The Terra-Gaia Network – Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Terra-Gaia Network

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My conclusions on the forensics of Earth


I have been using the last two days researching the Internet for various levels of information on respectively bio-engineering or synthetic biology (see my Facebook page for links) as well as the Consciousness beyond chemtrails 2012 congress of which the latter is not really my type of information, but I kind of stated in my latest post that there was a whole other much more important agenda behind the decoy of chemtrails, so I had to figure out how to put my intuition into words finding the traits of it in the hologram; the forensics so to speak.
And in spite of the artificial nature of the hologram, the energy in it always responds with eagerness when high energy questions are asked, because as we still hold some levels of living consciousness so does the hologram, for the reason that it is built out of the original 1st dimension of galactic Terra and thus still is connected to the Galactic Worlds on deep levels. The hologram of Earth is a sort of parasitic manifestation field inserted into the densest areas of galactic Terra.
If you read the energy signature behind the speakers of the congress, a lot of things fall into place. Some of the speakers are genuine good hearted people trying to do the right thing, and then there are the “cons” in between; the apparently more than average awakened human holding a lot of information, but clearly sent there to spread misinformation. How can I claim that? Well, what strikes me the most with those inserted “truth seekers” are the inconsistency in information, or how much they draw upon the collective thought-forms generated over the last 2000 years and yet they combine it with galactic knowledge; a total jumble of information ringing true and yet there is a whole level of clearly archetypical or “dreamlike” type of images, following the usual idea of holographic concept of one god, Christ consciousness and all the usual stuff from the Internet. On top of this there is a sort of dark energy over such persons and the flow of information, signaling to me the signature of a 5th dimensional dark being.
One of the main strategies, from the inventors of the hologram, is to give the ones trying to wake up information holding partly true information mixed with mostly distorted information. In that way we get hooked on a thought-form in the 4th artificial band of the hologram, and while we try to get a grip on the “spiritual energy”, we focus our energy into this energetic pattern, burning of our true energy into the constructed mind-sets to gather our energy; i.e. the thought-forms in the collective consciousness field in the 4th band. In this way we never get to the core of the true information hidden within us, because we direct all our attention to outside information, i.e. putting energy into the hologram of Earth and not into our own evolution.
Inconsistency in thought-forms are like energy that clash or collide with the overall pattern of the thought, such as: Is it a logic move from the negative forces to mass-produce bodies getting closer to 8 billion meat-suits and then at the same time run a strategy of depopulation, intoxication etc? The different speakers and conspiracy thinkers are mostly under the inconsistency illusion, getting some of the truth and yet being far from it. I do not claim that I am any closer to the truth, just that I recognize the struggle we all have in finding out what we can believe and what we can take for face value in the process of getting back to our original galactic evolution. And inconsistency have come to be one of the indicators I use to dismiss information as a galactic truth and only search for the part of the paradigm, which holds some levels of truth (resonate with my own memories) and then question the rest by doing more research until I find the level that holds the highest energy vibration.
I have too for a very long time struggled with the inconsistency of thought also applying to the inner information as well, but has over the years stopped being afraid of going all the way and seeing things in a, for some, frightening perspective, but if only we can get to the core of the real – for us naturally – information we need to proceed out of the hologram, and survive this on a deeper level, then we must follow the trail of clear and significant information that does not arise emotional upheaval, fear or joy for that matter. Is has to be information that is shown in clear images, which is presented in a non-emotional and non-mental way – as in rational logic thinking –  holding high levels of information and energy. It is not something you can explain and yet you have seen a whole sequence of creational scientific information, built on freedom, empowerment and knowledge of high standard. This is the best way I can put it.
The way to get what we need to know from the hologram – without sounding totally lunatic – is to decipher the energy signature and the thought-form behind any information on the Internet, from human speakers and similar public sources. I have encountered more than one guru being an inserted dark brother, leading all the humans still holding some level of CUs (living consciousness units from the true worlds, where we originally stem from, and of which we projected some parts of our true being into the created worlds, becoming the galactic humanities) deep into false ascension teachings. The ones who get the highest rate of followers and the biggest success are mostly a dark brother or sister on the higher levels of the apparent very harmonic, caring and sharing human guru, since the brainwash program of “love” as the sign of an evolved person is the only discriminating principle that is used by lonely and desperate humans to discern the level of spiritual growth. Or the guru is not even human, but is a created polarized astral being, emitting the false spiritual energies from the 4th artificial band (the astral plane), whilst being the sum of, or a clan, of dark astral beings intoxicating and infecting the followers of the teachings. There are so many ways the dawning true galactic consciousness can be lead astray, ranging from false teachers to created “soulmates”.
As you know by now, I see galactic Terra, which is the original Galactic World we came from before being held as captivities in holographic Earth. In my optic and the things I remember, the galactic humanities on Terra, as the infection hit this density-1 planet (Terra is actually what the hologram presents as our Universe) the overall manifestation field fragmented into dimensions, and the humanities along with them.
