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Thursday, 02 May 2013 08:12 Bonnie Baumgartner

elementalsThe elemental is a consciousness that builds FORM. They hear your thoughts and feel the emotion, even or especially your unconscious ones. Then the elemental transmits or transmutes your thought into a thought form or image, which can be seen by some humans, the entire invisible realm and other life forms. Elementals are the basic particles or raw material that we build and manifest with.

Scientists refer to elementals, as QUANTUM or subatomic particles or the smallest particles found in atoms and some have been named electrons, quarks, photons and neutrinos, which is a share or portion or the radiation or electrical charge of a single synapse in a neuromuscular junction. A photon is a single quantum of light. Using a wave you can create probabilities to accurately predict the physical behavior of systems on the quantum level.
Light and other subatomic particles regularly change from waves to particles and back to waves. When humans observe and transmit their thoughts (electromagnetically) they organize the subatomic particles to move in certain directions. Scientists have shown that the thoughts and expectations of the experimenter have a direct effect on outcomes.

Historically elementals were called the gnomes, sylphs, undines, salamanders, fairies and sprites. Mythological beings of the 16th century traditionally had four types of spiritual energy: gnomes (solids/earth, spirit of earth), undines or nymphs or mermaid (water/liquid, spirit of the water), sylphs (wind/gas, spirit of wind) and salamanders (fire/heat, spirit of fire). Elementals are not always friendly. Spiritual or religious writings have called these spirits the elementals or quanta or adamantine particles.

Elementals assist humans in creating our reality; humans are elementals also because we build form. Originally we built our biology comprised of the elements of earth’s physical matter. Our fourth dimensional astral body or dream-body is comprised of the elementals of astral matter. So we perceive the self as the astral body or aura working with the biology. These two bodies are kept manifest by our third and fourth dimension elementals knowing our thoughts. The human is learning to merge conscious and unconscious thoughts and emotions. The elementals create our thought forms including the EMOTIONS we have about those thoughts.

Elementals do not function in duality they follow universal law so there is no judgment or blame only creation. The emotion of unconditional love is the highest frequency of light and the most creative. BUT few humans have ever projected, or even experienced compassion or unconditional love.

The universal principle of PROJECTION is that you create your own personal STORY or reality by projecting your thoughts into this matrix or illusion or 3rd dimensional game. This illusion or matrix was constructed and is maintained by agreement of all the parties involved. If you have allowed or allow others to create on your behalf YOU ARE STILL THE CREATOR through default or dissociation or addiction. Our biology is never the enemy we created it to help and support our soul aspect gather wisdom. Tune into your body and let it educate you about its likes and dislikes.

Like attracts like or have the same vibration, so those involved in your story most likely carry the same amount of light or dark that you carry. Your story can only be changed or rewritten from WITHIN you and by you. Until you take up that responsibility your life will be RERUNS. Thinking you are powerless creates your powerlessness. Being upset, angry, cynical, skeptical, pessimistic and impatient are ALL YOUR creations. If you want to see joyful experiences instead of reruns and trash it is your responsibility to create them for you.

As The Universal Law of CAUSE and EFFECT or RECIPROCAL ACTION says NOTHING happens by chance or outside of universal law. The fact that you cannot identify the cause or effect is irrelevant. For every action there is a reaction or consequence some place. You get back what you give. Its not personal it is just physics.

And do not forget “The universal principle of ACTUALITY” a thought or belief is REAL and does not need to exist in material form to be considered real. Taking all that into consideration, even conditional love has creative power. So be careful what you think it is probably in your reality now.

Elementals perceive all our thoughts as a wish for them to fulfill. Thought forms with intense emotions or passion like, love or hate, are the quickest to manifest. Understand that they do not distinguish or judge something as love or hate, good or bad. Intense hate is still PASSION and if that is what you project that is also what you will attract in your life. When your thoughts create emotional images of sorrow, anger or fear, the elementals interpret those emotional image as having INSTABILITY or chaotic form. Earth is not a safe world and we remember and store awareness of our many wounds in order to continue living. BUT, the pre-requisite to manifesting is NO fearful or negative emotion. Fear or doubt about your creation moves the elementals to create a diminished version of your desire because your thought is limited.

When your thought is “I do not deserve” or “can’t have” the elementals are concrete thinkers just as children are, so they direct your thoughts AWAY from what you cannot have. Remember YOU are creating your reality all the time. Fall into fear-based thinking and your creative abilities diminished and your thought moves to hard work and waiting as the best way to go. When you buy into this matrix, you believe in separation from your desire and your ability to manifest it so it will appear in your future eventually, maybe. Once you release your attachment to fear, compassion for the self happens. In higher dimensions there is no fear and worry to taint your thinking so your thought form is stable and cohesive, happening in the now moment.

Your elemental and the law of attraction unite strong thought forms of the same vibration so that like-minded people often meet and combine resources or talent’s to assist each other, a synergy or synchronicity is created.

Anger and fear will remain on Gaia until more humans evolve or leave to clear their psychic wounding. All of Gaia’s elementals, animals, plants and minerals are in the 5th dimension waiting a little bit longer for humanity’s lost ones. Gaia is at 81% light as of May 2013 but human’s light varies greatly. The darkness of the unconscious in every bit of the world is slowly dissipating. Light entering Gaia travels in ever-expanding circles to wake all that want to. The extraterrestrials or aliens or Galactic family will not publicly show themselves until enough of humanity can accept their existence compassionately, if there is too much fear, awareness that they are already here might result in violence.

Unconditional love is the bonding, creative force of the universe. As you merge your conscious and unconscious self into the NOW and create compassion for you first and then others, you increase our light. It is necessary to create a lifestyle of receive and give only compassion. There is no need to be lost or struggling to survive in a world of anger and fear. Perception is everything, change your thoughts.

By olinstarwalker

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