Mystic Knowing – May 31

HIGGS PARTICLE tentatively confirmed March 14, 2013

Source: Mystic Knowing

Thursday, 30 May 2013 07:31 Bonnie Baumgartner

 subatomicThe Higgs boson particle is a “boson” or subatomic particle, with no spin, electric charge or color change. It is very unstable, decaying into other particles almost immediately. It is also called the “god particle.”

What we call ENERGY or LIGHT or the COSMIC FLOW or GOD or universal intelligence or unconditional love are the subatomic, quanta particles that permeate all life in the universe or cosmos. It is infinite with NO agenda, judgment, attachments, conflict, fear or emotion. It creates a sense of wellbeing, compassion and knowingness through our soul aspects to the human vibrating high enough to sense it. Universal energy BLENDS everything together as the photon belt is doing now to earth and increases the amount of light in everything it touches.

ZERO-POINT energy is the measurement of universal energy at rest. When you are aware of it initially it feels like being stuck because there is no motion and certainly NO DRAMA, but this is the most powerful spiritual energy a person can attain.

The PUSH PULL SYSTEM of ENERGY or COSMIC PULSE is divided into two parts, a weak and strong quantum force that has AWARENESS and responds to what goes on the way a photon and all subatomic particles do. It is the ENGINE of creation. Everything in our physics comes in pairs. The push pull system is a double event: like breathing is and surges back and forth to energize our holograms and grid structures. Different laws of physics are present in different galaxies.

The push pull system is found in the middle of all galaxies and planets including earth. There are two holes; one black hole and one hole not VISIBLE to most humans. These multidimensional strings of force connect themselves to the other galaxies, weaving in and out of their centers stringing all the galaxies together. There is always a symmetry and purpose in the universe. When you look down the middle of the galaxies in the universe you will see the symmetry that looks like the design a Mandela makes. The lattice or grid is in base 12 like all sacred geometry is.

All objects around a gravitational pull seek their orbits based upon their mass and speed. That’s why all the planets have different orbits. Galaxies have something in the middle that is gravity based and everything moves around the center as one unit. Movement is never random. The cosmic pulse within spiral galaxies forms a creation pattern spiral that lends itself to physical matter and the creation of duality.

DARK MATTER or the weak quantum force follows quantum law. Spaceships align their routes along the push pull of electromagnetic energy. When you are in alignment with the dimensions, you are in round time or no time and travel, using the “push pull system” that creates space highways or wormholes. This vortex technology takes you from one reality to another. 17 wormholes or space highways have been discovered in our galaxy so far. Several of these space highways connect to other galaxies. A propelled spacecraft moves through dimensions and not to planets. Matter on the quantum level with the help of the elementals, starts forming around our thoughts to create what we think when our thoughts are clear enough. Thought creates the very small and the very large including galaxies.

CREATING or MANIFESTING always starts with your thought or curiosity, desire or intention. Then the elementals organize a structure of subatomic particles to build what you think. Their structure attracts neutrons, protons, electrons and then atoms to create form. When you REMOVE energy from something that exists currently, that is considered creating also. We can create and destruct in all directions of time and space in the future and the past. The universal laws of entrainment and attraction work together all the time and are the essential structure in everything created in the universe. Our creations carry the amount of light the creator has. Higher vibrating energy creates faster and with more light.

Our clear FOCUSED thoughts create using one of 3 different methods. 66% of us create with passion or fire or through their will power. 33% of us create with blinding white light and possibly a blue flame. 1% down load bits of thought to build on and develop.

To help us with our creating, we have available to us UNIVERSAL INFORMATION or the COLLECTED WISDOM or CLOUD of KNOWLEDGE which, are all the collected thoughts and thought forms on different themes from the universe, from inside and outside of this matrix. Thoughts on any subject are collected and held together for everyone’s use. BUT you need to DISCERN what information serves your purpose and increased awareness. All types of information are available.

When we consistently carry 65 to 69% light the universal sources of information can be accessed without having to use a guide, angel, ascended master, alien or your higher self as a go between.

By olinstarwalker

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