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Tuesday, 28 May 2013 09:38 Bonnie Baumgartner

matter-eleUnconditional love and thought holds ALL of CREATION together and is found in all realities and frequencies. It is the highest frequency there is and has no opposite. Creation of all MATTER starts with the Legion of Light and when it has a thought, “the elementals” take that thought and step it down through the many formless realities of swirling light energy made up of unconditional love or the god particles or the life force, to gather sub atomic particles into a structure or matrix to created on or build around. The frequencies or vibrations above the seventh dimension are continuously shifting and changing, like ocean currents or outer space. Each observer or awareness from their point of perception perceives the shifting energy patterns differently. Like a starfish or whale each experience the ocean differently.

There are different FORMS and FREQUENCIES of “matter” of reality. In the higher vibrations, “swirling light” or “collective consciousnesses’ ” move as streams of possibilities or potentials. Like attracts like and in any given energy pattern or matrix they share in having one type of experience or expression. If the collective decides to create a different experience they can step-up or step-down their energy pattern into a different frequency, which dictate different parameters of operation. For example: in the seventh through higher fifth dimension or vibration “the elementals” create a form that lasts as long as a conscious collective maintains its focus or attention upon that form or matrix and then it separates out into its basic pieces again.

Another example is: some ARCTURIAN shapes or entities look similar to horses found on earth. Other Arcturians exist as a “group mind” or frequency that chose NOT to have a physical form. Their group consciousness discerns individual signature frequencies within the group mind. Any individual frequency can take on a shape or form, for as long or short as they wish too.

MASS CONSCIOUSNESS, GROUP MIND or COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS is the thought, feeling and actions of the entire group combined into one thought and feeling that represents the entire group. For the group mind to change or evolve into a different direction, only a small percentage of individuals in the group need to hold a strong belief to electromagnetically transfer the belief into the whole group’s awareness. Then each individual chooses to adopt the new direction or NOT adopt. When the gap in “like mindedness” is too great individuals may decide to move with a different group consciousness or form another group mind.

In mid April 2012 an electromagnetic thought and vibration transfer took place on earth. The “70,000 enlightened people” needed to shift the entire planet into a higher state of consciousness was reached. The enlightened awareness of compassion and unity found on the 5th dimension was put into the mass consciousness and Gaia no longer has a 4th dimension; she cleared all her pockets of density or darkness in her emotional body to become unified. The plant, animal and mineral groups increased their vibration and moved with her. Many humans moved with her also, but many have chosen to remain in the 3rd and 4th dimension vibration creating or joining another group mind or collective unconsciousness.

When there is a DIFFERENT pattern, idea or concept that an individual wants to share or introduce into the “group mind” the “elementals take over the construction of “making it so.” Each step-down or step-up in vibration or percentage or ratio of light to dark, has different rules or principles or scientific laws that apply. LIGHT and THOUGHT are electrical energy ranging from 100% as the “legion of light” has, to zero percent that is called darkness. When light is condensed to zero or “dark” or congealed it takes a physical form or becomes solid matter. CHANGE is not a WHEN and WHERE question. Change is how much light, vibration or compassion YOU choose to THINK and resonate at. As any matrix begins to solidify (lose light) it creates its own energy field. This energy field stimulates a consistent behavior pattern in the beings that choose to experience that reality.

Light and thought cross all dimensions simultaneously. Smaller spirals of light appear elliptical because you cannot see the higher vibration interactions. LIQUID LIGHT is our awareness of the movement of light as it dances or intermingles. We perceive the smallest and largest wormhole or portal as a circular flow of light.

Universes, galaxies and planets have consistent intention or themes or vibrations that results in similar collective reactions from the environment they chose to exist in. An example of collective consciousness was when some entities chose to take a form in the Milky Way Galaxy, in the Solar System of Sol on planet earth to experience polarization or duality. The scientific parameters of the slow vibration are that we lose light or awareness and become ignorant of higher truths. It NEEDS to be ruled by time and space. Those parameters provide endless opportunities to experience false illusions like time, opposition, duality, and acting as the victim, predator or confused innocent. This reality or matrix or lack of light slows our creative abilities and frequently adds hard work in order to create.

There have been many higher vibrating beings that have incarnated on earth to assist Gaia and or humans in returning to their higher vibrations. But physical reality was SO difficult for them to deal with and stay compassionate, that their many little dark choices made them loose even more light and they became stuck. Their ignorance and lack of willingness to make and maintain the many little light choices and thoughts they need to move into higher vibrations ARE NOT being chosen.

EMOTION is ONLY found in the slow vibrations of 4th and 3rd dimensions. 5th dimension or vibration and above have detached compassion or unconditional love. No drama, judgment or blame. Each different human emotion has its own vibrations that move up and down on a scale based on the amount of light the emotion carries. To make lighter choices you move one vibration or level at a time. For example when you are at hopelessness, depression carries more light. Relief from depression to revenge, hopefully only in your thoughts carries a bit more light. Getting angry has a little more light because you moved out of victimhood and are ready to defend yourself, a bit of self-compassion, RAH.

The parameters of this matrix affect our brain waves supporting the lack of light and ignorance we work with. ALPHA and BETA BRAINWAVES are calibrated to 3rd and lower 4th dimension. REALITY is perceived, as “outside” of you and happening to you. Feeling separate is the concept of “you and me.” I am, the victim, predator, ignorant innocent or recipient of things and events. I judge what happens to me, as good or bad. I want to please my environment to get the best result for myself.

Moving from 4th to 5th dimension or vibration is another change in THOUGHT. In 4th dimension you look for something to enjoy or someone to love. 5th dimensional thinking is ENJOYING what you have, are doing and whom you are with. You stop blaming or judging and start owning your experiences or creations. When you are unsatisfied with your creations, CREATE again and again, rewrite and change.

THETA BRAINWAVE is 5th to 6th dimension, vibration or calibration and the reality you experience is your “inside world” and awareness of your thinking and your biology. You understand how you create your reality minute by minute with your thoughts. You are a detached observer full of compassion without emotion or drama. You release attachment to conflict, fear and emotion.

On the sub-atomic, quantum level reality organizes itself according to the expectations of the observer or creator. We can’t imagine a reality that exists without us because our act of observing our self; creates us as we go. What we expect to be present WILL be there because we created it by expecting it. Consciousness comes through us and emanates from us. Consciousness or awareness is the programming language of our world and the universe.

DELTA BRAINWAVE is 6th dimensional and typical of our sleep state. You ONLY experience your inside world or spiritual awareness or soul aspect with little connection to the biology. 6th dimension holds the blueprint or design or matrix or the game that is projected into lower illusions, you are pure consciousness and choose to have a body or not to have one.

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