Mystic Knowing – May 14


Monday, 13 May 2013 08:43 Bonnie Baumgartner

 yellowYou alone discern what is TRUE for you. We each have our own unique realities and within your reality you also have truths you live by in that reality. For example, in some people’s realities there is a list of unacceptable thoughts or subjects that are NOT to be talked about. You are not allowed to speak to that person of their uncontrolled spending, excessive sugar eating or their irrational logic. But they always have time and energy for “let’s pretend.” This type of individual is hard to talk to because any of the topics that might touch on a truth they are in denial about “WOUNDS them” and ends the conversation and even the relationship frequently. You were warned, you knew the rules and failed to follow them.

The people that enjoy “let’s pretend” are mystified as to why people avoid talking to them. I choose not to follow “let’s pretend” rules so I avoid interacting with people that have created that reality for them self. That is their path to wisdom and not mine.

Other people may point out the truth they see, but only you can discover or OWN your truths in your own way.

My family members always enjoyed sad, hard luck stories of repeated failure. Their truths were that life is difficult, unfair, hard and painful. To keep them engaged it had to be a negative and depressing conversation that reaffirmed their truths. No pretty stories for them. Sharing an achievement or positive things gave them a chance to explain how it will all fall apart sooner, rather than later. The reality and focus they handed down was that there is failure in any victory you may achieve.

“Wait for it.”

Understanding that their truths needed to always be negative or hopeless, made it easy and wise for me to decide, NOT to share my hopes, dreams and creations with them.

Learn to live with your truth and honor everyone else’s truth, they are all different. ONLY share and trust those with truths similar to yours and want to be nurturing and supportive of your efforts and truths. Different truths are relative to the reality, matrix or illusion you inhabit UNTIL you get to higher vibrations and then the reality of universal law always holds true, “receive or accept and give only compassion.” Receive and give only compassion is broken down for easier understanding and clarification into the universal laws and principles.

You need to monitor and discern when you are, or are NOT treating you compassionately. That is YOUR responsibility and not some gift arbitrarily bestowed on you, by another entity or person or external source. You need to ACTIVELY avoid interaction with the dark ones. There is no magic. You are the boss of you.

The Universal Law of ACTION says the human must ACT FIRST to make any changes. When your soul aspects have followed you into “darker thought patterns” they line up your synchronicities in the low vibration of victim predator to show you what your thoughts are currently creating for you. To move to greater light you need to consciously change your thoughts and continue in that direction to prove your commitment to the new direction.

If I spent my time and energy playing “let’s pretend” or “how large a disaster can we create” I would not be receiving compassion, I would be pissing away my time and energy helping others stay stuck in their low vibration and darkness. On each lower slower vibration OUR thoughts and truths move away from compassion. That’s why you hear dark statements from siblings, parents or adults saying that they torment and abuse the smaller young ones to “toughen them up.” When we have lost compassion for the self, we get meaner, nastier and more fearful.

The universal principle of VIBRATION is that everything in the universe, physical or not moves in waves or circular patterns each having a unique color, vibration and sound. That applies to all our emotions, thoughts, sensory perceptions, truths, creations and realities. Each vibration or frequency has a FIXED vibration or level of awareness with different sets of rules, themes or purposes. They can move and shift like our thoughts do.

The Universal Law of FREE WILL or FREEDOM is the legion of light granting each entity the right to direct and pursue their life as long as they do not violate the same right of others. Rights that exclude other’s rights are not divine or free. SEE, you are the boss of you and responsible for you too.

The Universal Law of COMPASSION or DIVINE ONENESS is that all is created from compassion; unconditional love and all are connected. BUT the matrix, illusion or reality we inhabit is so limited and the truths are so negative, just as my family is, that it does not allow for joy until you LEAVE this matrix or family mentally and physically if you can, to find joy, peace and passion within. The potential to change everything, all aspects of you is found within you in a higher vibrating truth or universal law. Enjoyment in the now moment in present time is only found within you at this time.

This means allowing new thoughts and use of your imagination. The old truths, realities and logic have left us with the same depressing results. More of the same has never changed the end results either. We just keep getting more of the same type of disagreeable surprises. It is always your free will to stick with the old truths and reality, being the victim or predator, being manipulated by a greater intelligence and filling yourself up with your drama or other people’s drama.

By olinstarwalker

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