Oracle Report – May 10

The Oracle Report

Daily Energetic Analysis During the Time of Awakening

Source: The Oracle Report

Friday, May 10, 2013


New Moon Phase – Moon in Taurus/Gemini

Ruling Mahavidya – Tara

Today’s picture was taken J. Schoeppmeyer by of the Solar Eclipse over Australia and posted on

We pick up even more speed as the Moon moves into fast and airy Gemini today.  The tendency is toward carelessness, superficiality, impulsivity, derelection, and a know-it-all attitude.  We don’t want to get swept up with any sort of mindset that hints of hopelessness.  So we will counter with closer attention to details, patience, and a general slowing of the pace.

The Mahavidya Tara comes on scene later today.  I would like to remind everyone that most of what you read about the Mahavidyas in “ancient” Hindu texts or on the internet is patriarchal/control-oriented distortions of the truth.  The Mahavidyas are not Hindu.  Hindu religion assimilated them, just as all religions subjugate indigenious deities when people are conquered.  The Mahavidyas pre-date Hinduism by a long, long shot.  We can, however, distill their essential natures through very loose association with prevailing ideas and engaging in direct communication or instruction with them.  The Ten Mahavidyas: Tantric Visions of the Divine Feminine by David Kinsley is a scholarly (albeit patriarchal) collection of Mahavidya information, but is the best I have read.

The goddess embodied as the planet, Sophia, communicates with each of us in different ways.  She communicates directly, but her preferred method for general instruction and communication is through a “step down” process.  She steps down into the persona of the goddess Kali, and then in turn through the personae of Kali – the other Mahavidyas.

Of all the Mahavidyas, Tara is said to be most akin to Kali.  In my interactions, Kali has very dark skin and Tara very light skin.  Kali is intense at all times; Tara has an almost genteel quality until she is pushed to activate her ferocity.  To me, Tara is very “Scarlet O’Hara-ish” – without the damsel in distress aspect.  None of the Mahavidyas is a damsel in distress, by any means.  Tara is playful, flirtatious, and wily and she loves beautiful things, but she will engage in a flash and strike down darkness.

There is a Tibetan version of Tara and a Hindu version of Tara, so if you research you will see that the versions are diametrically opposed.  We immediately see the schism of patriarchy.

Tara is known as the “Goddess Who Guides Through Troubles.”  Isn’t this exactly the energy we need right now?

I will be joining the Zany Mystic himself, Lance White, tomorrow night on “A Fireside Chat” at 10 pm ET/ 7 pm CT.  All are invited!

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