visible spectrum.
This means: If a being manifest within the artificial 3D hologram, and are from the 3rd galactic dimensions or other density 1 areas of the Created Worlds, this being will have full capacity to view and interact with the remaining dimensions of density 1 Terra. Again density 1 Terra is fragmented into 12 dimensions connecting to other similar dimensional fields in the Created Worlds. Those 12 dimensions reflect the original Terra, but in a limited way and thus a being from the 5th original dimension (not the artificial 5th of Earth) of the fragmented density 1 Terra is then a very highly evolved being, compared to us, in spite of the fact that this being is holding some level of the infection. It is still a density 1 being, but evolved through the fragmented or infected codes being similar to the ones we find in density 2 coherent and non-infected areas. The 5th dimensional consciousness is high, but infected, i.e. it holds light but is losing connection to its original CUs.
So all in all; our solar system is a reflection of density 1 Terra, albeit divided into 12 dimensions which we cannot see, due to our limited 1st and 2nd dimensional and severely fragmented bio-vessel. The electromagnetic energies we consist of are the last stages before the total disintegration of consciousness. This type of energy is created within the Created Worlds and is an invention of the infected density 1 races of the quarantined areas and not of the original created races from the non-infected Created Worlds.
The more fragmented the racial DNA gets and the consciousness it is able to evolve, the more prone the consciousness in the artificial bio-vessel is to identify itself with the body. Thus we are not seeing a humanity being held as prisoners, but various types of how the infection works. Naturally some galactic races have taken advantage of this, inserted their own infected members into the hologram trying to solve the problem (in such manner the hologram is more like a colony of infected than a prison) and again other has chosen to get integrated for various reasons.
Nothing is simple when it comes to galactic consciousness and reasons for doing this or that.
To play with the idea of Earth as a colony, Earth is then representing many races and each area within the hologram – such as a country or a nation – belongs to specific races outside the hologram and their dimensional level of galactic lifeforms connected to the 12 dimensions of other density 1 areas or density 1 Terra.
Therefore it is not so difficult to understand the level of consciousness of humanity and the many different primitive agendas being outplayed here. We are a colony of mainly infected galactic beings, originally from the Created Worlds and holding the CUs of the True Worlds, but for many reasons we are now present here.
The other main problem is that many of the original races have been mixed and interbreed, by mitigation or immigration, you choose the term, and not as much by some controlling races experimenting with the human race. Each galactic race do experiment with their racial DNA, that is the “souls” or orbs of consciousness that they insert into the bio-vessel, some by choice other by direct integration if the orb has lost most of its individuality and is now only potentials. Each time an orb pulls out, i.e. the field holding the racial DNA and thus the original galactic (Created World consciousness), albeit infected consciousness, the return always is an attempt to beat the infection for some races and for others as entertainment, as an experiment, as a way to learn more, or as a part of a larger pictures as the humans of the future being sent back to prevent the transhuman agenda; i.e. the final solution to the infected stellar races that cannot reverse the infection and thus have chosen the crystalline path of evolution.
The colony of holographic Earth is thus in a process of devolution and when we see political games played out, it all has to do with the original areas in which the first infected races was inserted and the manifestation potentials such areas holds. Each field on Earth was originally created by the first visiting races and thus holds their coding.
Very old areas, most of the ones in the Middle East, are all more or less connected to the first races that came here from different dimensions of density 1 Terra. The first races were less infected and thus in our present ways of viewing things seen as highly evolved beings. Most of the original races came in their galactic bodies, but as the infection became more severe, the original consciousness could not fill out such large and highly evolved bodies and the human vessel was invented. This was the beginning of the human race as we see it and understand it. In spite of the archeological remains of humanoids in apelike forms, those beings have nothing to do with the human race. The human body, an artificial construction, was inserted into the hologram around 12.500 years ago, when the quarantine came into full effect, and the overlap of the old galactic races, and their taller bodies, are what we have left as depiction of gods etc.
Why do I take on this angle? Well, if we are to transform the bio-vessel and reach the racial DNA in us, in order to reactivate the remaining CUs in us, we have to stop looking upon ourselves, as a race, as victims. The past of our holographic reality is our future selves, so we were once magnificent beings and we will become this again, no matter how we got the infection. Some got it from visiting infected areas, others took it on as an experiment and others simply came in contact with it. And yes, some of the Taraian priesthood took the infection with them back from the Created Worlds trying to transform it within the original plasma mother crystals infecting the other crystals of that plasma being, ending in the fragmentation of Tara, but mainly it all was unintended and only after the event some of the priests, being infected themselves, started to speculate in using the power of the infection to their own purposes. This is water under the bridge. The goal is to work on how to alter our energy system.
I guess I had to work my way through into this angle on things, before posting the next article and the newsletters. Some of it is old news, other has a new angle to it. The intention or the goal is thus:
1) We are not victims or kept as prisoners by alien races. We are able to change our settings the moment we choose to do so. Not easily, but it can be done. When we start the process there is a lot of help to gain from the original 3rd dimensional beings of density 1 Terra as well as other helping forces connected to your racial DNA.
2) Blame and reasons does not help us much; fighting the infection and understanding our own major part of the transformation process, is the way out.
3) To regain our proud Created World consciousness, albeit the form it has now is far from the original one we came here with. It is not a loss, because we can turn this into potentials and means of new types of evolution. We have nothing to lose, nothing to fear and all to win.
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