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Friday, April 26, 2013

Apr 26th: Control your bio-field 3

Source  :  The Gaian Community
The color purple (the frequency range that purple represent) has a strong hold on memories of past and future lives and it needs to be administered in the section of the middle layers of the brain.
These layers are of most importance when the talk comes to freeing the mind of its own boundaries. The middle layers are hidden behind the actual midbrain, cf. this section of the anatomic understanding of the brain, and are termed the ego-noetic fields or layers.
The ego-noetic fields are not a part of the bio-field, but placed in between the physical and the emotional realties. These layers are a sort of mechanic construction made of a material yet to be found in the human anatomy. The ego-noetic layers hold an energy pattern like a spiral going either downward or upwards. The downward spiral leads to the past (lower frequency memories) and the upward leads to the future (higher frequency memories).
Most memories are false energy imprints made to create certain vibrational patterns in the bio-field stemming from the ego-noetic layers. It is a sort of controlling mechanism of the frequencies of the bio-field and hence the body.
The ego-noetic field is neither the traditional etheric layer nor the morphogenetic fields. The ego-noetic layers are an artificial construction made out of manasic energy and yet it is entirely mechanical, cf. holding no living light what so ever. It functions like a clock and this layer determines the life span of the body.
When memories are released according to the BPR in the bio-field, the ego-noetic field empties itself and when a certain level is reached of either overload of memories or lack of them, the bio-field shuts down the automatic processing of energetic information.
Hence this layer needs to be administered and closed down from its automatic countdown and the color purple (the frequency the color represents) is the key to this work. When we imagine a color we are working on that specific frequency. Any thought, emotion or image represent a complex of frequencies and so does colors.
Combine the magenta triangle of the hindbrain, base center and heart with the color purple and direct this “crossbowed” magenta energy field with the purple frequency and aim it like an arrow to the imaginary dot behind the midbrain. Visualize resetting the ego-noetic spirals of memories while commanding to erase all memories of the past, the present and the future. None of them are yours anyway!
After this exercise relax and start the rebuilding of a self-perception without the memories of before and hereafter, centering your mind and bio-field in the now.
My comment:
Ego-noetic (sense of self or understanding of self) is imbedded into every single cell, creating what we see as cellular memory. Each cell holds the overall sense of self (or self-perception created by the narratives we have of ourselves according to memories and inner stories of who and what we are) and those stories stems from this field of inserted information holding conscious or subconscious knowledge of memories of this life, previous or future lives.
Any “I am this” or “they are that” narratives (defining ourselves and others) are a projection of the ego-noetic field to constrain the cells into specific energetic patterns, emanating certain vibrations, attracting certain events and people as well as inner entities etc.

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