This has happened many places in the Created Worlds, thus there are many manifestation fields holding their version of dimensions and humanities following the evolution on them. Therefore we have many levels in the Created Worlds, many types of humanities and many types of dimensional beings, because each manifestation field in the Created Worlds – hit by the infection – have their own version of dimensionality. Hence there are manifold 5th dimensions, all according to what galactic community or manifestation field you are connected to through the timelines of energy and consciousness.
Our planet Earth is not a planet, and the Universe does not exist as we perceive it: Both are a holographic representation and artificial constructed to divert our galactic consciousness to gather back into the original state, where it could – by reconnecting to the consciousness units (CUs) from the True Worlds of living consciousness – regain its true consciousness and remember.
The True Worlds are the first worlds holding the humanities which created all there is in this overall evolutionary round of conscious expression and experimentation to evolve into the next rounds of even higher types of living consciousness. There is not one creator or one source of divine being – this is false information as I view it – but there is a first humanity of which we are a part and this part is the CUs in us.
The living consciousness is our core and what some perceive as the god-source in us, except I do not believe in one creator, but in infinite rounds of evolution, where the core material, i.e. living consciousness; an impersonal, non-anthropomorphic energy source of mostly what I sense as empowerment and knowledge as well as the force to expand and experiment (perhaps this is how the CUs are in me, in others they can be different) evolves in infinite cycles of no beginning and no end. Thus there is no creator, because the True Worlds never started ex nihilo and will never end, only continue to evolve into higher or lower states of presence, empowerment and knowledge building new worlds and destroying them, out of which new worlds arises, because it is the imperative of the living consciousness. All ideas of one creator creating anything, wanting to know itself, or to explore by unfolding into a sort of hierarchy of spiritual realms into more and more manifest ones, are not of the True Worlds where all is homogenous and non-hierarchical, but beliefsystems arosen out of the secondary manasic created or Galactic Worlds and the result of the infection.
Many galactic races believe in a creator principle, because they have forgotten their own part in creating the worlds they inhabit. We are – at our deepest levels – the creators and the gods; it was our core consciousness that projected itself into, for the purpose of experiment, the Created Worlds where we took on different types of density body-structures and with the dimensionality from the infection of the Created Worlds, our core consciousness was spread into multidimensional levels, each holding the same blueprint of the original CUs. Thus there are many versions of our true core consciousness, or highest being, imbedded into many different types of galactic bodies and structures.
Back to Earth. There is no planet Earth. There is no Universe. Both are holographic structures created to divert our consciousness. We, the original galactic races from many different places of the Created Worlds, which we have created ourselves not to forget, have for various reasons been caught into this energetic Earth-prison to sustain and nurture a range of digressive races, that for many reasons have lost their own CUs and thus are in the process of becoming pure chemical compounds or the lowest level of the dimensional worlds. They need the CUs to obtain some sort of life in the Created Worlds, and some of them are even so infected that they are mere shadows.
It is not just the worlds that is fragmented by the infection, but the “soul” as well. The soul is the galactic consciousness threefold structure build from and upon the projected CUs. The original galactic consciousness holds three levels of manasic energy. The manasic energy is the result of the projected living CUs of feminine creative powers into a type of threefold active mind-energy, i.e. living light, living sound and living geometry.
The feminine living consciousness (CUs) of the True Worlds are integrated and do not hold degrees of any sorts; they all entail every single evolutionary strain of knowledge from the True Worlds and their humanities. All living consciousness is connected and thus holds all the same properties of empowerment, knowledge and expanding qualities, i.e. the creative powers. This is not the same as “the law of one” (another dimensional concept reflecting the original truths) but the fact that CUs are diverse and yet united at once, being all inclusive and expanding at the same time.
Our bodies are artificial and constructed to create a range of energetic structures all holding bits and parts of the CUs in us. The racial DNA is the genetic coding behind our body structure and is based upon a mixture of digressive races to create that specific low dimensional energy patterns the negative alien forces need have to be able to proceed in their evolution, whilst they try to solve their digressive problem. They are in search for their own bodies which can re-enter the Galactic Worlds still following the path of expansion. If only they could get a grip of the cosmic wave energy then they could return home.
Other negative forces using the hologram are clearly digressed into darkness in their original galactic consciousness and those beings are the human-like brotherhoods, being present in mostly the 5th artificial band of holographic Earth.
On the original 5th dimension of galactic Terra a whole other type of humanities preside. What I am able to see on galactic Terra is the true 3rd dimension where humanity still resembles us, but in another and more beautiful structure, which I will go into later on.
Thus the dimensions of holographic Earth (and similar places, because Earth is not the only holographic prison) is even lower than the lowest dimensions in the Galactic Worlds and thus the severe reality of the remaining galactic consciousness and CUs imbedded into a least half of the artificial earth type vessels.
And as a result of this it is not depopulation of the humanity of “Earth”, but a change of the hologram and the preferred hominoid vessel the digressive races of all levels are using. The humanity of Earth is not real or original; it is a created electromagnetic suit based upon racial DNA to function within the hologram and into this artificial structure of alien technology our galactic consciousness with its remaining CUs are imbedded to fuel the 1D bio-vessel. It has nothing to do with our original galactic body-structure. 

