Grid Reports – Feb 21 Repost

Thu Feb 21: Checkerboard and change of strategies

Source: Grid Reports
by Randi Green
Again, my approach has changed; I still believe that if you are to react and progress as responsible galactic being, you have to be addressed as such. The first quater I had to follow the rules of the GA, which has passed and now the board is free.
The first quarter did not come out well. How can I say that; well for starters the BPR-index for the collective consciousness field (CCF), if I may call it that, is not very high, actually it is for the present lower than before Dec 21st 2012. The first month after the releasing of the Quarantine, i.e. opening of the reality line (RL), came out strong, because many people believed in the ascension and thought it to be a new and better world. The many counteraction from the FA has set this back remarkably with their threats of war in North Korea, the hotspot of Iraq and similar areas, the general fear based awakening of convert conspiracies spreading like fire on the Internet, reactivating old fears etc., unexplainable events on the sky of LA, Cuba and along the West Coast of US, the asteroid and the meteor in Russia being an attack or salvation from either the covert government, the real government or aliens, making everybody ask themselves: “Were we on the fringe of destruction or not?” All well covered in the news and the alternate news on Youtube (the new approach from the FA; bring it in the news to create more fear, now that the cold war is over, new scary things have to be addressed such as the threat from space, the sun etc.), hence the BPR came out low for the collective consciousness in general and the trend is continuing. Remember that this reality is a product of the CCF and the overall trends collapse the probability fields into reality. The more believing in a thought-form, the more likely it is to collapse the probability fields of reality. See the post on Panergeia on how the human mind and Earth are interlinked.
Now surprises there: The general alternative, religious or scientific believer and seeker, each on their own level, have not actively worked on their sublevels and subconscious emotions. Most of them use science, religion or New Age (outer theories produced by others to create assumptions, which control and direct the mind, and hence create a sanctuary for the inner chaos) to escape their inner sorrow, fear and anxiety towards the world, trying to create a better inner or theoretical world, dissociated from the outer more frightening one and I understand that. It is the way reality works, so on a subconscious level people follow the instinctual notion of creation; creating their own version of the world, but the schemes they use are not very productive or constructive in terms of higher galactic worlds – they still resemble the old FA generated low frequency false worlds, and the FA is doing everything in their power to hold us there.
It is an existential basic condition for most people to have grown up in families having energetic dynamics based on fear, anger, sadness or anxiety, so how are the overall humanity to react otherwise and differently than what they have been conditioned to do? Very few people work hard and thoroughly with their inner energetic status, and even then after years of years of psychological treatment the energy in the system still linger on creating projections and outer events representing the inner conditions in the subtle energetic system hidden from most professional caretakers of the world.
The tools given to humanity have long been distorted and the new teachers have not succeeded in handing forth new valuable information, being counteracted by the FA (in general – many factions, just naming them under one umbrella), and the general seeker thinks he or she has to find God, the One (be a soulmate or a divine power) or the higher power that be and connect to him (or her), when in reality this is a projection as well; a projection of the inner most higher powers of true being, distorted into a belief on gods and One being to seek, unknowingly that when the longing and ache for God, the GodSource or soulmate (each has his or her preference to what makes the false heart center beat) is activated within, the collective distorted thought-form attached to this “being” is activated (both God and soulmate). The odds are NOT in the court of humanity so to speak, and the smooth talk to ease your fears and create calmness, while the big guys (GA) did most of the cleansing, with their selected few hard working workers, have not prepared you for the work you are going to face, if you want to change this matrix into true reality.
I for one do not believe in the project for all. The division of the subfields, the parallel realities and the split of the old grid have happened and you, and I, being on the part which is being connected to the true Grid, i.e. the Grid from Tara, Gaia and Aramatena. Most of the parallel realities, phantom universes etc. have successfully been handed over to the Thetans and their clans. The MCEO Al-Hum-Bhra have got their piece of the cake, creating what their group of inner and outer believers think is the best reality for them, continuing their development within the structures of Urtha, parts of Andromeda, some old and new factions from Tara and Gaia as well as new connections to other matrices and universes outside of our main frame. All of this is good and fine; it is how reality works – each matrix is a projection of the participants in it and the evolution they want to happen and be.
I am agitating for a future and a reality where Tara and the Grid from here is being revived, because it is my timelines and memories that stems from there. Mars as well. My aim is to get to Gaia when I die, so I create within the subfields of Earth my reality of this scenario, remembering and sojourning back through time, following the path of my original template, collecting my demerged parts of my true energetic template, which I have cast of to be able to come in so deep and into so strong limitations (when I first heard this from my helpers in the Panergeia Ship, I did not believe them, because who would choose such a line of development and why?) Well as always I am here for my kin and the ones who came here back then, when I first started to integrate myself into this matrix, i.e. long before the Quarantine and long before humanity as a species were invented.
I choose to use the restoring of the Grid as a springboard to connect and build bridges between my present constitution and my true constitution, paving the way, following a sort of experiment on how to help other stellar conscious beings caught up in similar deeply digressed areas of the overall matrix of true Tara, Gaia and Aramatena. Earth is not my main area, but the ground of experimentation on how to solve the problems in other similar areas of our main frame.
For now I have no need for new worlds or other places to be. I am very content with the old world of true Earth and the long going battles here to restore the devastated Grid, and I intend to struggle the best I can to transform it back into its true being, on all levels, with as few causalities as possible. How and where the new humanity is to be placed, is a problem to be solved, but for now the most important part of today’s post is to be aware, get rid of the false energies and start to connect to the Grid of Tara, using your tribal emblem or signum: as the guy in 3MIN News says: Eyes open, no fear!
By olinstarwalker

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