Declaration of ABSOLUTE Freedom


Source: i-uv

Declaration of ABSOLUTE Freedom

Now is the time for humanity’s LIBERATION!

All people of Earth are One and are FREE
To DO what we DO and to BE what we BE!

We are The One People – Co-custodians of Earth,
Each one of us has been this since the day of our birth.

We are eternal essence, embodied, absent limits,
Planet Earth is our home, we need not license or permits!

The CREATOR is ALL THAT IS, eternal essence, ABSOLUTE.
It is impossible for this to refute!

Together we establish, serve and protect Peace and Unity,
And the right of free will choice. We live in Love and Harmony.

We are ABSOLUTELY FREE, and live in Abundance.
We own our own bodies and each day we enhance
Our personal value by nurturing our home,
Our beloved Gaia where we freely roam.

I AM what I AM and you BE what you BE,
You ARE simply YOU and I AM simply ME!

We are all free ~ for ourselves to speak,
And although wer’re connected, we are each UNIQUE!

I serve The One People each moment of NOW,
Being part of humanity, this is my free will vow.

We manifest all sorts of perfection, and it’s understood,
That this is for ~ The One People’s Greatest Good!

Poem by Geri Jones

By olinstarwalker

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