So the distinction between the galactic humanities following the expanding paths and the digressive is not the body, but our galactic consciousness imbedded into or spliced to the racial DNA (the main component in the chakrasystem – another type of alien technology I have to go deeper into to really understand) and the unfolding biological DNA of the body. Thus we should not fear the body, or the demise of it, but learn to control and to utilize it into being able to work in sync with our original galactic consciousness as well as being able to express the projected CUs (mostly viewed as an orb or manasic sphere of light holding symbols and geometric patterns, whilst emitting harmonic waves of colors) within us. We shall not hate it either, because we are stuck in it until the day we leave it by natural causes, i.e. the bio-vessel has reached the level of decay and entropy releasing the galactic imprint and the CUs behind by itself as it was designed to do. The best option is to live our lives and connect to our original galactic levels and grow the inner levels of CU in us, all aiming for a full clarity after death and being able to leave the hologram by will.

The infusion or merging with galactic Terra, due to the stellar activation cycle (SAC) that for once has been able to reach holographic Earth – this artificial manifestation fields primarily of electromagnetic forces – are altering the hologram and creating holes in it where the cosmic or galactic energies can eradicate and dissolve the false matrix. This means that the hologram is starting to let in original manasic energies and the original energetic set up of the Created Worlds, and this again means that the original galactic consciousness in us starts to vibrate and be activated – some has called this DNA activation and in some sense this is true, albeit the paradigm and teachings following this idea is mostly holding distorted and false information, because the DNA they are talking about is the racial DNA of which most are not an original part of the galactic Terra set up. Naturally humanities from some other systems than galactic Terra could have such an energetic set up; I will leave that as an open question.
Just to emphasize: All living lifeforms within the hologram hold some level of manasic energy or galactic consciousness and therefore you shall still care for, support and help your fellow humans, the animals and some levels of nature (still not sure to what extent the hologram is working here) to grow and prosper. It all comes down to the degree or level of CUs contained within the electromagnetic structure as fragments or as whole manasic orbs holding higher levels of projected CUs from the True Worlds.
To repeat once more: The chakrasystem is an artificial construction that keeps us connected to the hologram, i.e. the artificial 3rd and 4th dimensions  utilizes the manasic threefold energies holding projected CUs and divert the galactic consciousness in us to focus on the hologram and not the original Galactic Worlds which we could slip into very easily after death if we just remembered who and what we were.
For eons or the loop of artificial timelines we have been caught up in, we have been in and out of bodies and each time we left one electromagnetic structure and its chakrasystem, we were met by “family members” or “angels” to guide us to the recreation areas in the false 4th dimension, where the CUs (often viewed as a light orb of different sizes) are separated from the racial DNA and recycled into another or similar energy structure. Or some get stuck within the 3rd plane of the hologram (the level we perceive as outer reality) as earthbound spirits. An earthbound spirit is a person holding the chakrasystem, the racial DNA structure and the CUs still functioning in the, from the chakrasystem emitting, emotional and mental layers but being without the chemical suit. There really has not been much chance of waking up by our own means, but now things are changing due to the SAC and because of this the different alien races and the dark brotherhoods are changing the hologram and the human type vessel in it as well.
There is no depopulation, but changes in the type of preferred bio-vessels where the digressive races in control of the hologram can continue to harvest and exploit CUs from various galactic races, in spite of the opening of the frequency fence and the cosmic pull of manasic threefold energies into new levels of evolution, following the cycles of the uplifting in the True Worlds, cf. the cycles of infinite evolution, also called the stellar activation cycle. 

The digressive races controlling the hologram are preparing for the next insertion of their collection of harvested galactic consciousness – being manipulated into holding their type of DNA – in new types of human vessels, being much more resilient to the merging forces and the awakening energies following the SAC. 

They are not depopulation a humanity on a living planet, but changing the hologram and the energetic structures in it to be able to survive the changes and encapsulate the ones still far behind from waking up as well as the many soulfragments and other similar scattered galactic consciousness parts they are preparing to insert in transhuman structures craving less living consciousness to function. This is the goal as I see it.

Since 1999 different measures have been initiated to alter the hologram energetically and they are far in this, even further than we believe. After 2047 the changes will kick in and humanity on holographic Earth will face a whole other reality than we have been used to.
The consequences of what I state here are deep and go beyond much of my previous work. If I take full responsibility for my claims, I have to come up with new ideas on how to alter my bio-electrochemical artificial body, how to sustain it to be able to hold and nurture the remaining CUs in me and how to avoid the changes in the hologram and finding areas where the cosmic energies from the SAC is breaking through the hologram. Since I can accept the ideas listed above, I have the solution under way as well.

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