The Gaian Community – April 18

 Thursday, April 18, 2013

On soulfragments, anatta and devas

The hologram of Earth is a seriously degenerated version of the original geometric worlds we created from the true worlds by projecting our trilateral core template consciousness (CTC) into geometric patterns, creating the manasic energy fields. Today the hologram of Earth is only kept vital by the many encapsulated souls (CTE) from other parts of the Universal hologram, or from Tara, integrated into the approx. 7 billion constructed and artificial bio-fields, albeit holding the original template of earth humanity.
The original human template has been manipulated into only processing reversed energy and on a very little frequency scale, until the living CTE in the template wear out and the “body dies”, letting the neutron-creational patterns in 1D, along with 2D proton-emotional energy (electromagnetism expressed as chemical processes in the body, primarily the PNS and hormone-endocrine systems) and 3D electron-mental energy (electromagnetism expressed as firing neurons, the membrane of the cells, the CNS and other currents) behind to be recycled into another artificial structure creating a control system or ego. Thus the emotions and thoughts you hold, have very little to do with who you really are. As the Buddha noticed, if you clear out the 2D and 3D fields in you, there will be nothing to recycle in the hologram and the plus side is that the CTE in you can start the integration process into the bio-field creating a true holographic human being.
If you at all hold some original memories of the true worlds, it lies within your CTE and not the bio-field, despite memories of earlier lives. Most previous lives are actually simultaneous lives lived within another portion of the hologram holding the same CTE as you (or your own CTE) creating a bleed through if the chakras are vitalized into opening up to higher dimensions or creating timeline bridges within the 3D reality fields of Earth.
Other experiences stems from the recycled 1D, 2D and 3D energies within you and is as such not a part of your true being, but just where your emotional and mental fields have been before they were put into the bio-field you are integrated at the present. The creational science of this is far more complex and this is only a portion of it.
What I need to understand while writing this, is that the Quarantine and the cataclysmic event, on our timeline happening 12.500 years ago, actually on another timeline is happening now, so if I can create a bleed through in my mind by using either connection to another stellar beings from the hologram (telepathic connection) or activate the memory I actually have of the event, I can travel “back in time”, i.e. enter the other timeline, and get the information I need from here. In other words I have to expand the memory imprint to hold more energy in order to stretch it out into more of the timeline and not just the activated small part I am able to access now. So I need to find a way to expand my level of energy in this area of my bio-field.
CTE is the living consciousness removed from its original template of CTC in the true worlds. The CTE is what we projected into the hologram creating the manasic geometry to make it “alive” and the CTE is always connected to its owner or original source; the true being. The intruders found a way to separate CTE from the CTC and integrate it into their limited and in many humans artificial version of the original human grid structure. By inserting the “wrong” CTE into a bio-field holding another geometric manasic structure (DNA imprints) the true structure is not ignited by the inserted CTE and the DNA of higher dimensions lies dormant.
Therefore in the transformational process of awakening and healing, we have to alter the “wrong” DNA into our own, or we have to transform original consciousness imprints from other higher beings in different dimensions of our bio-field, which are not who we really are, hence much of the confusion of where we stem from. On one level we are from one place and on another we hold memories from a whole other being, which we cannot recognize as us. Naturally some of the memories are from our own various integration processes (direct projection from the true worlds) into the hologram in other dimensional realities, but the memories can as well be from a foreign being, infused into our bio-field to make it malfunction. Much of the multidimensional consciousness stems from other CTCs than our own. Whenever I am in contact with my own memories and my own imprints I always – despite the various versions of me – see the scenery through the notion and feeling of being me; like in dreams where we can hold different bodies, but our mind and perception is always our own, no matter whether we are male, female or anything else in the dream. The same applies for our own higher dimensional memories.
What you need to understand of this, is not to get too identified with either your body or your memories, or what you think is your core being, as the Buddhist saying goes: attachment to self (on all levels and in all khandhas) is always a path of pain and the understanding of Anatta is very important.
What is also important to remember is that most so-called animal spirits and the many “devas” stem from the fragmented CTCs of Tara when it was spread into this part of the hologram. Much of what is perceived as the 2D elemental beings are in fact digressed original Taraian soul fragments, if you remember the story of how those came to be captured into the 2D levels of Earth. Or they stem from the artificially integrated CTE into the holographic representations of animals, humans, plants etc.
The living consciousness in stones and crystals are as well our brothers and sisters from Tara and I must stress that when you work with animals, plants and stones you have to ask whether they want to be set free, become a part of your human bio-field (to be taken with you out when you leave) or whether they are content with their present state of being. They are not stones, plants or animals, but part of true solar beings fragmented into this form.

Please notice that mainstream Buddhism by the Mahayana Schools are created by NagaJurna (serpent teachings).

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