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Thursday, 09 May 2013 12:23 Bonnie Baumgartner

Allowing_othersPEACE is having the ability to allow everything and everyone to be exactly as they are. What a large challenge. In your thoughts are you questioning criticizing and altering the way others do things or wear things or say things? Are you accepting and allowing them to please them self and not you. When your child, spouse parent or coworker already clearly understands HOW YOU want things to proceed, do you really need to verbalize it or even think it, one more time? When you say it again, irritating yourself and anyone present, how can that create peace in you? Will your agenda be any clearer or met with increased enthusiasm? Will allowing them their path and reality take something away from you?

We have mistaken being happy or getting our way as having peace. Peace can only be found internally by going within and accepting the self exactly as is. Peace is not a good cup of coffee or a smile from someone or a well-behaved child or manipulating something to go the way you want it to go. No one and nothing in our external environment can provide us with the sensation that peace brings. Peace has no opposites, right or wrong. Focusing on, noticing and enjoying “what is uniquely you,” gives you the sensation or feeling of peacefulness and calm inside. If you do not feel peaceful than some of YOUR thoughts need owning and changing until there is peace inside you.

The Universal Law of ALLOWING means you stop trying to get others to adopt your reality. That is allowing and creating peaceful sensations inside of you. When you stop pleasing, trying to change, demand or seduce, you can allow. Release your judgment, blame or attachment to what you have decided YOU need to be, say or do. Free you first. THEN you will have no attachment to what others want you to do, say, be or think. Hating, waiting to be rescued, seeking justice or vengeance, going to war is attachment to and forcing your reality onto others. Allowing, grants to all the same rights you want for yourself, to have, be and do whatever you choose as long as you avoid violating others rights or destroying any part of our collective environment.

Attachment to ANY agenda or outcome for YOU, a spouse, lover, parent, boss or child and “what they SHOULD do” or “not do” goes against allowing and being peaceful. Even when the other, is being self-destructive, that is their creation and their path to wisdom. Allow them to experience the logical consequences of their choices without your interference, “god complex” or agenda. Withdraw your energy, cut the feeding cords and break dark contracts with them. Whatever situation you created in the past for your spiritual lessons you can CHANGE now, by changing your point of perception and having compassion for you first. Nurture and be compassionate with you now and always. Concern your self with what is nurturing, enjoyable and creative for you and your soul.

Human’s illusion of peace is everyone satisfied with no hunger, pain or suffering but on a planet of free will that cannot happen. We can be free of major wars and leaders and governments that operate with dark truths. One-world government will not work because we need a variety of leaders and governments to address and maintain the profoundly different ways of life that are found on earth. We need ethical and transparent leaders in businesses’ governments’ and in the family units. Maintaining peace and allowing, would mean many AGREEMENTS to respect each other’s choices. Tolerance is not allowing and is still judgment. What you find to judge in others is about how you judge you and carries the energy of anger and control. Judgment is negative and will unbalance the one using it, the one judging. Force, judgment and saving others, is you trying to create YOUR reality against the will or reality of the other. Just as prayer, mantras and rituals are designed and used to get others to do it your way or ask them to do what you need to do for the self.

IDEALLY patience arises naturally when you CHOOSE to enjoy YOU in the now moment, enjoying whatever you are doing. Change your point of perception to enjoy your daily chores. View it differently or accomplish the task in a different way. PATIENCE is the capacity to accept or tolerate delay or suffering until it gets better. Impatience is doubt or fear that nothing will change. In your reality YOU are the catalyst for change, when your thinking changes. The universal principle of ENTHUSIASM is that new thoughts make you feel enthusiastic and new beliefs are always showing up to challenge old ones. The law of attraction always provides us with a match to the energies we emanate consciously and unconsciously.

Stagnating in old behaviors and relationships results in OUR robotic or habitual patterns that BYPASS our thought process and you thinking about what you feel and do. Not thinking results in lost enthusiasm that depletes YOUR energy and disconnects YOU from your soul aspect and the always-present flow of universal compassion. The lack of passion is a result of you shutting off your sensations and thoughts. Your PASSION would be a strong and barely controllable sensory awareness to do or create. The higher self or soul aspect entering the human creates passion in the human. Your low vibration or your negativity does shut down your awareness. When the human does not have a passion it is because your soul thinks something else is more important for you to DO, accomplish or be aware of, first.

The little human or ego may lack enough light to serve, their gift would be tainted with their neediness. They may not have healed enough of their old wounds to assist another. Stop, go within and listen closely to know what is your truth and direction.

By olinstarwalker

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