The Gaian Community – April 25

Apr 25th: Control your bio-field 2

The magenta color (in its purple-red version) is the color to use to unlock the first level of the base center. It unveils the hidden source of the old Martian “bloodline” energy cf. creating a slight change within the plasma created by the red blood cells.
This microscopic change is an alteration of the geometric information put into the plasma to prevent it from expelling the iron suppression (iron is originally not a natural part of our light bodies). The geometric suppressor is the marker of frequency which connects the blood and the heart to the frequencies producing what science sees as the iron in the blood and the crust etc. of Earth (the hologram). This has to be altered into a slightly different version of iron, cf. more copper based crystalline structure, to release the bio-field of the iron constraint.
The red blood cells will not start to function on copper to transport the oxygen in the blood, but it will act energetically as copper. The change will be in the geometric pattern of the grand triangle of 1-4-7 D of your bio-field and will start the process of the healing program in the Martian coding of the 4th chakra. Unless the original triangle of the basic energetic triangle in humanity is awoken, cf. the 4th center and its connections to the pons, medulla and the spine cf. the 7D and 1D chakras, you are not able to generate the correct plasma type of fluid being able to hold the corrected consciousness imprints of the restored geometric patterns within the bio-field.
This plasma type of EM energy is a slightly different version of the present EM type of energy running within the nervous system which has to be altered to reactivate the Purkinje fibers of the heart into holding the living light as it takes form in the artificial inserted DNA imprints we put there eons ago – in your perception of time – from which the Purkinje neurons of the cerebellum will be activated, changing this center into generating a higher form of EM (the activation of the grand triangle of the 3-6-9D chakras). This will in turn change the receptive-response system of the PNS altering the pituitary gland and in the end activate the original function of the pineal gland and the caudate nucleus. From here the true thymus center (activating the grand triangle of the 2-5-8D chakras) will awaken as it is suppose to work and access to the correct consciousness of the original “soul” is possible.
This will create a need for different types of food. You have to find the types of food holding as pure levels of living light as possible and at the same time alter the vibration of it before eating. You can very well “bless the food” with your vibration before eating it. Use your healing hands.

(The triangles of the Taraian energy system relate to the individual level of our bio-field, but we have to alter the planetarian or cosmic levels as well; cf. the grand triangles which are entering our field of perception after the activation of consciousness in 4D and 5D of our system)

Just look at the harmonic structure of copper versus the disharmonic iron:
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